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Organizational Management Bachelor's Degree

Are you considering pursuing a Bachelor's degree in organizational management? Are you hesitant because you aren't completely sure what this degree program involves? Continue reading so that you can learn all the important information related to this career path.

A degree in organizational management will teach students all of the aspects necessary to run a successful business. Course work for this degree program is especially geared towards graduates having skills related to the basics of business; from human resources all the way to the finance aspect. Furthermore, this degree program will teach students important skills like leadership, marketing, and effective problem solving. Although not all colleges or universities offer a Bachelor's degree in this field of study, the learning institutions that do generally offer this option through their school of business. Thanks to our technologically advanced learning formats, students may also choose to pursue this degree program through an online school.

organizational management schools No matter which type of learning institution you choose to attend, you will likely be required to complete courses such as project management, economics, business management, workplace relations, and human resources. The courses required by this degree program are especially designed to teach students how to use technology in this career, how to analyze and handle crises, how to communicate effectively, how to efficiently plan, and how to conduct research and relay the information in writing that is clear and that accurately conveys the message. You will also learn about the importance of group performance, how to properly execute ideas, and the appropriate ethics behind organizational management.

An organizational management degree program will also teach prospective managers about marketing management, financial management, language enhancement, law as it applies to this field of study, and cultural studies. Upon completion of your degree you will be capable of seeking employment as a human resource trainee or department head, a management trainer, sales or retail manager, or a human resource manager. Your degree also makes it possible for you to become a presenter for a corporate firm or a governmental department, or to work within the medical field, the law sector, or even for a major airline company. Often, individuals who get their organizational management degree will also take a large number of semester hours focused on language arts, or English.

This seems to make these individuals better prepared to more appropriately utilize their communication skills in relation to their management skills. In today's extremely competitive work force, individuals with a Bachelor's degree in organizational management who have a focus in language arts seem to stand out against the competition. Since this field is so competitive, potential employers will be looking for a candidate who has those extra benefits that will likely serve their company well. Many colleges or universities offer other areas of focus for individuals who are pursuing a degree in organizational management. If language & arts are not an area that you would like to focus your studies on, then check with the school you plan to attend for other possible focus areas.


Organizational Management Learning Objectives

Deal with problem solving issues that are critical to the success of your organization.

Acquire the proper knowledge and principles for critical thinking and how it applies to organizational management and employees.

Leverage your knowledge of financial marketers and conditions to protect your company.

Understand real life management roles and how they affect organizations.

Apply learned theories regarding corporate decisions.

Be able to demonstrate decision making processes and the application of the processes to professional leadership.


Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management Courses

Your coursework will begin with introduction to business courses and progress into mare advanced financial management and managerial courses. When completed you’ll have earned 120 credit hours which is typically what is needed for a Bachelor’s degree.

- Human Resource Management
- Principles of Leadership and Management
- Managerial Accounting
- Strategic Planning
- Project Management
- Financial Management
- Managerial Ethics and Law
- Organizational Communications Courses
- Organizational Management


Possible Organizational Management Careers

The goal of any degree is to prepare you to become a leader of an organization. Your Bachelor’s degree can lead you in pursuing a lot of different career possibilities including:

- Human Resource Managers
- Information Technology Assistant
- Retail Manager
- Health Services Manager
- Government Positions


Salary Outlook
According to the BLS organizational managers are paid on average $46,182 per year to as high as $128,952. It has a more than average expected growth rate of 15% per year mainly due to the increase in the healthcare and IT industries.