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With over 35 years of training combines, the instructors at American Truck Training have been getting men and women on the road. Their specialties include CDL Training, Class A, and B. When prospective truck drivers are ready to get into the industry; this is where they go for the some of the best quality training in the business. Along with job placement, trucking students will get the expertise that they need in order to become a great truck driver. Students that have attended the American Truck Training school have been placed in some of the best jobs in the United States.


Campus Location:
3200 Aluma Valley Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73121



Career Services
Many truck drivers never knew that they would be in this career field. They received just the right training and ended up driving trucks and making a good living do so. There are many different types of truck drivers and plenty of careers in the industry. With CDL training, there are plenty of career choices for those who graduate with a Class A or Class B license.

When students earn a CDL, there are many options for them. The careers that are available for students who graduate from the American Truck Training program can be chosen for the following careers:

• Delivery Drivers: Delivering food and beverage to stores and restaurants all over the country will require a CDL, and in some cases, only a Class B license is needed.
• Fire and Rescue Truck Driving: Fire trucks are a bit more difficult to handle than many other vehicles, and this will require a CDL to do so.
• Construction Machinery: These trucks and tractors are not only complicated but also have a tendency to be very heavy. This is why they require a CDL to operate them.
• Recycling and Trash Removal: These trucks have many different moving pieces, and the driver needs to possess a CDL and have the qualifications to drive this type of truck.
• Towing Companies: Tow trucks are another type of truck that requires a CDL in order to use it. Towing companies will look for those drivers who have the license and also possess the skills necessary for loading and unloading cars onto the tow truck. This can be quite difficult for many applicants.

Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
Admission to the American Truck Training program is fairly simple. Applicants simply need to call the admissions staff to begin the enrollment process. There are many different scholarships that are available to students. Those who apply early have a much better chance to receive these scholarships or other types of financial aid.

There are many trucking industry scholarships available to students such as:
• St. Christopher Fund Scholarship for Veterans
• Trucker to Trucker Scholarship
• Women in Trucking Scholarship
• Commercial Driver Training Foundation Military Scholarship
• Trucker Buddy Scholarship
• Native American Trucker Scholarship

Class A License Training
Class A Licenses are for students who are ready to join the commercial driving industry. When a Class A license is obtained, the driver is now legally able to operate vehicles that have a weight of over 26,001 pounds. There are tests required for this type of licenses such as a general knowledge test, an air brakes inspection, and a pre-trip inspection. Once all of these criteria are met, the driver will now be on their way to becoming a career truck driver.

Class B License Training
Receiving a Class B license can be simple when you attend the American Truck Training school. Most companies will accept this type of license to drive for their company. Class B licenses are issued at the state level for truck drivers. This license is valid for driving trucks that have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds, but they cannot be pulling a trailer that weighs over 10,000 pounds.

Truck Safety Training
One of the most important topics covered in this truck driving program is safety. The instructors here have over 35 years of combined teaching, driving, and knowledge of truck safety. They will teach all of their students the state safety requirements along with the federal safety requirements that need to be met in order to drive a commercial truck. These instructors will teach their students about inspections, how to control their vehicle, how to recover from an accident, how to prevent having an accident, hazardous material rules, and how to check all of the parts on their truck. All of these topics are important for not only their safety but for those on the road with them.

Students will be able to learn how to inspect their vehicle as part of the safety training. Before the drivers even get behind the wheel of their trucks, they must inspect them. This is every time they go to drive the truck. This is for their safety, the safety of the products they are carrying, and the safety of other drivers that may encounter them on the road. The inspection will help against the truck breaking down while they are driving. This will actually end up saving them and their company a lot of money. At the American Truck Training school, the instructors will teach trucking students everything that they need to look out for when it comes time to have an inspection.

Controlling the truck is also key when it comes driving safety. The instructors at the American Truck Training school will teach full control of the truck. They will teach them all about accelerating, proper steering, and parking, backing up and stopping. All of these techniques are incredibly important when it comes to the proper handling of the vehicle. They also help to focus on what happens if the breaks on the truck fail and how to properly use a runaway truck ramp. There will be traffic simulations taught in order for students to get the best example of how to handle themselves on the road and in real life situations.

Transporting Hazardous Materials
A huge part of trucker safety is being able to transport materials that could be very hazardous to their health. At the American Truck Training school, the teachers will educate students on the federal and state regulations for carrying hazardous materials and the safety precautions that they should follow if there happens to be a spill during their shift. They will also learn about the health issues that can come from spilling these materials. They will learn government regulations as well as how to handle the materials when they are loading and unloading them from their vehicle.

Student Satisfaction and Job Placement
After attending the American Truck Training school, many students have been placed in a job completely based on their abilities to drive. These programs have made it possible for them to follow their dreams and drive for a living. Many people have turned to truck driving because it is a career that will never go away. There is always a need to drive products across the country, and this career will continue to grow more and more.

The instructors at the American Truck Training school have been given quite a few great recommendations because of their talent and knowledge. Many of the truckers who have graduated from this program have said that the skills of the instructors helped them reach their lifelong goals and become excellent drivers. These instructors have set them up to be great professional drivers who now have the safety knowledge that they can use on the road every day. These instructors want their students to be able to succeed in their education and in life.

Students who have attended American Truck Training all have unique ways of learning. The instructors make sure that they know this up front and they can conduct their lessons in more than one way in order to ensure that all of their students get the knowledge that they deserve. The classrooms are set up for discussions and lectures along with hands-on training on the road and in simulations. There is also live training that will give the drivers that much needed training before they are finished with all of their testing and ready to drive for a career.

Choosing a career in truck driving can working for practically anyone who has their mind set on driving a truck. Becoming a student can seem like a huge change, but it will be a chance to better their career and get to a point where they are not just living paycheck to paycheck. The instructors at the American Truck Training school value the educations of their students and will make sure that they have the best training possible. Calling the admissions office is just the first step to what could possibly be one of the best career decisions these students have ever made. With the need for truck drivers growing all over the country, Oklahoma City seems to be a really good place to start a career as a truck driver.