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While some prefer the joy and innocent enthusiasm of young elementary school children, others are willing to dare the trials presented by teenagers. While some prefer to work with students on crafts and watch them at recess, others prefer to challenge young adult minds with difficult concepts and tough homework. While some prefer to teach all about nature, simple mathematics, and how to read all in the same day, others prefer to specialize in one particular academic area. These others who diverge so much from their elementary teaching counterparts are secondary education teachers

teachers associates degree With your Associate's Degree in secondary education, you will begin to have this unique and rewarding field of education open to you, and you'll discover the knowledge and relationships waiting for you inside. Although high school teachers are often depicted as the unwitting targets of a teenaged prank or the dull figures cramming unnecessary information into unwilling ears, the world of high school education is incredibly ripe with young minds eager for a powerful teacher to show them the value of knowledge.

Since we've all sat through school before, we understand what it is like from a student's perspective. Getting your degree for secondary education unlocks the teacher's perspective of schooling, helping to acquaint you with the techniques and methodologies behind the best teaching practices. At the secondary level, teachers specialize in one particular field, such as history, English, mathematics, science, a foreign language, physical education, and so on. In addition to mastering the content of your specified field, you will also see that there's much more to teaching than knowing a lot about a subject. The true nature of a highly effective teacher is one that understands how to communicate that knowledge in a way that someone much younger and less experienced can understand it.

To accomplish this, an Associate's Degree in secondary education will take you through courses devoted to adolescent psychology, curriculum planning, instructional methodologies, multi-cultural perspectives, ethics, and state standards. This core set of courses will introduce you to the essential areas that help inform an educator's decisions about what exactly to do in the classroom.

There are a variety of careers available to someone with secondary education and teaching degree. Becoming a high school teacher is of course the most obvious and common position. There are public high schools in every community, and many communities have religious, private, and charter schools. If becoming a fulltime teacher isn't in the picture, there is high demand for qualified teaching aids and assistants who have an education in teacher and can serve as a quality supplement in any instructional situation. Leadership is also an asset inside of high schools, and with an education in teaching you can lend a perspective to the administrative side of things. This type of position puts you in charge of adults more so than students, but your ultimate objective remains the same, which is to provide resources that will better educate the students. Administrative positions are often awarded to individuals who first have teaching experience in the classroom.

Secondary education teachers take up the challenge of teaching teenagers, sharing with them the specific content they have mastered in their field and preparing these students for an adult life beyond high school. When you earn your Associate's Degree in secondary education, you open up a path that, along with certification, enable you to become one of these individuals who can teach and inspire today's young adults. While many of us know what school is like as a student, a degree will show you that there is much more to teaching than showing up in a classroom. You will decipher the best techniques, curriculum structure, and content to better empower the leaders of tomorrow.


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