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Ohio HVAC Schools

Are you looking for the best HVAC schools in Ohio? There are many training centers and universities can help improve your skills for sure. However, you have to understand what HVAC stands for before you select where you want to obtain your training.

This acronym stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This particular industry has to do mostly with various systems, machinery, and technological advances that are utilized indoors. Experts in this field usually are responsible for regulating as well as improving the quality of life of home and business owners as well as those who take public transportation regularly.


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The HVAC personnel are the ones usually hired to do maintenance work for any kind of machinery that may be connected to the whole industry. Therefore, if you want to be a member of this particular workforce in society, HVAC courses definitely will provide you with the knowledge that you would need to thrive in this particular learning and work environment.

The North American Technician Excellence Organization
This particular group offers certification for anyone who would be willing to undergo an HVAC training program. In these particular types of programs, students will be able to learn more about the meaning of the industry and how it can be applied throughout the country as a whole.

If you are from Ohio, there are about 28 different training facilities that would be available to provide you with the necessary training and eventual certification that you would need to find a job related to the HVAC industry.

Various Equipment Types
By learning various HVAC courses, you will be able to also focus on related topics and subjects that will be able to further hone your skills in repair and technological improvement down the line. Below are some of the equipment that you could learn to handle down the line.
• Air Distribution
• Hydronic Gas and Oil
• Gas Furnaces
• Heat Pumps

By learning how to maintain operate these types of machinery, you will be able to make the Ohio community’s quality of life even better than it was before. This is why you should definitely explore HVAC courses as follows:

Possible HVAC Courses
• Electrical Design
• Plumbing
• Process Piping
• Electrical Building Services

Through these additional courses, you will be able to learn more about technical maintenance not only for your own home but also as a professional job. As mentioned earlier, there are many schools in Ohio that could provide you with the proper training and certification. Here are a few of them as follows:

• Basic Electrical Procedures
In this particular area, you will discuss the various electrical procedures that maintenance personnel often encounter. You will learn how to handle situations pertaining to circuit issues and wiring problems inside and around the building.
• Fundamental Concepts Involving Electricity
You will also learn about the concept of electricity and other elements related to it. What makes electricity work? How can we produce electricity manually?
Various Phases Of Circuitry And Devices
In this particular course, you will learn about the different types of circuitry and electrical devices that you may encounter along the way. As a result, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the special types of circuits that could work as a solution to an electrical problem down the line.
This subject deals with the process and concept of refrigeration as part of a larger industry.
• Troubleshooting And Maintenance
In this particular section, you will learn more about how to actually troubleshoot problems involving different types of machinery and circuitry will down the line.
Service and Repair of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment
In connection with troubleshooting and maintenance, you will be able to repair your own equipment w at home or within the company itself.
• Installation Of Heating Systems Of Various Designs
You will also learn more about the installation and maintenance of heating systems for companies as well as residential buildings within this two-year course.

Possible HVAC Career Options
Upon finishing this particular course, you will be able to work full time as a professional repair technician in the Ohio State. Here are some additional career opportunities that you can have once you are able to take any kind of HVAC course.

• Equipment installer and technician
• Metal worker
• Electrical inspector
• Clerk

Aside from those mentioned, you will be able to work in car shops and restaurants as a service technician. You will be able to eventually build your own business or even freelance if you would like. As long as you would work with heavy machinery and technology, the HVAC course would definitely work out for you.

Additional Points to be Learned
As with the previous institute, students will be able to learn more about commercial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning as well as heating systems. Aside from this, students will learn more about the following at the Atech campus.
• Accident prevention
• First aid
• Fundamentals of the air conditioning system
• Safety rules and regulations

Aside from those mentioned, students will also learn about the different types of air conditioning units that could be encountered within the industry itself. They will learn how to operate and maintain these air conditioning units so much so that they will be able to provide troubleshooting services for residential and commercial establishments around Ohio without difficulty.

Faculty and Staff
At Atech students will be able to work with professional instructors and teachers that could give you the proper training that you would need to be of help to others down the line. These instructors also have proper certification to ensure the safety and credibility of the establishment as well. This means that you will be able to work in a protective environment with the best in their field if you ever enroll in this particular training institute.

Educational Environment
You will be able to experience how it is to work with actual machinery in this particular institution. This way, you will have firsthand experience regarding what is being taught. A certified electrician will supervise students, so they do not have to worry about their own safety while undergoing training. Additionally, you will be working with fellow trainees that will be able to support you all the way until you graduate. It will truly be the best educational experience that you can have whether you are of a certain age or if you would like to start young.

Flexibility of Schedule
Depending on the student’s availability, he or she will be able to take classes and possibly work at the same time. This holds especially true for adult students who would like to enhance their abilities by taking the various HVAC courses being offered. This is why you should enroll in this particular institute as soon as you can. It will not only be a great experience, it will also help others live better lives along the way.

If you would like to learn more about these courses and how to get enrolled in the center, do not hesitate to visit the website as soon as you can. Hopefully, they will be able to provide you with more information and assistance and along the way. With these particular statements about the two learning institutions, HVAC courses will be the best option for those men and women who would like to enhance their skills even further in this particular field.

If you are looking to start your own business, or possibly someone who is wanting to work for any electrical company in the state of Ohio, these institutions will definitely be a great way for you to establish yourself as quickly as possible.
It will serve to enhance not only your electrical skills but also your personality and physical attributes as well. Go ahead and contact HVAC training centers in Ohio right now.


Top HVAC Schools in Ohio

Bellingham Technical College
At BTC you can earn your Associate of Applied Science Degree in HVAC. The school has a 97% graduate placement rate with a starting annual salary of those graduates of $42,016. The program is 131 credits. Their campus is located at 3028 Linddbergh Avenue Bellingham, WA 9225.

Butler Tech
Butler Tech is the only technical school in the area that teaches an HVAC program that includes both business and home training. This allows you to learn both so it will help you in your career search after graduation if you choose a residential or commercial career path. Butler Tech currently offers their HVAC program in a day or evening class. They offer a full-time program of 648 hours and have one of the lowest tuition costs for an HVAC/R program in Ohio. Their campus is located at 3603 Hamilton-Middleton Road Fairfield Township, OH 45011.

Columbus State Community College
The Associate degree in HVAC offered at Columbus State Community College will teach you everything you need to know in order to work in the HVAC industry including owning your own business. The school offers a low-cost program in the region that is fully accredited. CSCC has 2 campus locations at: 550 East Spring St. Columbus, OH 43215 and at 5100 Cornerstone Dr Delaware, OH 43015.

Eastland Fairfield Career & Technical Schools
If you are looking for a full-time HVAC program in Lancaster, Ohio they check out this program. They offer certifications in EPA, High Pressure Refrigeration, NATE certifications, OSHA and National Career Readiness – ACT. The program is 900 hours in length and financial aid can be available to those who qualify. Their Eastland address is 4465 South Hamilton Road Groveport, Ohio 43212 and Fairfield center is 3985 Coon path Road NW Carroll, OH 43112.


What HVAC Employers are Looking for

Before you start your HVAC/R training you need to first understand what employers are looking for in an employee. Just because you earn your certificate in HVAC or even a degree doesn’t guarantee you job after graduation. Yes, they hiring climate in Ohio is high in terms of available positions but the below tips will help you get the job you want when it comes time to interview.

1. Responsibility: When working for an HVAC company they are looking for someone that will be responsible. This can mean something as simple as showing up on-time or how you take care of your equipment that is being loaned to you. Companies want to hire people that will be responsible for equipment, payment information and even a company truck or van. Make sure you list all of the ways you are responsible on your resume.

2. Safety: Safety is usually the #1 things employers look for when it comes time to hire new HVAC employees. Do you have a safe driving record or a long list of traffic violations? Have you taken extra safety courses that could be added to your resume? Like being responsible having a clean and clear driving record will go a long way in showcasing how safe of an employee you’ll be.

3. The Extra Mile: As a new employee you do have a disadvantage as you don’t have a proven track record compared to someone who has been a technician for 5+ years. One area where everyone is equal however is if you are willing to go that extra mile and put in more time than another HVAC technician. Winter can be cold in Ohio, are you willing to work when others are calling in sick? Are you willing to work extra hours or on weekends or holidays? During your first year you might have to step up and do these things to prove to your employer you deserve to work for them.

4. Certifications/Technology: Having NATE certification or even EPA will help differentiate you from others. Do you have computer training on things like iPad’s or electronic devices including mobile? As the next generation of HVAC technicians are becoming more electronically advanced this could prove valuable. Make sure to list this and all other newer technology that you learned in school on your resume.