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Would you like to soak up a little sand and sun while you work on the requirements to complete your college degree? Florida, otherwise known as "The Sunshine State", would be a great choice of collegiate destinations. Not only would you have the opportunity to enjoy all of the great extracurricular activities that this great state offers, there are also many great educational choices to select from. This certainly makes it the best of both worlds for prospective students! Current online research shows that over the next several years Florida is projected to have approximately 59-63 % of their available employment positions that will only be suitable for individuals who have completed a post secondary degree program. On the opposite end of this spectrum, similar research shows that only about 28-31 % of available jobs will be attainable by individuals who have only completed their high school diploma requirements. These statistics alone should be enough validation to encourage you to complete a collegiate level degree program in order to secure your future in the workplace.

Perhaps one of the best known colleges in Florida is Florida State University, which is located in Tallahassee. This public research facility is home to approximately 39,000 students, with about 30,000 of those pursuing an undergraduate level degree program. Although this university is well known for its strong degree programs in the areas of science and liberal arts, this flagship campus of Florida's state university system also offers many other great degree programs for students to consider. Another large choice within this state is University of Florida, which is located in Gainesville.

As a member of the Southeastern Conference, this public research university currently has about 52,000 students enrolled. In addition to strong liberal arts and science degree programs, you can also expect to find great pre professional concentration areas such as health sciences, business, and engineering. A third option for prospective students to consider is the University of Miami. Located in Coral Gables, this private research facility offers a very diverse student population and a great location to thrive in. The University of Florida is well recognized for its top ranked Marine Biology degree program. In addition, students can also expect to have the chance to experience notable undergraduate degree programs in the areas of nursing and business. Current statistics show that the undergraduate enrollment at this university is approximately 10,000.

University of South Florida is another public research university that is located in Tampa. This university has a very large enrollment (currently about 46,000 students), which is likely due to the fact that there are so many different degree programs offered to prospective students. For instance, University of South Florida boasts eleven colleges through which well over two hundred different degree programs are offered. A very strong ROTC program and a diverse student body are two additional factors that make this university appealing. If a small, private learning institution is more your speed then perhaps you should consider attending Stetson University. Located in DeLand, this university is home to only about 3,700 students.

Stetson University is considered to be a comprehensive university that offers degree programs at a graduate and an undergraduate degree level. While you take in the sights of this historically known campus you can be working on the requirements for one of their pre professional programs or a degree program in the liberal arts or science area, which they are known for. Florida International University is a large learning facility with a student body of approximately 39,000 individuals. Although the majority of the enrolled students are working on an undergraduate degree, you can expect this student body to be quite diverse. This university, which is located in Miami, is known for its strong degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences area as well as their athletic programs.

Another option, that is somewhat different, is the Florida Institute of Technology (also known as Florida Tech). While the main campus of this educational facility is located in Melbourne, you can expect this post secondary school to offer many courses in an online format. This private technical research university offers students the opportunity to learn at an undergraduate level as well as a graduate level. In addition to a vast thirty acre botanical garden that is utilized for educational purposes, this university is well recognized for its strong engineering and science degree programs. Keep in mind that if none of the previously mentioned options appeal to you and your goals, Florida has many more viable educational choices.

Best Trade School Programs

Medical Billing and Coding – The average salary for medical coders in Florida is $35,900. The highest salary come from those who work in Tallahassee, Port St-Lucie, Lakeland Winter Haven and Tampa.


Nursing (RN, LPN to BSN) – Florida currently has a shortage of qualified nurses in the state and the average salary of $62,000 is attractive to others looking into this career. The highest salaries are for Registered Nurses in Boca Raton, Bradenton, Brandon and Cape Coral.


Medical Front Office – Averaging $21,000 per year medical AA or front office representatives is the perfect entry level position for those who just graduated. Many of the trade schools in the state can train you for this position in less than a year for typically under $20,000 for tuition.


Medical Assistant – As a medical AA you’ll have the potential to earn on average $32,000 per year. We found positions open in Melbourne, Pembroke Pines, Spring Hill, Tampa, Sarasota, Palm Bay and Miami.


Pharmacy Technician – Would you like to work in a retail setting assisting pharmacists filling prescriptions and working with insurance companies? Most entry level jobs require a certificate from any of the vocational schools in the state. Many of the retail establishments will even pay for your schooling while you work.


Health Information Management – With a high media salary of $57,000 it is no wonder why so many schools teach this program. You’ll act as a liaison between departments and abide by HIPPA rules and make sure others at the company you work with are in compliance. Many that enter this field end up continuing with their education to become a Director of Nursing or Health Information Management Manager.


Medical Laboratory Technician – Salaries ranging from $31,000 to $45,000 per year a laboratory technician could be the perfect fit for your new career. The healthcare industry in Florida has continued to grow and many also look into Health Care Administration training and end up earning a Bachelor’s degree or higher in order to qualify for many of the open positions.


Dental Assistant – Learn chair side training techniques and assist the dentists with procedures. You’ll be responsible for sterilization for the tools and instruments used by the dentist and the average assistant earns $16.88 per hour.


Other Careers in Florida to Consider

- Culinary Arts
- Fashion Design
- Website Design and Development
- HVAC Technician
- Cosmetology
- Aviation Maintenance
- Criminal Justice
- Human Resource Management
- Game Design


Top Industries in Florida

Florida has a healthy export and trade economy and exports over 60 billion dollars in goods each year. With 8 million workers over 1.4 million are employed in an office setting, over 1 million are in sales or a sales related position, over 800,000 are in food service and close to half a million are in healthcare. Because of the international airports in the state another half a million workers are in transportation and moving occupations. The wages in Florida overall are good with the median wage being $42,860 for all jobs. Airline pilots earn approx. $154,000 per year which is in the Top 10 careers in Florida. Computer information management and computer programmers earn $137,000 on average and a big push recently to get more data centers in the state is driving up salaries for computer related jobs.

Information Technology and Computers
One of the hottest sectors in Florida is IT and computer technology. Companies are drawn to Florida because of the great weather and now because top talent is moving into the state and demanding big salaries which drives up competition. All companies need programmers and IT professionals and the state colleges have the degrees necessary to bring in high school graduates from around the county in order to attend their schools. Vocational schools have also been very popular as they allow students to get trained on a particular program and learn how to code in sometimes less than 6 months and be very employable in the state.


Over a million employees in Florida are somehow tied in with the tourism industry. This includes hotels, restaurants and amusements parks. With great beaches and over 8 amusements parks over 70 million people each year visit just the Orlando area alone. The cruise ship industry receives over 7 billion and is home to 4 of the top cruise lines in the world. Florida is a hub for those looking to travel oversees as well as to the Bahamas. With ore sun than any other state FL is truly a destination spot and is a great employment state for the millions of residents who wish to live and work in the state.


Trade in Florida ranks #3 in terms of exports with the state leading the way in exporting goods including aircrafts, scrap metal, seafood and oil and gas products. Its major ports and gateways make it the perfect state for companies to call home if they wish to do business outside the US.

Why Graduates Work in Florida

One of the main reason why so many college graduates go to Florida to start their careers is the state has over 61,000 companies. With so many companies the need for highly trained employees is also needed with 9% of the workforce possessing at MBA degree or higher. Over 18% have earned a Bachelor’s degree which is becoming more common over the last few years as companies have a bigger employment pool to choose their candidates from. Many think the weather is the main reason why so many college graduates end up working in FL but things like the low cost of living also weigh heavily on graduates who are looking for an affordable place to live. Recently the last recession still is having a negative impact on the state however those who are willing to stick it out and find employment are finding permeate positions.


Accredited Schools in the State

Over 40,000 students each year enroll in the Florida traditional college school system which brings in well over a billion dollars to the local state economy. Some of the majors schools and colleges in Florida include: The University of Florida, Florida State University in Tallahassee, University of Central Florida in Orlando, University of South Florida in Tampa, Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida International University in Miama, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers and Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth.