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The bureau of labour statistics points out three significant aspects that are directly linked to potential careers in HVAC for professional installers and mechanics. One of them is that the job prospects are nationally expected to be excellent with rate of employment projected to grow much faster than the average and that employers would prefer to employ those with complete technical school training or people with a formal apprenticeship.


For those considering a career in HVAC the market conditions are favourable nationally with a growing number of retirements of highly skilled technicians, a move that is expected to generate more new job openings for the aspiring candidates of such positions. Reports from contractors indicate that there is some difficulty in finding enough employees that will meet the demand for installation and service of HVAC systems and equipment. Technology advancements have increased the demand for HVAC professional services to control the humidity, temperature and total air quality in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. HVAC technicians and mechanics usually work in home, retail and establishment settings including anywhere else that there is need for a climate control equipment to be serviced, repaired or installed.

As per statistics of September 6th 2017 the median annual salary of an HVAC technician in Glendale is $42, 907 with a usual range of $36, 850 to $50, 392 without the inclusion of benefit and bonus information and any other aspects affecting base pay. An HVAC technician’s salary varies depending on the company size, the industry, and level of experience, the location and most significantly their levels of education. Employees prefer hiring HVAC technicians who have received formal education and who own certificates after training and chances are that those meeting these requirements might be employed over those who merely have apprenticeship training.

HVAC Educational and Training Requirements
To become a professional certified HVAC technician in the state of Arizona is a involves many steps, firstly you either have to begin a comprehensive apprenticeship or enrol in a technician program in either of the nine HVAC state colleges that provide specific trade programs in the field. Technical training programs taught in these colleges earn the graduates associate degrees or a certification usually taking a period of between six months to two years to complete. A technician can alternatively complete a full apprenticeship that is offered online and all classroom instructions are delivered as well as job training, this option however will take you a longer time to complete the studies, between there top five years depending on the degree certificate you had initially obtained.

Arizona Automotive Institute
Students taking the HVAC program in Arizona Automotive Institute get opportunities to be train by instructors who have had the real world experience in the industry and therefore get free access to knowledge, certification and skills needed by employers. Additionally there is the option of earning your EPA certificate that will allow you to work with refrigerants in commercial and residential settings. The institute is conveniently located at the intersection of Glendale Avenue and North 46th Avenue a few miles west of Interstate 17, ten miles from Phoenix. There address is 6829 N.46TH AVE. GLENDALE, AZ 85301. The Arizona job market being on the rise has resulted to students seeking trade school colleges to get their diploma in a short period of time and gain access to the growing career forces as fast they can. Arizona automotive institute is one of the best choices for students because once you have graduated from the college, the probability of serving occupations that are in high demand is very high. You can use your diploma in HVAC/R and basic refrigeration to participate in a workforce that will enable you to advance your career quickly because of the quickly advancing economy and the demand for HVAC services. Arizona institute, Glendale campus features extensive lab facilities and classrooms designed for increasing the learning experience of students, the tech programs allows leaners to have hands on experience from industry-experienced instructors in settings intended to stimulate real world employment environments.

The Refrigeration School

People can join at the Refrigeration School as fresh high school graduates or if they wish to change careers. To become a certified HVAC technician you need to have the required levels of education before earning your diploma in HVAC/R and have a good heating and cooling program from an attributed school. The school provides in depth programs and courses that train the students in all aspects of climate control notwithstanding of whether the system is commercial or residential offering real world hands-on training to get them ready for the challenges and any other issues they might encounter in the field when they are working. It is an exclusive school that provides programs that are comprehensive and include course in current AC technologies, a well inclusive education and a practical experience. It also has a career development department to help students in their future endeavours by connecting them with potential employers after graduation. The refrigeration school in Glendale Arizona can be contacted at 888-943-4822 or on the local phone 602-344-9600 with the following address 4210 East Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85034.

UEI College
UEI College offers career training that takes a short time to finish and enable students to venture in the world of business after gaining the experience they need to pursue entry-level employment in the field of HVAC. They can get a chance to have a hands-on working experience and lab stimulations that will give them a better understanding of the working experience they will be in upon being employed. Students upon enrolling to UEI college ca expect to receive a daily support from a committed faculty, day and evening classes, job placement assistance and financial aid for the ones who qualify and many more things. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools accredits the college. The college is located in sunny North Phoenix at Black Coast Canyon you can call them at 877-463-4472.