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Does the thought of attending college in the great state of Oregon sound particularly appealing to you? Have you already completed your high school diploma requirements and now you are ready to begin working on the next phase of your educational career? Have you already spent numerous hours working through the decision of what field of study you should pursue? If you have already decided on that important factor, then I'm sure you are ready to narrow down your choices of possible learning institutions. Below, you will find some relevant information regarding employment projections for this state that will hold true over the next several years. Each of these projections is particularly geared towards the level of education that a person has completed. Then, some of the most popular post secondary schools will be introduced and briefly discussed. Keep reading, take notes when it helps, and hopefully you are well on your way to making some great educational decisions!

In the state of Oregon, approximately 64-71% of the available jobs will require that applicants hold a post secondary degree or training program. On the opposite end of that spectrum, only about 19-27% of the jobs in this state will be appropriate for an individual who has only completed their high school diploma requirements. These staggering statistics alone should be enough to keep you working towards your educational goals! The University of Oregon is the flagship campus of Oregon's state university system. Located in Eugene, this publicly operated university is home to approximately 22,000 students. While the large majority of these students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program, it is also possible for interested students to obtain a graduate level degree at this facility.

In addition to strong degree programs in the areas of liberal arts, sciences, and research, this university is well recognized for its phenomenal creative writing degree program. Oregon State University is yet another great option. This university is located in Corvallis and is well recognized for its great forestry degree program. In fact, this university manages over 10,000 acres of forest in association with its degree program. Interested students can also expect strong degree programs in the areas of engineering and business. Current online statistics show that this university has a total enrollment of nearly 22,000 students. Of this number, the vast majority are working on an undergraduate degree program.

Although it operates on a small scale with regards to number of students, Linfield College has huge things to offer interested individuals. Located in McMinnville, this private liberal arts college has ties to the Baptist Church. Founded in 1858, this college is deemed as one of the oldest colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, Linfield College has about 1,800 students enrolled; please note that only undergraduate degree programs are offered at this educational facility. However, if this institution is appealing, you can expect an average class size of only seventeen students and an exemplary twelve to one student to faculty ratio. This is definitely a great learning environment for you to thrive in. This college also has a separate nursing school facility that is located in Portland. George Fox University is one of the country's top Christian colleges.

This university is located in Newburg and offers interested students undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate level degree programs. Currently, there are about 3,500 students who are pursuing degree programs at this educational facility; the large majority of these enrolled students are working to obtain an undergraduate degree program. This university is well known for its students receiving good financial aid that helps to defray the cost of tuition and other educational expenses. In addition, you can expect a small class size and a thirteen to one student to faculty ratio at this facility.

If your ultimate educational goal is to earn your PhD then perhaps you will want to check into Reed College. Although this college only has a total enrollment of about 1,500 students, this college is ranked as one of the country's best liberal arts colleges. It is important to note that only undergraduate degree programs are offered at this learning institution; however, a large percentage of students further their level of education to complete their PhD. Students at this college can expect to enjoy an intimate learning environment of a ten to one student to faculty ratio and an average class size of only fifteen students. Although this college is recognized for its degree programs in science and liberal arts, there are definitely many other great options for you to consider.


Top Trade Schools Programs and Career Colleges

Medical & Healthcare: The state employs 137,750 healthcare related professionals. Even after the last recession Oregon is the 4th highest ranked state in terms of job growth and the healthcare industry has continued to expand and hire new employees. Some of the top careers to look into include: Practical Nursing, Healthcare Administration, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Respiratory Therapy, Dental Assistant and Pharmacy Technician.

Culinary Arts: Some states are known for their food and beverage industry and Oregon is breaking out in cities like Salem and Portland and becoming known for the food. A degree from a culinary arts school in baking and pasta will help you get your foot in the door of this growing industry. Portland has more restaurants only second to San Francisco in the US.

HVAC/R: The average HVAC technician’s salary in Oregon is $39,000 and earning your HVAC/R certification bumps up the median salary to $42,000. All that is required is that you have gained the approved training from a certified HVAC technical or trade school. Many employers we found in Oregon also would like you to have your low voltage license as well as universal EPA license. Also many want you to have earned your NATE certification within one year of getting hired.

Computer Technology: As we will discuss below Oregon has seen some amazing growth in the IT sector. Other careers that are related in the field including: digital film and design, computer networking, network administration and software development.


Why School to Career Programs Work

So what do you do when 35% of all high school seniors in Oregon have no intention of attending a traditional college? Do you simply do nothing and let them graduate with a high school diploma (which is basically worthless these days) or do you look for ways to educate these individuals as skilled trade workers. Oregon realized that they need to do something with not only the kids that didn’t want to attend college but for the ones who actually wanted to earn a career trade. “These kids are not lazy, they know exactly what they want and it is our job to help them succeed”, high school Principal John Rynolds.

The state over the past 20 years has continued to cut skilled trade programs. Do you remember back in the 1960’s-1970’s when kids took shop classes in metals and woodworking? Some high schools even had auto mechanic classes. They did this because they realized that a big percentage of the workers in the state were the electricians, HVAC workers, truck drivers and auto mechanics. Without these jobs states would suffer economically.

Many are now working in apprentice programs during high school. Instead of working a fast-food or retail job they are gaining hands-on experience in the field they wish to enter. Many graduate with credits that can be transferred over into the trade school.


Job Trends in Oregon

Advanced Manufacturing
Over 10% of all jobs in the private sector in Oregon fall under the advanced manufacturing sector. The industry employs over 94,174 jobs with an average salary of $48,619. This includes businesses such as craft beer, cheese manufacturing and a wide variety of processed products that are sold globally.

Computer Technology

Known as the Silicon Forest it has become a force in the IT world attracting some of the brightest minds to work for over 3500 software companies in the state. With a high median salary of $92,889 it employs over 100,000 and large companies such as Intel and Tektronix employ over 10,000 alone.

Apparel Industry & Manfacturing

Companies like Nike, Adidas and Columbia help the state do over $5.9 billion dollars in sales each year.

Hospitality and Tourism

Food service and hospitality go hand-and-hand when it comes to the tourism trade in Oregon which has expanded and now is a $10.3 billion dollar industry employing over 101,000 jobs


Oregon's Educated Workforce


Only 11% of high school students didn’t graduate each year which is one of the lowest percentages in the nation. The working class of ages 25-55 show some above average education levels with 12% having graduated with an advanced degree. Their aging workforce has allowed a new group of workers to come in that are all demand higher salaries and benefits based on the knowledge they can bring to the industry they are working in. Unemployment rate s at 2.75% and shrinking which means fewer job are available. The state has over 1275 schools with over 10,1135 receiving their associate’s degree each year.

People are moving to Oregon because they want to live in the state. It is one of the few states where living and enjoying what the state has to offer trumps finding the perfect job. Because of that the state is actually attractive to many from California who are sick of the traffic, dense population and high cost of living.


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