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It's amazing to consider how many of our daily essentials and our entertainment devices depend on small engines. We heavily rely on these complicated engines, but when they don't work this can cause major problems in our lives. Whether we're looking to simply maintain the beauty of our yards or entertain friends with exciting watersports, small engines dominate the success of these activities. But where repairs and maintenance are needed, the average person stands virtually powerless to make the adjustments needed to bring the machine back into full operation. Anyone who has a small engine repair degree will step onto the scene not only as a repairman, but as a hero. Find a small engine repair school today!

Small Engine Repair Programs

Small engine mechanics specialize in servicing small power equipment, including chainsaws, lawnmowers, and hedge trimmers, up to motorboats and motorcycles. These motor systems are far less complex than engines of cars, trains, or airplanes; however, they still feature their own degree of sophistication and require a skillful hand to diagnose and repair problems. Those with a degree in small engine repair have knowledge that includes the breadth of the small engine field, but frequently mechanics will develop a specialization with one type of small engine and develop their career there.

small engine repair school One of the more exciting career opportunities for small engine repairs is with motorcycles. If you already enjoy bikes and have a passion for tweaking or repair the performance of these engines, then enhancing your knowledge in this field with a small engine degree will set you up for success. Whether you open your own motorcycle repair shop or get hired in another employer's shop, you will have the opportunity to use a variety of instruments to increase the capability of customers' machines. Although hand tools are your best friends, motorcycle repair technology has also developed to include sophisticated computerized equipment that will enormously aid you in diagnosing problems and preparing the perfect solutions.

Beyond motorcycles, all kinds of water activities depend on small motors too. Boats themselves, like motorcycles, have small but sophisticated motors that require knowledgeable hands to ensure they are running efficiently. Jet skis, likewise, are other water-related small engines that depend on skilled individuals to keep them operating effectively on the water. Repairs with these motors are common since they experience seasons of heavy usage that are followed by seasons of complete disuse.

Having your hands directly on the machines is not the only career available to you with a small engine degree. You also can hold a job at a motor vehicle and parts dealer your intimate knowledge of small engines is essential here as people will be asking for your recommendations and depending on your experience. Retail stores also depend on your abilities since customers will need to know which kind of equipment is right for their needs, and when that equipment requires repair you will be on hand to service it. Lawn and gardening equipment, in particular, are what the average consumers will require your expertise on. Repair and maintenance shops are a small percentage of the job market, but are very popular in certain areas especially areas where marine or motorcycle activities are more common. Wholesale distributors, equipment leasing companies, and even landscapers all also benefit from your degree and experience.

Although these engines are called "small," there is nothing small about the problems these types of engines can experience, and there is definitely nothing small about how much of a hero you will be to individuals who rely on your expertise. An exciting array of job fields await your trained and experienced hands. Request information and enroll in a small engine repair school today!


Small Engine Repair Career Training


Do you like working on small engines such as those in lawnmowers, weed eaters, rototillers and even small dirt bikes? If so then get the training you need in small engine repair. Small engines are everywhere and have you ever wondered who repairs them? Large retail stores like Home Depot and Walmart sell millions of products each year with small engines yet they don’t do any repairs if something breaks. This is where a small engine mechanic comes into play.

As a mechanic you’ll focus strictly on small engine repair. Small engines are extremely durable which is why companies like Briggs & Stratton are one of the leaders in the production of such motors. They are used typically to run small machinery and are usually 2 or 4 stroke engines producing very efficient power that could just be a few horsepower.

What You’ll Learn


Maintenance – You’ll learn how to properly maintain small engines which could include oil changes, removal and replacing of spark plugs, lubrication, seals and more. This is typical and most maintenance comes before the season in which they are using the motor.


Overhaul – Some small engines need overhauling. These engines are easy to work on and most don’t require large machinery or tools due to their size.

Engine Repairs – Some clients you work with need simple repairs. This could include a simple broken cable, small part replacement or as mentioned a new seal or tune-up.


Small Engine Career Choices


Shop Owner: After you receive your training you might want to consider opening up your own shop. This could be something you do at your home or garage as the products you’ll be working on typically don’t take up much room. Owning your own shop can be challenging yet rewarding since you control who you work with and what types of small engines you specialize in.

Retail Repair: Some businesses have their own maintenance shops where they hire small engine repair technicians full-time.

Sales: Big box stores and even small mom and pop stores that sell products with small engines need salesmen. Your knowledge of small engines will be a big benefit when you apply for the job. Even larger manufactures like John Deere need salespeople that are familiar with small engines for their lawnmowers and weed eaters.


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