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Are you a resident of the state of Nevada and you are looking to further your level of education beyond a high school diploma? Have you spent a considerable amount of time perusing college catalogs in search of the perfect course of study and the perfect learning institution? While determining the most appropriate career path is of utmost importance to your future, it is also quite crucial to select a post secondary school that will allow you to thrive and to successfully secure your future goals. Below, you will find some basic information regarding employment projections for the state of Nevada and a brief introduction to the top five colleges and universities in this state. Keep in mind, if none of the discussed learning institutions appeal to you or seem like the perfect academic avenue, there are many other options for you to consider in this state.

In fact, no community colleges, junior colleges, or vocational institutes have been discussed. Online research shows that over the next several years, 49-58% of the available jobs in the state of Nevada will require applicants to hold a post secondary degree. This research shows no distinction between prospective employees having an associate's degree or a bachelor’s degree. Of course, the higher level of education that you complete will likely lead to a higher rate of pay. On the opposite end of these employment projections, individuals who only have completed a high school level education will only find themselves appropriately qualified for 28-31% of the available jobs in this state. Continue reading below to become familiar with some of the most popular collegiate options that Nevada has to offer.

Located near the Las Vegas Strip, the University of Nevada Las Vegas is currently home to about 26,000 undergraduate level students. Unlike most universities, the majority of the students enrolled at this facility do not live on campus. Founded in 1957, this university offers interested students an exemplary hospitality management course of study. However, there are many other feasible courses of study that prospective students may want to consider. The College of Southern Nevada is another great option for interested individuals. This post secondary institution primarily serves as a two year degree options for prospective students. In fact, this college offers well over one hundred different associate's degree programs to choose from, but only one bachelor's degree program in dental hygiene.

The College of Southern Nevada is recognized as the state’s largest institution for higher learning and also as the fourth largest community type college of this kind in our country. In addition, students who are interested in this facility will have three campuses within the Las Vegas Metro area to choose from. Many of the nearby businesses are huge fans of the pragmatic training that students receive at this college facility; this is primarily due to the fact that their graduates are skilled and read to enter the workforce. A third viable option for Nevada residents is Nevada State College Henderson. Although this college is one of the newest collegiate options in the state, it has experienced a rapid growth and already reports a student enrollment of nearly 2,000 students.

This simple statistic makes Nevada State College Henderson the fastest growing post secondary institution in Nevada’s higher education system. The majority of students attending this facility choose to pursue a career in one of the following popular areas: law enforcement, education, business, nursing, biology, visual media, applied science, or psychology. Keep in mind, these are not the only course of study options at this educational facility, so if none of the previously mentioned choices appeal to you, search the college's catalog or website for further options.

The Great Basin College (which was originally referred to as Northern Nevada Community College) currently has about 4,000 students enrolled. At this learning institution, individuals will have the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree program or a graduate level degree program in your chosen area of study. At this time, the associate's degree program in applied technology and the bachelor's level degree program in education are the two most popular choices among enrolled students. However, if neither of these are your intended career path, there are definitely many other viable options for interested individuals. The University of Nevada Reno currently reports an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 12,000 students. While many of the enrolled students are working on degrees in natural science or agriculture, the journalism department is highly recognized for its academic contributions. As an added benefit, this university has been recognized as one of the top research facilities in our country.


Trade Careers to Consider in Nevada

The state has some of the best vocational and trade school related programs. These programs will allow those looking into a new field to train quicker than at a traditional college. Many residents in cities such as Las Vegas, Henderson, Sparks and Reno want to get a job as quickly as possible and a certificate program is just what they are looking for. Below are just some of the more popular skilled trade programs to look into:

Medical Assisting – Nevada employs over 5500 medical assistants that make an average salary of $31,300. The fewest are employed in Carson City, NV however that city also demands the most salary at $35,680. It is recommended that you become certified as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) which can be completed by passing a test administered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Medical Billing and Coding – A great entry level job in the state is medical billing and coding. Companies such as Boulder City Hospital, Mesa View and even smaller regional hospitals or doctors’ offices all employ medical billers. Over 1000 medical billers alone work in the Las Vegas area with an average salary of $35,880 according to the BLS.

Pharmacy Technician – In Nevada you’ll need to complete 1500 training hours from an accredited school. You can also complete a training program from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). The advantage about taking the program from an accredited trade school is you can take advantage of their career services department after you graduate. Many of the schools already have working relationships with local retail and pharmacists in Nevada so finding a job will be easier than doing it by yourself.

Nursing – When it comes to jobs becoming a nurse is almost like striking it rich in Nevada. The state is one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to the number of healthcare related positions that can’t be filled. Nevada ranks last with the fewest number of nurses. The median salary for a registered nurse is $78,976.

Culinary Arts – As expected the need for culinary artists in the state is big and Las Vegas is one of the top cities in the county that employ more chefs and cooks. Many of the top casino’s require that you have earned your degree or minimum certificate in Culinary Arts from an accredited school. They want individuals that have already received hands-on training and are ready to go to work.

Cosmetology – Cosmetologist are in demand and once you get your license you can not only apply to work for any of the major resorts but you could choose to set-up your own business.


State Colleges

University of Nevada – Located just blocks from the Las Vegas Strip the university enrollment numbers top 29,000 and has continued to climb. Over 84% of their students are from the state. With a tuition cost of $6044 it has a low cost of tuition compared to other universities out of state. The University of Nevada in Reno, NV is the second largest university in the state and is known as one of the nation’s top public research universities.


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