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  • Advanced Paramedical Skin Care Program
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Florida College of Natural Health


Florida College of Natural Health


If you’re looking to switch careers and don’t see yourself as a nine-to-five person, you may have considered a career in skincare or massage therapy. If so, then Florida College of Natural Health is just the place for you. With three campuses in different Florida cities, the college is accessible to a wide number of people. A member of the Steiner Education Group, you will receive a comprehensive education in current and classic innovations in the spa industry. The Steiner Education group is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Limited – a leading company that operates over 200 spas all over the country and in various cruise ships. Whether your passion is massage therapy, or you are interested in learning how to become an esthetician to help people achieve their most beautiful skin, you will learn the latest and greatest techniques, and will be trained for a rewarding career in this exciting industry.


Florida College of Natural Health Campus Locations:
2001 W. Sample Road, Suite 100
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

7925 N.W. 12 Street, Suite # 201
Miami, FL 33126

2600 Lake Lucien Drive, Suite #140
Maitland, FL 32751



Programs Available
The Florida College of Natural Health is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Its programs include a wide range of therapeutic massage and skin care programs designed to offer a comprehensive education. Potential students can choose from therapeutic techniques and advanced therapeutic techniques and basic or paramedical skincare. Once the program is complete, students will have all of the skills needed to be marketable as massage or skincare professionals. The Florida College of Natural Health teaches skin care techniques ranging from basic facials to microderm abrasion to injectables, depending on which degree program is chosen. In addition to a variety of training programs, the school also offers three different Associate of Science degrees for those seeking a more intensive education. The following programs are available:

 Therapeutic Massage Training Program
 Advanced Therapeutic Massage Training Program
 Skin Care Training Program
 Skin Care and Electrology Training Program
 Advanced Paramedical Skin Care Program
 A.S. Advanced Therapeutic Massage
 A.S. Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care
 A.S. Advanced Paramedical Skin Care

Financial Aid
The Florida College of Natural Health understands that your education is a long term investment in your future, and the school aims to offer programs that are affordable. It also accepts a variety of financial aid options from Federal Loans and Pell Grants to scholarships and other financial assistance programs such as vocational rehabilitation and Veterans Benefits. The Financial Aid officers are very helpful and available to sit with your and help you determine your financial aid options. To apply for Federal aid, you will need to submit your application through FAFSA, and the Financial Aid officers can help walk you through the process.


Career Services
As part of the Steiner Education Group (SEG) family, Florida College of Natural Health students have access to a network of professionals in over 200 spas all over the country and on various cruise ships. The school cannot guarantee job placement, but it offers many opportunities to network and train with professionals from reputable spas. SEG graduates are employed by some of the best known spas in the country, and its vast network gives students access to professionals in different parts of the industry. Whether your passion is makeup artistry or you would like to be a top massage therapist, Career Services professionals from the Florida College of Natural Health can help you build your network and connect with people who can help you achieve the career of your dreams.


SEG is also a part of Steiner Leisure Limited, an organization that offers spa services to top cruise lines from Carnival to Princess Cruises and many more. If you have always dreamed of setting sail all over the world while offering excellent skincare or massage services to passengers, then this is an excellent school for you. Steiner Leisure Limited often recruits from students at SEG schools, and as such, you will have the opportunity to impress hiring managers from these cruise lines with the techniques you’ve learned throughout your program.


Massage Therapists In Demand
Whether you’re fresh out of school or are transitioning your career, massage therapy is a great career path. It is a fast growing industry with excellent earning potential, and there are many different aspects of massage therapy for people of varied interest. Choosing a private practice allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours, which is great for independent minded people who prefer not to punch a clock. For those who want to help others feel and perform their best, sports massage is a good fit. Sports massage therapists may also have opportunities to work for professional sports teams, which is a dynamic and exciting industry. The possibilities for this career path are vast and varied, and there is a facet of massage therapy that fits any personality. At the Florida College of Natural Health, you will work with a skilled set of people who can help you find the path that is the best fit for you, and you will receive quality training to help you meet your potential after you’ve finished your program.


Skin Care Professionals are Also In Demand
Massage therapy isn’t for everyone – others prefer helping others look and feel their best through skin care. With more and more people interested in anti-aging treatments, help for acne, facial peels, injectables and more, skincare is a fast growing field. After being trained at the Florida College of Natural Health, you’ll be able to perform these services and more, like electrolysis or laser hair removal. Skin care professionals have a variety of options available to them upon graduation, working in private practice, medispas, the bridal industry and even product development. As with the massage programs, skincare students at the Florida College of Natural Health have a skilled staff of professionals to help choose the program and career path that is best for you.


Students at the Florida College of Natural Health are able to put their skills to use in a real-world setting at the school’s clinic. Here, clients can receive discounted skincare and massage services, while advanced students get real-life training. Each student is supervised by a professional in order to refine their techniques, and clients are treated to a spa experience at an affordable price. The clinic is the perfect setting in which to perfect your skills, since you will have guidance and support throughout the process. Your supervising professional will help you refine your skills by allowing you to practice hands on, guiding and supporting rather than criticizing your technique. For students, the clinic is a place in which they can learn areas in which they may need extra practice for improvement. For clients, it is a great environment to receive discounted services while contributing to the next wave of massage and skincare professionals.


At the Florida College of Natural Health, you will be provided with a well rounded education, learning the theory behind different massage and skincare techniques as well as hands on experience. By incorporating theory into your education, you will learn why to treat clients with certain techniques over others. You will learn the difference between therapeutic and relaxing massage and will learn which questions to ask during consultation to give your clients the best, most personal experience for them.


Apply now at the Florida College of Natural Health and join the fast growing, exciting world of spa professionals.