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HVAC Trade Schools in Modesto, California

Removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is the Californian city of Modesto, the 18th largest city in the state. In many ways, Modesto seems more like a small town in Middle America than a city in the most populous state in the country. However, California’s enterprise and wealth is reflected in the city’s economy, which makes it a great place to be an HVAC technician. If you are considering training as an HVAC technician or are an HVAC veteran planning a move, you should give serious thought to relocating to Modesto, California.


HVAC Technician Associations in Modesto

Life as an HVAC technician can be incredibly satisfying when you work with and for the right people. The following associations are dedicated to helping Modesto HVAC technicians find reputable employers and earn a decent living.


Air Conditioning Trade Association

If you are just starting out on your journey to become an HVAC technician, the Air Conditioning Trade Association is a resource you can’t do without. The organization is dedicated to helping non-union HVAC technicians be the best they can be, arranging classes and providing training under industry veterans. With the ACTA in your corner, you won’t have to worry about being preyed upon by malicious and manipulative employers who have no agenda other than making money for themselves.


Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries

The Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries has been supporting HVAC technicians throughout California since 1948. The IHACI is an organization for HVAC technicians by HVAC technicians, so you can be sure that those at the top will be sympathetic to your struggles. HVAC technicians of all experience and skill levels should take some time to research the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries.


HVAC Salaries

There is no set salary for HVAC technicians working out of Modesto, so it can be difficult to figure out what you’re going to earn upon making the move to the city. Usually, your salary will be influenced by your skill, your experience, and your employer. Thankfully, Modesto is a growing city and HVAC work is almost always available, so if you don’t like the offer you receive from one employer you may be able to find a better deal from another. The typical hourly rate of an HVAC technician plying their trade in Modesto is $26.55 an hour, which is a staggering 25% above the national average. Some of the city’s most experienced HVAC technicians enjoy an hourly rate of $48.30, with a few particularly skilled workers earning over $50 per hour. Given that Modesto is the 18th most populous city in the single most populous state in America, HVAC jobs aren’t hard to come by if you have the necessary skills and qualifications. Below, you will find some of the most frequently available positions for HVAC technicians in the city.


Maintenance Manager

A veteran HVAC technician relocating to Modesto may be able to score a job as a maintenance manager, which will allow them to put their years of experience to good use. In the HVAC industry, a maintenance manager is expected to keep a close eye on the HVAC systems they are assigned to. This means daily inspection, cleaning, and, should the situation call for it, repairing. In some cases, a maintenance manager may be tasked with installing HVAC systems. The average annual salary for a maintenance manager in Modesto is $86,981, with some managing to break six figures.


Refrigeration Maintenance Mechanic

If you have been working in the HVAC industry for a couple of years and are ready to enter a more specific area, you should consider pursuing a career as a refrigeration maintenance mechanic. As the job title would suggest, a refrigeration maintenance mechanic is concerned with the installation, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration systems (the ‘AC’ part of ‘HVAC’). There are some refrigeration maintenance mechanics who work for themselves, but the vast majority in Modesto are employed by specific companies and tasked with caring for their employer’s refrigeration systems exclusively. The average refrigeration mechanic operating out of Modesto earns an hourly salary of $23.69.


General Maintenance Mechanic

If you are an HVAC technician with a bit of knowledge extending beyond heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you won’t have any trouble securing a role as a general maintenance mechanic. Colleges, hospitals, and apartment buildings usually employ at least one general maintenance mechanic to watch over the various systems that are crucial to the running of the property. A lot of this will revolve around HVAC systems, but you should be prepared to handle lighting, plumbing, and similar issues should they arise. A general maintenance mechanic can expect to earn in or around $30,000 a year, though some may be able to get closer to $40,000.


HVAC Licensing in Modesto

To work as an HVAC technician in Modesto, or any city in California, you must comply with the state’s licensing requirements. To become a licensed HVAC technician in California, you must first complete the necessary licensing exam. You don’t need any prior HVAC education to take the exam, but the Contractors State License Board of California insists upon a passing grade and four years previous experience under a certified HVAC professional before a license can be granted.


Find the Best HVAC Education in Modesto

Although a formal education is not necessary to become an HVAC technician in Modesto, it is highly recommended and is oftentimes the difference between a good HVAC technician and a great one. Below you will find three of the most popular HVAC schools in the state of California.


Institute of Technology, Modesto

Program Name: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Phone Number: 209-545-3100

Address: 5601 Stoddard Rd, Modesto, California 95356



DeHart Technical School

Program Name: HVAC Course 1

Phone Number: 209-338-1016

Address: 311 Bitritto Ct, Modesto, California 95356



Brownson Technical School

Program Name: HVAC/R On Campus

Phone Number: 714-774-9443

Address: 1110 S Technology Cir Ste D, Anaheim, California 92805