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Remember those days of DOS, when the best of computer graphics technology was represented in a little blinking cursor? Remember popping in those large floppy disks to be "amazed" with the latest blips and blinks of electronic graphics? While today we look back and laugh at these technological relics, we must remember that they paved the way for the surreal, better-than-real-life computer graphics that we enjoy today. But how did graphics progress this far? And where are computer graphics taking us? To enter the world of computer graphics and to discover just how important this field is and how many opportunities lie there, obtaining an Associate's Degree in computer graphics is your first step. Start your computer graphic or Associate's degree in graphic design education today from an accredited school near you or choose any of the online schools available.

computer graphic schools Obtaining a degree in computer graphics is like receiving a sort of skeleton key that can open a surprising number of doors. Once you have this key in your hand, you'll discover that there exists an incredible array of careers that crave a talented, educated mind like yours. Many people first think of films when they hear about computer graphics. Every year, grounding-breaking films are produced that contain incredible computer graphics that create lasting impressions in our minds. While this particular career is an invigorating and appetizing option for many people, don't let it overshadow the dozens of other potential careers available to anyone with a degree in computer graphics.

Graphic Design Career Possibilities


Instead of limiting yourself the silver screen, consider some of the broader possibilities a degree in computer design will open up for you. All videogames, whether for a console or a computer require individuals savvy enough with computer graphics software. Scientific and medical research has an increasingly dependent relationship on computer graphics and models for understanding the complex systems of the areas they study. A growing number of industries like to take advantage of computer graphics expert can provide, namely visually representing, modeling, and recording the industry-specific operations. Think about automotive design, product development, and all kinds of other design needs in any industry, and you'll see how the need for computer graphics pros is growing. And when you think about it, even virtual reality developments and theme parks rely on sophisticated computer graphics to make their experiences more surreal, enjoyable, and memorable.

To simply say that you want to work in the field of computer graphics is like saying you want to be a chef. There are many different kinds of chefs with many different areas of expertise; and so it is with computer design as well. The more experienced and educated you are, the more specific your range of skills will become. Since almost everything we do or produce originates with a computer, your design skills will be necessary for print materials, internet content, books, magazines, newspapers, marketing materials, television productions, and so much more. From making smaller designs such as what style and size of font to use to making more significant decisions like how to make sure that your designs are maximizing their effect on the target consumer audience are all elements that a computer graphics designer takes into consideration.

So once you enroll to obtain your computer graphics technology degree, you'll be inundated with the skills necessary for finding one of these successful, exciting careers. You'll add to that essential range of knowledge and experience that helps you master the latest computer software technology. We might look back at the original world of DOS and computer graphics and laugh; but it's nice to know that we can look toward the future and smile, knowing that obtaining that degree is the skeleton key to unlocking a host of opportunity. So many industries rely on individuals who are talented with computer graphics, and so many opportunities wait for the right person to take advantage of them. Don't get left behind and start your computer graphics artists education today!


Computer Graphic Design Associate Degree Program Length

Making the jump from enrolling in a trade program to a college where you’ll earn an Associate’s Degree after you graduate is a big move. Associate degree programs are designed to be completed in around 2 years which is made up of 60 credit hours. Most classes are 3 credit hours in length. The majority of your programs will focus on computer graphics or core courses but you’ll still need to satisfy the general education requirements for the degree.

Your core programs will be made up of courses designed to get you fully trained as a computer graphic designer. You’ll take courses in art as well as software courses such as those in Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic design programs.

Top 7 Careers After Graduation

One of the great things about obtaining your Associate’s degree in computer graphics is it opens up many doors for employment. By receiving your degree you gain more education on specific topics that in itself could provide enough training for you to land a job. Below are the Top 7 areas most graduates find work.

Internet Designer – As an internet designer you’ll be responsible for making online ads and even create computer graphics for websites. It is not limited to design as many who work in this career also do marketing tasks that are related to internet marketing.

Website Design – Since your training will cover website design and maintenance often this is the first job you’ll receive as a website designer for a company. Almost every company needs a website and your job could be do design one or update a current one to today’s standards.

Publications – Most publications these days are online so the articles and pictures published will need to be web ready in order to distribute online. As a team member you’ll work on editing pictures as well as formatting pages to be used online.

Multimedia – If video is something that interests you then in a multi-media career you’ll be responsible for the creation and even marketing of all the video for your company. Many that are in multimedia have earned their degree in computer animation. Some companies distribute content via video where other companies simply use video as a form of advertising for their products or services.

Marketing – A more general career is something in marketing. Marketing these days is almost all digital so you’ll need to have the knowledge of both traditional media as well as digital. Having your Associates degree in computer graphics will help make your resume stand out from the others who perhaps just have a marketing degree. The ability to actually do the work is more important than just knowing the theory behind what you are doing.

Computer Programmer – Although if you want to be a computer programmer you will need additional training but several of the computer graphics schools listed also teach courses for your AA degree in computer programming. Knowing programming and computer graphics is a great combo to possess.

Consultant – Being a computer graphic consultant means a company simply outsources their graphic projects directly to you. You most often work out of your home or your own office and handle multiple clients at once.


Find computer graphic design schools above to begin your journey.

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