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Associate Degree in Advertising

Associate's Degree in Advertising

Start your career training with an Associate's degree in advertising. Many Americans embrace sitting around the television on Superbowl Sunday not for the football, but for the commercials. In fact, they say the average person is prone to see about 3,000 advertisements a day. This include ads in print, ads on television, ads on the web, and ads just posted around town on billboards and company logos. It seems as though if you look around at all you're prone to see an advertisement filling in some space or another. And we see ads for nearly everything food, drinks, websites, cars, medicines, even tobacco and condoms. So what is the deal with all of these advertisements? Get your Ad associate degree today from an approved college.

advertising schools It's not some secret ploy to desensitize us to reality, it's what companies do to make their products known; essentially, it's what they do to survive. And if you have an effective advertising campaign, it could catapult your company to the top just think about Old Spice or Geico, who spend millions producing that just-right-for-our-target-audience ads. If you have a creative mind that's ready to find unique and memorable ways of promoting a company's product, then you have a mind that's ready for the world of advertising. This incredible lucrative career begins with your Associate's Degree in advertising.

Since advertising is everywhere, that means careers in advertising are everywhere too. Companies thrive when they have successful advertising strategies. Most individuals who obtain their Associate's Degree in advertising find employment either working fulltime promoting a single company's products, or working for an advertising agency that is hired contractually by an array of companies. In either situation, there are many different kinds of positions that an educated advertiser might have. Many advertisers who feel more adventurous entrepreneurially begin their own advertising services as well.

Typically, two the common ways that advertising shows up in our lives are through words and through images. An associate degree in advertising often focuses on developing these skills of communication. A copywriter is the person responsible for producing the descriptions, slogans, and punch lines that deliver an effective ad. An artist is responsible for coming up with the particular images whether photos, films, logos, drawings, or animations that ultimately visually represent the message that is intended to be expressed with the product. Both of these areas are ones that require creativity and persuasion, and a creative director is responsible for managing teams of such people, producing the ads that companies crave and consumers buy into.

Beyond the mere creation of ads is also the overall development of a strategy for implementing ads. Ads appear so many times in so many different places, and someone called an advertising manager is the one who calls the shots and decides what is shown where and how often. Another enormous role in the advertising business is unique to advertising agencies the account executive is the one who does not focus on creating advertisements, but rather functions as a liaison between the agency and the companies. This individual is responsible for communicating with their current clients and establishing relations with new ones.

Fid colleges with good advertising programs. Even though many claim that watching the Superbowl is a great American event, if more people are watching this for the advertisements than the football, then what does that say about American culture? Advertisements are everywhere, and effective ads have effective results for companies launching, growing, or maintaining their hold in their market. Once you earn your dDegree in advertising, you will have the education needed to make yourself marketable to any one of the many agencies and any of the many companies who needs talented advertisers. Whether you're dealing with writing, images, or relationships, having the appropriate creativity and understanding of people is all you need to get started in this amazing career.


Advertising Manager Salary Expectations for Advertising Careers

Those interested in the advertising field will find jobs ranging from entry level advertising what require little to no previous advertising experience to higher level ad executives that could require 10+ years of related work experience. Either way advertising in the US are paid well for their services.

- Advertising Assistants - $15/hr to $25/hour. For most advertising assistants this will be your first job. This position requires less than a year of prior experience and most college graduates will fall into this category.

- Advertising Managers – Salary ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. As an advertising manager you’ll typically have 1-3 years of work experience in marketing or advertising before you qualify for this position. Managers typically report to a senior advertiser or director and can manage between 1-5 employees on average.

- Advertising Director – Ranges from $75,000 to $90,000. Most directors will have 5+ years of advertising experience as well as previous marketing management experience. They typically will run a large staff or advertising agency and will report directly to the CMO or Vice President.

- Advertising Executive Marketers – Salary range is $80,000—$120,000. This category falls under the VP or even executive advertising director umbrella. Executive marketers or advertisers typically run agencies (either for someone else or perhaps their own agency). It requires years of hands-on experience and a great knowledge of advertising and marketing.

- Chief Marketing or Advertising Officer - $120,000-$225,000. At the top of the salary range are those who are CMO or CAO’s. These advertisers or marketers not only run entire companies but are full responsible for the success of the business.


Areas Covered in your Associate’s Degree in Advertising

When looking into a school it is important to realize that most will be 2 year programs that cover 60 or more credit hours of topics. You’ll cover a wide variety of marketing and advertising topics for a well-rounded education. Below are just some of the subjects you’ll cover in advertising school.

Fundamentals of Advertising and Marketing – You might have already taken a marketing program or certificate in advertising but for your AA degree you’ll spend a great amount of time making sure you master all of the fundamentals of marketing. You’ll cover the 4C’s, product placement, advertising niches, best practices in advertising and more.

Consumer Behaviors – Learn how to talk to your customers based on their behaviors. You’ll leaven how customers think, about word placements and even how colors affect buying patterns. The art of advertising comes down to learning as much as you can about your customer so you can market to them.

Social Media – No Associate’s degree in advertising would be complete without fully covering social media. Social media is a driving factor in any advertising campaign. Learn about how social media works, how to use their advertising tools as well as the latest trends. If you aren’t using social media in your advertising you are missing out on a massage audience.

Strategic Planning – Many jobs will require you submit strategic plans to upper management. These advertising plans will go over what you want to accomplish including sales projects and budget numbers. It will also detail your demographics to make sure you are hitting your right market with your advertising spend.

Copywriting and PR – Advertising is the ability to get something in front of your audience to persuade them to purchase your item or service. Copywriting is an area covered in your AA degree as it is an extremely important area every advertiser will need to learn how to master. Also many advertising positions after you graduate might include public relations. Having knowledge of PR and how it is used in today’s businesses is important.

Media Planning and Budgeting – Like strategic planning, advertising planning goes into details regarding where you are going to advertise, what you are advertising and the costs associated with it. You’ll learn how to create a media calendar that includes all of your start and budget dates as well as learn how to track ads. Learn what can you do with an advertising degree.

Graphic Design – Many schools will include a section on graphic design. It is important to know the fundamentals of design in advertising so you know how to work with your designers to get your creative done. Some courses will touch on design and design layout but also teach you about all the latest tools and software programs available to advertisers and marketers.

Management Courses – During your Associate’s degree in advertising training you’ll take a few management courses. These are designed to teach you how to work with others, how to manage a team of marketers. If you want to continue on with your schooling after your Associate degree in advertising then we recommend add in more management courses.


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