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If you are pursuing a degree related to art and design, there are many different areas that this field could pertain to. For instance, you could choose to focus on painting, photography, graphic design, architecture, sculpture, or illustration. Typically, accredited learning institutions offer their students a Bachelor of Science degree, a bachelor of fine arts degree, and a Bachelor of Arts degree, as well as an associate degree and professional diploma programs. Find an accredited art and design degree programs below to get started on your education.

Online Art & Design Degrees

Should you choose to pursue your art and design degree from a college that belongs to the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, you will have a well-rounded college degree that contains many liberal arts courses as well as courses in art and design. Some universities have partnerships with elite art schools that allow students to primarily focus on furthering their learning about a specific type of art or design. A small percentage of students who desire a degree in art and design are admitted into independent art schools. These schools are extremely selective regarding student admission; however, many of their students often attend on full scholarships. Many colleges and universities have a nice art or design department within their campus. Learn more about art and design occupations from the BLS. NRP also has a great Art & Design section on their site for students to research.


If you decide to pursue your art or design degree through this educational avenue you will likely be studying interior design, landscape architecture, studio art, interior architecture, graphic design, architecture, or photography. In addition, you could surely study an area related to design, art, or architectural history within this education plan. Perhaps the most common type of art and design program is a private program or state supported program at a college or university. This type of educational program could result in a Bachelor of Arts degree, a bachelor of fine arts degree, a Master of Arts degree, or a master of fine arts degree. While this is the most common type of art and design program, it typically only offers a degree in a more general area of art or design. Therefore, you may not have a focus in a specific field, but rather a concentration. For some occupations and employers, concentrations in certain art or design areas is acceptable, however, for others a more formal art or design degree is necessary. Once you graduate you'll want to start looking for a career but when one thinks art and design don't limit yourself your typical design jobs. Many find jobs at companies that sell design services like Home Dept (in their design department), Jo-Ann who sell fabrics and even companies that sell roller shades.

Art Design Schools

Generally speaking, university art and design programs typically include a larger amount of liberal arts courses and fewer hours of studio art courses. Conversely, independent art and design institutions usually offer students more studio art and design course work and a fewer number of hours of liberal arts courses. Overall, it is important to keep in mind what type of career you hope to obtain and let this somewhat drive the type of learning institution you decide to attend. If you are intending to pursue a career as a graphic designer, most employers require a bachelor of fine arts degree that is focused on graphic design.

Due to the technological surge in our society in recent years, some accredited online art schools even offer an online curriculum that will ultimately lead to a degree related to art or design. These degree programs typically involve computer based work that utilizes certain computer design software. If a traditional type drawing is required within this type of program, students can usually scan their drawing and turn it in via email. Therefore, online degree programs can generally be completed without a student being required to visit a campus.


How to Find the Best School for Art & Design?

1. Location: Find a school close to your home or choose an online school.

2. Low Tuition: Research tuition costs as prices can range from $5500 to over $30,000 depending on your degree.

3. Accrediation: Don't enroll in any college that isn't fully accredited..

4. Financial Aid/Scholarships: If the school is accredited then they might offer Federal Financial Aid to assist you with paying for the program.



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