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Bacehlor of Business Administration


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The Bachelor of Business Administration with emphases in Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship is designed for students to understand the functional business disciplines (accounting, finance, management, marketing, etc.). Students that choose this online business degree will have the opportunity to take specialized courses in Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Professional Selling, Sales Management, Advertising, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and Global Marketing.


Dynamic Learning Environment

California Intercontinental University stays current by developing courses using the ADVISE method for the MBA and DBA degrees. California Intercontinental University develops new courses in emerging fields such as Healthcare Administration, Integrated Project Management, Global Business and Leadership, and Advanced Security Systems. California Intercontinental University is committed to matching its academic programs to industry needs through collaboration with leading industries and technology partners.


Exclusive Course Content

Course content is developed using sound instructional design exclusively developed for knowledge acquisition and retention through the use of simulation-based learning, game-based learning, and application-based learning methods.


Superlative Faculty

California Intercontinental University's core faculty are successful entrepreneurs, business individuals, and experienced academicians who have dedicated themselves to help students achieve their academic goals and to assist them in their pursuit of professional accomplishments resulting in productive contributions to society and business community.


Innovative Delivery

California Intercontinental University integrates andragogy and pedagogy delivery techniques that provide mobile learners with educational information on the go through portable devices such as laptops/ notebooks, smart phones, and PDAs.


Entrepeneurial Learning Community

As an institution by entrepreneurs, of entrepreneurs, and for entrepreneurs, California Intercontinental University promotes entrepreneurial thinking across the curriculum.