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Earn your entertainment degree from an accredited college. This more recent Bachelor's degree program is ideal for anyone who is intrigued by the behind the scenes work that is required to bring entertainment to the public. This degree program, which is typically pursued through a college or university's business school, can address many areas of entertainment, such as theatrical plays, music, or movies. Depending upon the post-secondary learning institution that you choose to attend, there will be course work that will prepare you for a career in entertainment media production or entertainment management. Find your entertainment business degree from the schools below.

business entertainment degree Overall, no matter which school you choose to attend, your bachelor degree program will train you more in the business related aspects of the entertainment industry. Your coursework will make it possible for you to learn how to manage, produce, market, and dispense talent and entertainment to the public forum. This will be made possible as you complete core business courses related to finance, marketing, and entertainment. As your course work becomes more specific to the entertainment and music industries, you will also be required to complete courses that teach you about the components of music media, video media, film media, and internet media. Earning your music business Bachelor's degree is recommended.

Should you decide to pursue an educational path that is more geared towards entertainment management, then your course work will be related to the business practices in relation to the field of entertainment. Specifically, your classes will help you learn valuable skills such as negotiation, ethics, marketing, and effective communication. Once you have obtained your bachelor's degree music management you'll be able to seek employment as an entertainment executive, an artist and repertoire manager or representative, or an entertainment consultant.

On a different end of the spectrum, if you are leaning more towards a career in music management, then your course work will focus almost explicitly on areas related to music. For instance, you will be required to learn about record label development, copyright laws and regulations, band publicity, and managing talent and concerts. In correlation to these topics, you will also be responsible for learning business related aspects such as music law, marketing, finance, and business. After graduating with your bachelor's degree in music management you will be able to pursue employment as a retail sales manager, a music publisher, a music manager, or even a marketing representative.

Prior to being admitted into either of these Bachelor's degree study areas, students should have a high school diploma or the equivalent and may also be required to submit essays explaining why this is the appropriate career choice for them. Within this four year degree program, students will need to complete approximately 60 semester hours of course work that directly pertains to the entertainment industry. A few of the required courses include advertising management, ethics as they apply to the entertainment industry, media planning, entrepreneurship, and film and television distribution. Of course, as with other areas of employment, the job opportunities become more abundant should you decide to further your level of education.


Entertainment Management Degree Course Information

In the entertainment industry you’ll need knowledge of everything from film to marketing. Your Bachelor’s degree curriculum will be mainly 60 hours of core courses and 60 credit hours of general education classes. You’ll receive training in film and television as well as media and music.

- Music Desktop Production
- Business Management
- Artist Management
- Audio Technology
- Web Development
- Marketing Principles
- Legal Entertainment
- Film and Society
- Touring
- Speech Communications


Entertainment Schools & Careers

The education you received will give you the hands on experience in entertainment concepts that you can use in your new and exciting career.

- Entertainment Program Director
- Music Producer
- Artist Manager
- Movie Intern
- Public Relations
- Tour Manager
- Box Office Manager
- Event Planning and Management
- Stage and Venue Management
- Marketing and Distribution Representative


Landing an Entertainment Internship

One of the best ways to get started in the entertainment industry is to get an internship. During the internship you’ll have the ability to work in an agency setting and get hands-on experience and really learn what the industry is like. You’ll also make valuable connections that could lead to a full-time job.Learn what is a music management degree below. Find the perfect entertainment business degree school online.

Duties of and Qualifications for an Entertainment Intern
- Usually the candidate needs to have a business entertainment background.
- Assist with artist contracts
- Run box office reports for management
- Conduct research
- Do script coverage for actors and evaluate scripts
- General office management tasks
- Draft press releases and letters
- Work with talent agencies
- Conduct photo shoots and social media maintenance


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