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If you are considering pursuing a career as a leadership coach, then dig right in! Keep reading to learn what you need to know about this exciting career path and what it can help you achieve professionally. Leadership coaching is a method of teaching that is intended to create better thinking for individuals, to help individuals who are in leadership positions to make smarter decisions, and to help people create mature relationships in their life. In addition, as a leadership coach you can help people who are hoping to clarify or improve upon their sense of leadership or the way in which they lead a group of people.


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As a leadership coach you will likely be providing your services to partnerships, to management teams, to family businesses, to large groups, or to individual executive leaders. While you may not think that you would be working with family businesses very often, this industry is actually quite the opposite. Family businesses often have difficulties setting boundaries because of the issue of emotional involvement from the participating parties. In your capacity as a leadership coach, it will be important for you to help the family distinguish between business roles and personal family roles. You may also be required to assist family businesses in choosing an efficient leadership succession that will best benefit their company.

You should expect to work with companies who are hoping to achieve higher levels of competence and collaboration and who need your help to identify and set goals and ways to attain them. An effective leadership coach will work through four steps with their clients: interviews, analysis, written summary, and program development. For instance, you would conduct interviews with each member who is in a management level position. The interview step is intended to help identify the improvements that a business needs to accomplish in order to improve the overall dynamic of the entire team.


After all of the interviews have been completed, you will be responsible for analyzing the data from the interviews and presenting it to the company in a written summary. These steps will help to create a customized leadership coaching program that appropriately fits the company and their needs. You should expect these steps of the coaching process to last anywhere from six months to twenty-four months. It is common for individual executive level leaders to begin their leadership coaching process with a telephone consultation. Although in-person coaching sessions are always preferred, scheduling conflicts can make this difficult to achieve. Keep in mind, the individuals and the companies that you will be helping will seek you out to assist them in this process. Therefore, whether you are consulting with them over the phone or in person, they are likely to be ready and willing to take your advice and follow through with it completely. After all, their company’s success may depend upon it.


It will be important for you to realize that in your capacity as a leadership coach, your main objective will likely be to listen to your clients and assist them in the process. Although you will be the one who identifies things that can be changed in order to experience an improvement for the company, the person who initiated the leadership coaching process will be responsible for setting the agenda for each coaching session. However, it will also be important that you ask questions in order to facilitate a more insightful and beneficial coaching session. Of course, the questions that you pose will be based on observations that you have made along with the data you have collected.