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Some people are amazing in real life. Some people are even more amazing on the stage or in front of a camera. And still others seem like they are always in front of a camera or playing out their life on a stage. Their voice, mannerisms, and perspective have that dramatic, captivating air that says "actor" everywhere they go. Are you one of these people? Do you feel at home in front of an audience when others would cower behind the curtain? Do you enjoy memorizing lines or adlibbing scenes? Do you look forward to acting silly, dramatic, angry, or over-expressive? And are you willing to take direction and stand up to criticism? If so, then you just might have what it takes to pursue one of the most unique, rewarding, and inspiring positions in our modern society and become an actor or actress. Pursuing your Associate's Degree in acting can open up many curtains that might otherwise be closed

acting schools "To be or not to be an actor?" Many would-be actors back away from the spotlight when they consider the career options and potential challenges such a route might give them. What many actors do not recognize, however, is that an Associate's Degree in actor is the first step to center stage, helping them unlock the potential that they have inside. Like all artists, the actor's craft but be practiced and honed but this improvement doesn't happen alone in front of the bathroom mirror. Trained actors have the ability to control the heartstrings of an entire auditorium and captivate audiences of hundreds and of thousands. They can make audiences laugh riotously or sob pathetically at will. And above all, they communicate the passions of the human condition, both entertaining and teaching simultaneously. So what is holding you back from developing this power you possess? Begin unlocking your potential today.

Traditionally, when we think of acting, we think of theater. This is, after all, acting's origin. And we can't deny there's something still magical about a live performance. In fact, all kinds of theaters spring up in metropolitan areas, and they feature productions as diverse as Shakespeare, contemporary drama, and children's theater. And when acting talents are coupled with other performance skills such as singing, dancing, or instruments the possibilities extend even further.

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Of course, the other major arena that comes to mind when we think of acting is film. And why shouldn't it? Some of the richest and most famous individuals are movie stars. While this type of acting greatly differs from live performance, the principle of becoming a character and embodying an idea is still the same. While many actors don't achieve that celebrity status, plenty of opportunities and auditions lurk at America's movie studios. In fact, aside from India, America has one of the world's largest cinema industries. Many students interested in acting end up earning an art and design degree that specializes in acting or film.

Silver screen actors, however, are in even higher demand. As the number of networks and channels increases, so does the need for actors to fill those timeslots. Americans consume more television than any other country in the world, and our near-insatiable appetite for entertainment means ever-increasing opportunities for television actors. If not on a TV show, then maybe you'll make your mark as an actor for commercials. Today's digital era also means that not only are actors needed for film or TV, but also for internet content, marketing tools, and even voice overs for cartoons or informational readings. Finally, you can take your innate ability to be comfortable in a stage and transfer it to others when you become an acting coach or instructor.

So there is much more to acting than pretending like you think your girlfriend or boyfriend actually looks good in that particular outfit they're trying on. Acting is an art, and it requires professional, educate artists to fill the ranks. When you earn your Associate's Degree in acting, you'll be taking your natural gifts and honing them into performance-ready material.


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