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The decision to become an administrative assistant is an interesting and challenging one. The thrill of meeting deadlines and keeping the boss organized, while keeping cool and collected the entire time is very enticing for many people. Have you ever seen the professional office assistant standing tall amidst chaos handling it without breaking a sweat? Ever want to be that person to bring order to chaos? Well here is your chance! Find an administrative assistant training course today. Choose from any of hte online schools listed below.

administrative assistant training It takes a special personality, one rich with determination and organizational skills to assist professionals. It also helps to have an uncanny ability to multi-task to become an administrative assistant. Learn this career field and become the backbone of any organization.



When choosing an education to become an administrative assistant, you must first know if you want non-degreed courses (certification). Once you have that in mind, the next step will be in locating the right college for you. The big difference between the two will be the kind of work you can do. Certification usually lets you do things like become a secretary in any office, an office assistant or part of a team to organize an office. A higher level of education allows you to stretch out more and become a manager or office assistant to a company owner or high end boss. The difference boils down to pay and responsibilities.


When looking at colleges or trade schools that offer administrative assistant training programs, you can either contact your local college or you can look online to see what is available and fits your budget. You can even see if there are any training programs that are certified by the college in your area. There are two types of business colleges: one that is accredited and one that is not. Unless your degree or course work is from an accredited college you may have trouble with continuing education down the road. Generally offline colleges are accredited and online courses are not, though this isn't always the case anymore. You just have to ask. Start your business certificate training program today.

If you are not concerned with a degree program and want a shorter period of training and education, there are many 6 weeks to 6 month long programs to be found. There are both continuing education and certification programs to let you stand out and shine from the rest. Keep in mind your schedule, the work load of the program, and if you have to have any physical appearances to make when looking into online courses. Many colleges and trade schools have final exams that must be taken at specified locations. You want these to be close enough that you can attend them to complete your program.

What You'll Learn During Your Administartive Assistant Training


Administrative assistants did not get to where they are without learning how to turn a bad situation around. With today's world relying heavily on technology and the internet, the best way to get ahead would be to find courses that offer some classes in technology. Many programs already have them incorporated. You want to be given the tools to succeed in fast paced office environments. Administrative Assistant Programs often include:

- Learning to multi-task

- Time management

- Developing communication skills

- Office related programs such as Microsoft Office

- Computer keyboarding

- Principles of accounting

- An introduction to business

- Computer systems

Once you graduate from your administrative assistant training, you will find a new world will open to you with many opportunities to meet your level of experience and training. Administrative careers are almost every field such as military, medical, fashion or business. You will find your skills in high demand no matter how big or small of an office; no matter if you live in a small town or big city. Administrative assistants are the cogs that keep all offices running in perfect order. Not only that, but since this career fields is so wide spread, and there is such a demand for confident skilled individuals, you can confidently find a job anywhere in the world you want to be.

Are you ready for a change? Can you multi-task? Are you detailed oriented? Well this is the career choice for you. Learn more and get started to day on your way to becoming a professional administrative office assistant. Businesses need help. They need you. Start today! Locate below online administrative assistant courses and begin your career training.


Different Roles and Positions for Administrative Assistants


As you might expect administrative assistants are use in almost every company today from the front office to the back, from secretaries to admin assistants for special departments. Your job duties will be different depending on the company you work for. Some of the different roes include:

Online Administration – Administrative Assistants are now being hired online either on a temporary basis for a given project or they work full-time yet at home. With so many tasks now 100% online including generating reports, data entry, vendor management and document preparation the job now can be done at home. This saves the company money but also gives you as the administrative assistant the freedom to handle more clients at once.

Personal Administrative Assistants – Executives often have personal assistants that only handle tasks just for a single individual. This may include note taking, reviewing reports, answering emails and even answering the phones. Typically executive assistants have been with a company for a long-time and are a very trusting individual. Their pay also higher than a typical administrative assistant and often they are a salaried employee.

Healthcare Administrative Assistants – As a medical secretary your role will be to work with patients coming into the doctor’s office or hospital. Your tasks can include: answering the phone, routing emergency calls to the appropriate department and handling medical records. Private Doctors could also hire a trained medical administrative assistant as their own personal assistant similar to an executive. As you might expect almost all of the roles discussed are in a professional work environment where you’ll work indoors typically sitting behind a desk. Over 20% of all administrative assistants this year were in the healthcare industry.


Find the Perfect Administrative Assistant School


When looking into a training program you’ll first want to determine what industry you would like to enter into. The reason why this is important is some of the schools we have listed on this page have certificate programs that focus on the medical industry and some are more secretarial. These are two completely different types of programs.


Medical Administrative Assistant: Courses that focus on medical will cover the daily operation of a medical facility. You’ll be taught how to work with doctors and medical staff as well as how to prepare and file medical records. Also front office secretaries learn how to take appointments, answer the phones and some can even do simple medical billing and coding tasks. They often have to deal with deductibles as well as work with insurance companies.

Corporate Administrative Assistants: As a corporate administrative assistant program you’ll focus more on the business side of things. You’ll learn how to file, take notes and even some data processing skills. Communication is the key to this role and many might have modules or courses dedicated to communication.

Administrative Assistnt Salary and Advancements


As an administrative assistant the median salary range this past year was $38,000. The top 10% of all assistants made $60,000. From my own personal experience I feel these numbers are low. I managed a team of 10 individual and we hired an administrative assistant for $70,000 and we couldn’t have done our work without her. Also that same individual within 3 years ended up being a manager on one of the divisions making over $100,000. Although individuals get trained I feel the job is really to get your foot in the door of the organization. If you are a hard worker then you can get advanced to a new position and work yourself up the corporate ladder. Take the first big step and enroll today in any of the programs listed after you do your research. You’ll be glad you did when you land that first job.

Hiring Possibilities

Becoming an administrative assistant can be the first job someone gets when they graduate high school or if they are going into the workforce. One of the first places you need to work with is the student services or career placement department at the school you attended. Often these departments have already hot job leads waiting for you in your area. They also have years of experience and most schools have to have a certain placement rate (including completion rate) in order to continue to offer Financial Aid or stay accredited. We urge you to utilize the experience of these departments first when looking for a job.

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Career Spotlight: Technology and the Administrative Assistant
The role of the office professional is changing as more and more organizations rely on computers and other technology to run their businesses. Today, administrative assistants assume a wider range of responsibilities in the workplace. They still perform traditional tasks, but technology is often used to complete these jobs. Administrative assistants are still mainly responsible for performing and coordinating the overall administrative duties of an office. However, many individuals provide additional duties in the office, such as providing training and orientation for new staff, conducting research on the Internet, and operating and troubleshooting new office technologies.

These employees use technology to increase the efficiency of an office. It is common to find fax machines, copiers and scanners within reach of their desks. Computers are also integral to performing their jobs. Administrative assistants commonly use them for the following tasks:

• Creating spreadsheets
• Composing correspondence
• Managing databases
• Creating presentations, reports and documents

Find the perfect administrative assistant training online from any of the schools listed above. As office automation continues to evolve and change, it will become increasingly important for administrative assistants and other office professionals to re-train or continue their education. They can attend classes or participate in online programs to keep up-to-date with new office technology.