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According to recent online research, in the state of Washington 64-71% of the available jobs will require applicants to hold a post secondary degree. While this statistic is projected over the next several years, it is not specified as to what level of college degree an individual will have to have completed in order to be adequately qualified. However, it is worth noting that the higher level of educational degree that you will hold will only help to secure you a higher rate of bring home pay. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there will only be between 19-27% of the available jobs that will be appropriate for an individual who has only completed a high school diploma program.

If you have recently completed your high school diploma and are excited to begin working on a college degree, then you are definitely in the right place. Doing ample research regarding possible fields of study and potential colleges and universities that will most appropriately fit your career goals is an important first step that will help to secure your future. Take your time and narrow down the many choices in this great state until you find the perfect collegiate choice that will make it possible for you to achieve your professional goals.

The first university you may want to check out is known as Washington's flagship campus, the University of Washington Seattle. This public research university is currently home to nearly 46,000 students. According to recent research, approximately 75% of the total enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. However, it is possible to obtain a graduate level degree at this educational facility should you be interested. Although this university is recognized for its strong degree programs in the areas of research, science, and the liberal arts there are definitely many other viable degree programs for interested individuals to consider. In addition to the great academic offerings at this university, students can also enjoy the beautiful campus that is situated on the shores of Union Bay and Portage Bay.

Washington State University, which is located in Pullman, is a publicly operated university. Although the degree programs in science and the liberal arts have been recognized as strong options, there are actually over two hundred different fields of study for interested students to choose from. Current online research shows that over 25,000 students are enrolled at this educational facility, with the vast majority working to complete an undergraduate degree program in the area of their choosing. For a more intimate learning environment, perhaps you will be interested in Whitman College. This quaint college is located in Walla Walla and has a current enrollment of about 1,500 students. It is important to note that this liberal arts college only offers undergraduate degree programs to prospective students. Perhaps this focus is what allows this post secondary learning institution to be recognized as one of the country's top liberal arts colleges. In addition, students can expect to have professional and science programs that work collaboratively with schools like Duke, Washington University, Columbia, and Caltech.

Seattle University is considered to be a private Jesuit university with a quite diverse student body. Recent online research shows that there are nearly 8,000 total students enrolled at this post secondary facility. At this time approximately half of these enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. This university is located in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and boasts an impressive thirteen to one student to faculty ratio. Evergreen State College, located in Olympia, is categorized as a public liberal arts college. This academic facility offers something different for prospective students. Instead of receiving customary grades, this institution issues written evaluations to their students. The academic curriculum at this college is extremely innovative and interdisciplinary, which offers students a great opportunity.

In addition to a great academic environment, this college is situated on a one thousand acre campus, making your overall experience near perfect! Evergreen State College has also received a rating of A+ for their exemplary green efforts, which is a huge accomplishment. A final option is Seattle Pacific University, which has about 4,000 students enrolled. This learning institution offers undergraduate and graduate level degree programs for prospective students. Seattle Pacific University is considered to be a privately operated university that is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America. Interested individuals can expect a strong Christian identity at this educational facility. In addition, this university offers a strong grant aid opportunity to help defray the cost of tuition.


Career Areas to Consider in Washington

The state has a higher than average education level when you look at the state as a whole however different sectors such as the technology and medical sector have a much higher than average education level with many have earning more than a Bachelor’s degree. Over 20% of jobs in the tech industry have earned an advanced degree. Counties such as King, WA, Whitman, WA and San Juan, WA have the highest education levels in the state.

Medical Administrative Assistant – If you are looking for an entry level medical program then get trained as a medial administrative assistant. You can expect average salaries of $35,872 according to the BLS in Washington and the highest pay is in Seattle, WA, Longview, WA and Tacoma, WA. Spokane had one of the largest needs with an expected 8% increase in those jobs.

Culinary Art Degrees – Schools offer both certificate level as well as Associate’s Degrees in Culinary Arts. Washington State has over 23,000 chefs. With an average wage of $24,465 however trained chefs can earn a salary much higher.

Fashion Design – Tuition costs range from $3350 per year to $13,500. Many degrees include course in fashion marketing and management and not just design. Be sure to talk to the school to make sure the program you are enrolling in will fit your career goals. Schools in Seattle have multiple locations where you can receive your career training from.

Computer Design – When people think of the technology and computer programming scene in Washington they fail to look into those that build website, graphic design and animation designers. These are often overlooked but still have an average salary of $64,000. Often these careers can turn into higher paying jobs with the compute they work for over time.

Technology Sector – employs over 237,900 with major companies such as Microsoft and Amazon combined employing over 60,000 employees. With over 90,000 software developers along earning $100,000 to $140,000 this is attracting plenty of people with the right experience. Technology companies bring in over $37 billion in revenue into the state each year.


Washington Colleges Attracting out-of-state Enrollments

For the second consecutive year Washington is attracting more out-of-state students. Currently 77% of the enrollments are from in-state residents but the trend has continued to go up. The main reason is many out of state students, especially from California, are finding the cost of living and tuition rates lower at Washington colleges. The average out of state tuition rates were $28,830 and Washington colleges are part of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement which helps students from other states transfer into colleges in the state. Over 85% of those coming in from out of state require some type of financial assistance and Title IV are the most popular followed by Pell Grants and then scholarships.

Not only are colleges attracting enrollments but trade schools in the state are busier than ever. As the economy continues to improve sometimes enrollments slow down at colleges and those still looking for jobs look for vocational schools to fill their training needs. The state has 6 four year public colleges and 14 private ones so the need for skilled trade schools is needed to service the middle class.


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