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Aromatherapy Associate's Degree Program Overview

Associate's Degree in Aromatherapy

Did you know that smell is the sense that is most directly related to memory? Did you know that the sense of smell is officially called "olfaction" and is processed through the "olfactory bulb" portion of our brains? Did you know that those people who lose their sense of smell also lose a majority of their sense of taste? Although our sense of smell is far inferior to many other species, it plays an important and peculiar role in our lives. One area of research that has garnered much attention in recent years is called aromatherapy, which harnesses the effects of smell on our mood, thinking, and health.

aromatherapy degree Although this form of therapy is considered alternative medicine, more and more individuals are rejoicing at the seeming miracles aromatherapy has delivered. If you're interested in alternative medicine, or even just a fan of smells as soothing as a massage beside the trickle of a rock waterfall, then obtaining your Associate's degree in aromatherapy could breathe a revitalizing feeling of life into your soul and your career.

Although aromatherapy has received more and more positive attention in recent years, it is still considered a sub-classification underneath a broader holistic umbrella. It is not yet common for individuals to be treated solely through aromatherapy. Therefore, those pursuing an education in aromatherapy will often be exposed to a wide array of other holistic healing techniques. These areas of study include anatomy, physiology, reflexology, botany, chemistry, nutrition, and massage therapy. Other areas of study might focus on more eastern traditional techniques of medicine, including acupressure and acupuncture. Aromatherapy is also contained under this type of study, and by focusing on it you could earn a degree in aromatherapy and other types of holistic medicine.


Aromatherapy Schools


Careers in aromatherapy, once you have your degree, typically are available as an aromatherapist, a developer, a retailer, or as an educator. Aromatherapists are the specialists who work at spas, resorts, doctors' offices, and other medical venues to provide treatments to the clients who come in to see them. In many cases, they employ their talents to help individuals relax, feeling refreshed and cleansed. In other cases, there are medical purposes and applications available for those who need regular aromatherapy treatments. Aromatherapists can also serve as trainers or consultants to such facilities.

Those not directly involved in therapy can use their talents to derive revitalizing products. In developing scents and aromatherapy related products, there is huge opportunity to earn a living managing your own aromatherapy-based therapeutic business. And if not managing a business from the manufacturing end, you can sell products to spas, resorts, offices, and other aromatherapists as a retailer or salesperson. Many aromatherapists take to the educational field and use their knowledge to promote healthy living, holistic treatments, and specialized training in aromatherapy measures. Education is important for future holistic professionals or even for the everyday consumers who seek more naturalistic processes to improve their health. With additional training, an aromatherapist can even take their knowledge and apply it to the fields of massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and naturopathy.

We often overlook our sense of smell and the amazing resource it is for understanding our world and supplementing our health. Smelling is more than just absorbing a scent it is the act of breathing. With an Associate's Degree in aromatherapy you will provide the scents, techniques, and breathing that will help individuals truly enjoy every breath that they take. As you become more and more proficient in holistic medicine, you will have the resources and techniques at your fingertips to make truly powerful improvements in people's health and lives. So even though many of us underestimate the power of a good breath of air, your aromatherapy mastery will help us benefit from every breath we take. Get the program overview you need from any of the schools listed below.


Curriculum and Coursework

For your Associates degree in aromatherapy you’ll take courses designed to give you a wide range of education and cover all aspects of aromatherapy.
- Anatomy
- Understanding Homeopathy
- Aromatherapy
- Terminology
- Alternative Medicine
- Introduction to Holistic Nutrition
- Herbalism


Aromatherapy Certification

You can research schools that are accredited by the National association for holistic aromatherapy NAHA. These schools will meet or exceed the requirements for NAHA standards. Find a school that will get you to ready to sit for the aromatherapy registration council exam so you can become a Registered Aromatheraphist (RA). This RA destination is very valuable as it shows clients your commitment to your career.


Possible Aromatherapy Careers

The different aromatherapy careers range from sales and educator. It is advised that you continue with your education after your Associates degree for some of the higher end careers, especially if you want to own your own business.

- Essential Oils.
- Store Manager or Retailer
- Consultant
- Personal Wellness Coach
- Aromatherapy Sales
- Educator
- Holistic Practitioner
- Alternative Medicine


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Alliance of International Aromatherapist -