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Medical Administrative Assistant Career Training

One of the great things about becoming a medical administrative assistant is all the different things you’ll learn while on the job. As a admin assistant you’ll be responsible for a lot of things and they can all change depending where you work. If you find employment at a hospital you could work the front office assisting with things such as taking appointments and following up on insurance claims. The career training you’ll receive will properly prepare you for an entry level position at a healthcare facility. If employed at a doctor’s office you could be not only responsible for the front duties but also back office tasks including ordering of inventory and even assisting the medical assistants and or doctors in the office. You’ll learn how to handle patients’ records and properly file information.

One of the great things about this career is the number of schools available that offer the training. Training can be at a campus or even 100% online. These days’ lots of schools are offering online training at an affordable price. One thing we encourage any new student to look for before enrolling in a program is to check to see if the training prepares you to take the CMAA or CEHRS certification exam. The National Health Career Association’s Medical Administrative Assistant Certification and the CEHRS’s Electronic Health Records Specialist Certification are get certifications to earn and it will show potential employers of your commitment to your field.

During your career training you’ll take courses in office procedures, body systems and terminology as well as law and ethics, allied health and even electronic medical records. The goal of any school is to train you in a variety of different subject matters and disciplines in order to prepare you for tasks that you’ll actually do while employed. Also it is a good idea to check what the placement rates are at the school for this program. This will tell you what percentages of the graduates are working in the field.

You can expect an entry level salary of $30,287 per year as a medical administrative assistant. This doesn’t mean you can’t earn more but that is the national average. The industry should grow by 3% through 2024. Total employment in this industry is 635,800 and is expected to add in another 108,200 jobs over the next 10 years.


Medical Administrative Assistant Careers


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