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Do you have a flair for artistic design? Are you thinking you want to use that talent in your future career path? Continue reading below to identify the things you need to accomplish to obtain your bachelor of art and design degree. A bachelor of art & design degree is considered to be an undergraduate academic degree, which typically requires three to four years of studies. This degree program, which is somewhat related to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, is an art centered program of study. Depending on which learning institution you choose to attend, you will likely learn specific techniques that will make your design abilities become more specialized. Keep in mind, you can use your artistic design abilities for a few different degree programs. Along with the bachelor of design degree, you could also pursue a bachelor of design arts degree or a bachelor of design studies degree.

art and design schools Within a bachelor of design study program you could decide to focus on a few different areas. For instance, you could focus your studies on fashion design, interior design, or textile design. You could also choose to emphasize in architecture, which would surely prepare you for more advanced architectural studies. However, you should be aware that this degree program is not recognized by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Therefore, if becoming an architect is your ultimate plan you may want to consider following a bachelor of architecture degree. Other bachelor of design areas that you could decide to focus your studies on are related to multimedia design, game design, design and digital arts, visual communications design, or audiovisual media. Regardless of your focus area, your bachelor degree will give you the skills and knowledge that you will need for commercial or personal use.

Be forewarned, the competition in the art design world is intense. It will be important that you have impeccable grades on your transcript, as well as a finely developed skills base. It will likely be of assistance to your success if you can choose your focus area early in your art design education. If you can fit it into your schedule, working part-time at an art gallery or studio while attending school is sure to look great on your resume. Potential employers are sure to appreciate this experience and this factor will help you stand out from your competition. In addition, you may be surprised how beneficial it can be to communicate with other artists and make connections in your future career world. Another key factor that is crucial to your success is to ensure that the higher learning institution you choose is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Generally speaking, employers will not only be interested in your bachelor of design degree. It will be important to potential employers that you are capable of working within a team and that you can accurately convey your thoughts and visions to the people you work with. It is equally important that you can envision a specific design and then effectively communicate to see the project come to fruition. Search below to find your Bachelor's degree in Art & Design.

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Animation Bachelor’s Degree – Study the art of animation including 3D graphics, film writing, computer animation and more.

Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education – If you love the arts and would one day like to have a career in visual arts then check out the schools that can help you reach your goals.

Computer Graphics Bachelor Degree – Get the tools necessary to finish your degree and start a new career in computer graphics.

Desktop Publishing Training – Find a school that will teach you desktop publishing and even earn your degree.

Digital Photography Degree – If you love taking pictures and want a career in photography then earn your Bachelor’s degree in photography from any of the accredited schools.

Fashion Design Degree Program – Learn about the fashion industry including merchandising, sourcing, fabrics and more.

Film and Cinema Degree – Earn your Bachelor’s degree in film production from any of the schools listed.

Floral Design Training – Start your career training in floral design.

Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design – Start your game design training at an online college or one close to you. Get trained in design techniques and programming.

Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree – If you love working with computers and designing brochures, websites and flyers then check out the schools that offer degrees in graphic designs.

Interior Decorating Bachelor’s Degree – Help others update their home with flooring, window treatments, paint and more.

Multimedia Design Degree – Start your Bachelor’s degree in multi-media design.

Music Education Degree – Earn a BA degree in music education and production.


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