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Bachelor's Degree in Computer Programming

Do you consider yourself to be a computer geek? Do your friends and family seek you out to fix their technological problems? Are you always looking for newer and better software that will do what you need? Consider putting your skills to work in the world of computer programming and software development. Below, the educational requirements and the opportunities this degree program make available are thoroughly discussed.

computer programming schools Not all four year colleges and universities offer degree programs that will result in you being capable of working as a computer programmer or software developer. As you begin deciding which post-secondary school you want to attend you will want to ensure that they offer degree programs in the fields of: mathematics, information systems, computer science, or engineering. Many colleges or universities offer a two year course of study related to computer programming. If you choose this as your educational path, the course work you complete will likely be applicable as you begin working on your Bachelor's degree. In addition, it should make the typical four year bachelor's degree a much shorter educational goal to obtain. Generally speaking, you will want to choose an educational path that suits your goals and needs as appropriately as possible.


Computer Programming Schools



Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Forensics – Earn your BA degree and join the digital world of forensics computing.

Video Game Programming Degree – If you love video games and would love to make a career out of it then start your research today and find schools that offer Bachelor’s degree programs in video game design and programming.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science – Earn your degree in computer science from an accredited college. Start your school research here.

Database Administration Degree – Earn your Bachelor’s degree in database administration.

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Administration – Start your training and learn how companies control information that is used throughout their corporation.

Internet Systems Degree – Learn how to assist companies with all of their internet needs including set-up, design and maintenance.

Bachelor’s Degree in Java – Earn a computer related degree that focuses in on Java programming.

Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Support – Do you love helping others with computer related issues? Earn your BA degree or certificate in computer technical support and repair.

Telecommunications Bachelor’s Degree – Learn about wireless technology, phone lines and corporate communication infrastructure.

Bachelor’s Degree in Website Design – Want to take your designing skills to the next level? Build upon your certificate training with a Bachelors degree.

While working to complete your Bachelor's degree you will want to take courses such as: database systems, computer hardware, operating systems, and management information systems. Since this career path will likely have you working within a large organization or business, many higher learning institutions suggest that their computer programming students also take courses in communications and business. Furthermore, many schools recommend that their students complete an internship prior to graduating with their Bachelor's degree.

This allows prospective graduates to gain real world experience that is directly related to their field of study. In addition, it is a great addition to their resume and will be viewed positively by prospective employers. In order to be properly received in this competitive career, you will also want to obtain computer language certifications. There are national certifications available for individuals with a degree. For instance, you could get certified in C++, Perl, or Java. It may also be a good idea to get certified in server side applications, product certifications, and software certifications. Keep in mind, the more extensive your skills set and knowledge base, the more appealing you will be to potential employers.

Entering the career world of computer programming will require that you at least have completed your degree. A Bachelor's degree in computer programming will make it possible for you to work as a software engineer, a computer project manager, a network technician, or a researcher, just to name a few. In addition, if technical writing or documentation writing are areas of strength for you, then this will be a great area of emphasis that will open additional career doors for you. Depending upon your chosen degree program, you may be able to design in the computer field of study as well as handling the programming aspect of things.