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A considerable amount of work is available for the HVAC technicians in installation, service and repair of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems in commercial and residential establishments. There is a projection of employment growth rate for HVAC technicians over the next ten years, which is at 29% according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. There will be plenty of entry-level potions as HVAC/R service technicians, apprentices, installers, helpers and other related positions because of the increase in demand and the introduction of new technologies in California in the coming years. After working as a technical for a total of four years or an apprentice there is an option of working as a sole proprietor , individual contractor or be hired by a corporation only after applying to become a certified contractor which is required of any work as long as it exceeds $1000 with the inclusion of all labour and materials.

Licensure and Educational Requirements
A technician who wishes to pursue a career as a residential or commercial journeyman in HVAC is needed to have a license in the state of California. Technical programs taught in colleges and other institutes offering HVAC programs include some specific preparations for completing licensing examinations. The HVAC trade exanimation content in Clovis is comprehensive and includes five major areas including HVAC system design, HVAC system installation, HVAC system fabrication, HVAC system maintenance and safety. It also includes preparations for the business management exam that includes areas like contracts and agreements, business management, estimating and bidding, project regulations, tax laws, labour laws and employment regulations and environmental laws and regulations among many more. HVAC engineers and technicians can also pursue a bachelor’s degree and post graduate training like masters or a doctorate of philosophy, engineering , all of which integrates a great deal of methodology training and research. When it comes to employment, preference is given to those that have a higher degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or other places they might consider significant years of field experience in lieu of formal higher education. The industry continues to develop each passing day to accommodate new technologies the reason why educational opportunities for a HVAC technician are never over. It is advisable to enrol in continuing education although at this time the state of California does not mandate that requirement for now.


Salaries and Employer Expectations
A HVAC technician in Clovis California earns a median annual salary of $43, 888 as of September 2017 with a range of between $28224 to $67,635 without including bonus and benefit information and other factors. Employers upon hiring an HVAC technician will expect them to be prompt in responding to the needs of the customers, install, repair, and test and check systems and equipment for any present performance problems. Apart from that, one will be expected to document all parts, activities and equipment used together with the visits they made in a logbook and perform preventive maintenance and repair parts adhering to the schedule. There are other helpful; personal characteristics that will get you hired by potential employers; dependability, determination and a string work ethic, a sense of artisanship and pride in your work. An interest in the science behind the HVAC technology and an aptitude for mechanical hands on world will get you your dream job as an HVAC/R technician in Clovis California.

HVAC Schools in Clovis, CA
Getting to an HVAC technician professional level necessitates serious education and training. Apart from class work, HVAC needs hours of practice because it is a practical and hands-on job. The more you participate in HVAC servicing, installations or repairs the better skilled you get with every attempt. Enrolling in an HVAC school gives you the chance to learn how the machines in the HVAC industry work which requires one to take classes in math, mechanical drawing, computer electronics, thermodynamics, electronic systems and other relevant subjects. The core aim of this is to make sure you can explain how these machines or equipment work under which conditions as an HVAC technician because you can be able to handle HVAC/R systems only after knowing how they work


Institute of Technology
The institute of technology in Clovis comprehensively prepares students to service cooling and heating needs by taking them through real world training and being taught by instructors with over 15 years of experience in the industry. The HVAC programs develops trainees inside out in the techniques, theory and practices of heating and the cooling technology enabling them to gain insider knowledge of maintenance installation and troubleshooting HVAC systems. A personal toolkit is also provided for usage in the learning and later on working process. Enrolling in the field of HVAC/R technology allows one to pursue opportunities in residential and commercial cooling and heating in various roles being systems engineering, air conditioning technician, heating technician and refrigeration technician. The programs is taught for a period of 800 hours with classes held on Monday through Thursday for a total of 40 weeks costing you $18, 025.00. The Clovis campus is located northeast of Fresno in “The Gateway to the Sierras” area with the address 564 West Herndon Avenue Clovis, CA 93612.


UEI College

HVAC training programs in UEI college aim to make the learning process an in demand trade convenient by using various approaches to teach the skills of an HVAC technician that matches the real world nature of the profession itself. With the solid training offered students usually, feel confident when they pursue a satisfying and reliable job in the industry. This program is a sensible one because people on a daily basis need the indoor comfort of temperatures between extremes of hot and cold this implies that there always is a need at homes and business for an expert’s attention that is the HVAC technicians. HVAC graduates from UEI College often have long-term stability careers because of these needs including the need for proper ventilation, heating and refrigeration. At the institution, leaners are taught to service various types of systems to help them enter a trade full of diversity and variety. For more information, interested parties can contact the institute at 3602 n. Blackstone Ave, Suite 201, Fresno, CA 93726 you can also call them on (888) 768-4155.