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Massage Therapy Certificate Training

Individuals that want to be able to help individuals feel better and relax may really want to think about becoming a massage therapist. These individuals are often in high demand with more and more individuals moving towards holistic approaches in medicine. When you consider the amount of stress that individuals are also now encountering it is also easy to see why so many people have started looking at massage therapy course outlines to make a living. Get started and find a school so you can traing to receive your massage therapy diploma.

massage therapy school Before you start looking at massage therapy courses you will want to make sure that you are looking at a college or a program that is accredited. This will allow you to be licensed when you are finished with your schooling. You will find that each state is going to be different so make sure that you are looking for specifics for your state.

Massage Therapy Career Information


Those people that are going to take these courses will need to take classes in anatomy. It will be very important to have a full understanding of the human body and how it works. You will also be expected to take classes in physiology. This will help you understand the vital organs of the body as well as how they work. Individuals that are not interested in these types of courses and do not want learn about the body will not want to consider getting an education in massage therapy.

It will also be important to learn about movements within the body as well as the study of different diseases. Both of these courses will help a massage therapist learn about their limits. Not all diseases and illnesses should be treated with massage and the therapist needs to fully understand this. Of course you are going to learn how to give a massage. This will be taught through massage history as well as massage theory. You will also be expected to carry out a lot of hands on work through this part of the educational process. You will need to practice over and over again. Nutrition will be an integral part of the coursework. This is needed to give your clients advice on ways to improve their overall health and well being.

Business courses may also be required. Courses like this are going to really help you learn how to run your own business. Many massage therapists are going to want to run their own business one day. Learning about finance and financial planning can be very important when it comes to the courses that you will be taking.

Always look for courses that are going to give you the opportunity to practice the skills that you are learning. This makes you better at massage and it also helps you work through ethical issues that you may encounter. You may find that you are uncomfortable in certain situations and this will be especially true in the beginning. The more you practice the more comfortable you will feel. It will make you better at your job and you will be able to increase your clientele. Don't waste anymore time and find a massage therapy college below in your area or choose an online training option.



Different Types of Massage Therapy

One of the great things about massage therapy as a career is it opens up so many opportunities to allow you to even focus on a particular type of massage therapy for your clients. Below are some of those therapy techniques school train on.

Acupressure – Like acupuncture this is a type of massage that pin points certain pressure points on the body. Many believe stress is built up in these pressure areas. As a massage therapist you’ll learn where these pressure pockets are and how to use acupressure to relieve them. Although some will use their hands many opt to use soft pressure tools that size of a finger that can even more exactly pin point the issue.

Chair Massage – One of the more popular techniques is chair massage. The main reason is chair massages are used in office settings where you’ll travel to an office to perhaps give massages to those in their own office setting. The client can keep their cloths on and usually only have to remove their tie. This is also very popular for those who are uncomfortable removing their shirt. Specialized chairs are used to allow the user to be comfortable while still sitting and leaning over a padded cushion on the chair.

Myofascial – This is often associated with stretching in gyms but was actually invented by massage therapists. The art involves applying pressure while sliding in one direction on the tissue or muscle. It is commonly used on the upper back as well as the sides of your legs.

Pregnancy Massage Techniques – During this type of training you’ll learn how to properly and safely give a massage to someone who is currently pregnant as well as techniques used after the pregnancy.

Reflexology – One of the more advanced and specialized types of massage involves reflexology or foot massage. The foot is sectioned off in zones and each zone helps a different type of pain or ailment. One area could focus on patients that get a lot of headaches. By knowing how to apply the pressure and for how long you can almost completely eliminate the problem within seconds. From personal experience I have had reflexology done for my lower back as well as headaches and within minutes my headache was gone.

Sports Massage – Every professional team and even college teams today invest in sports massage therapists. The main reason is often sports injuries can be treated quicker and recovery time shortened when the one injured is treated with massage. Also during games simple things like a hamstring can be massaged out during the game by a trained therapist. Some schools offer specialized training programs just in sports massage.

Swedish Massage – Probably the most common type of massage is Swedish. You’ll learn about effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration massage techniques. It involves using tapping and kneading massage strokes over the entire body to relieve stress and sore muscles.

Hellerwork – Also known as realignment this type of massage is used to get your muscles to return to their proper position. It is typically caused by a patient who has poor posture habits. Part of your training will include how to educate the client.

Employment & Career Opportunities

One of the reasons why so many people like a career in massage therapy is it allows them to go into so many specialties but also the freedom to work in so many different industries. Below are the top 6 career opportunities for massage therapists

1. Cruise Ships – A big employer of massage therapist are cruise ship companies. They hire 1000’s each year to take care of the guests that are on their ships. Because so many people are on the ship at the same time the need for employees is high. This career patch is a great way for you to travel the world while employed and many will give you room and board on the ship for free.

2. Rehabilitation Facilities – Often rehabilitation centers hire massage therapists to assist in the healing of their clients. These centers could be helping someone come back from a sports injury, a fall or even a car crash.

3. Vacation Resorts – Like cruise ships vacation resorts typically hire full-time massage therapists to handle the needs of their guests. Some of the resorts such as those in Las Vegas need the ability to handle 1000’s of guests.

4. Independent Spas – Local spas in your hometown are also a great place to look into for employment. Often the spas are small and offer other services other than just massage.

5. Fitness Centers –Sometimes fitness centers hire massage therapist to help their clients. Many are looking for a relaxing massage after a workout where others might need specialized attention due to a past injury. Often these fitness facilities hire out to local companies and one of them could be the company that you started for your own business.

6. Own Your own Business – If owning your own business is your career goal then this could be the right career for you. As massage therapists you have an opportunity to work out of your home and even on your own hours. You decide who to work for and how often you wish to work. Many travel to a client’s home or office so they aren’t coming around your own home.

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