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This Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program features an in Healthcare Administration and designed to provide a solid background in business management, followed by an comprehensive study and application of knowledge that are relevant to the field of healthcare. Courses are structured to develop a student's knowledge and skills common to non-medical healthcare professionals working in hospitals, care facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, or one of the many other healthcare-related industries.


California Intercontinental University stays current by developing courses using the ADVISE method for the MBA and DBA degrees. California Intercontinental University develops new courses in emerging fields such as Healthcare Administration, Integrated Project Management, Global Businesss and Leadership, and Advanced Security Systems. California Intercontinental University is committed to matching its academic programs to industry needs through collaboration with leading industries and technology partners. Course content is developed using sound instructional design exclusively developed for knowledge acquisition and retention through the use of simulation-based learning, game-based learning, an application-based learning methods.


California Intercontinental University is fully committed to the protection of academic freedom to inquire and express truth in scholarly acivity. A diversity of opinion, course content, instructional and learning methods is encouraged and considered as contributing to the growth of California Intercontinental University and the professionalizm of its faculty. Confident in the qualifications, experience and expertise of its faculty, California Intercontinental University encourages its faculty and teaching staff to exercise their individual judgements regarding the content of assigned courses, organization of tipics and innovative pedagogic strategies and methods, profiding only that these judgements are made within the context of appropriate published course descriptions, and that the instructional methods are those officially sanctioned by the University.