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HVAC Schools in Foley, Alabama

Located in Alabama, the city of Foley is in Baldwin County. The city has an estimated population of 17,607. The career of an HVAC Technician is one that many people are interested in. The main goal of the HVAC technician is to install, repair and maintain the heating and air-conditioning equipment at businesses and residential homes. This is an excellent career to consider as the outlook for this career throughout the United States is expected to grow faster than average when compared to other locations. For those who are reside in or near Foley, AL, they are going to find that their schooling and finding placement in this career is very possible.

Colleges for HVAC Technician’s in Foley, AL
While there are several colleges in the vicinity of Foley, AL, the first and foremost, is Fortis College.

Fortis College
Fortis College calls Foley, AL home. Their contact information: 200 East Laurel Avenue. 251-970-1460 or 1-855-4-FORTIS. Or you can go to their website at and request info via their admissions tab. The HVAC Training program is going to train the individual in computerized diagnostics, complete classes to help them with common problems, along with perform lab work that will give them hands on learning opportunities. This will allow a person to enter into the workforce faster than if they were to go the traditional four-year school route. The school also offers many of their programs at night and evening for those working individuals looking for a career change. Fortis College is accredited by several agencies including: ACHES, ACCSC, ACICS, ACCET, COE. There are several colleges that many Foley student attend that are nearby. However, for those seeking HVAC employment, Fortis is the choice most choose since it is in the city center.

Salary for an HVAC Technician
The salary for an HVAC Technician in Foley, AL is going to depend upon several factors. However, the average income for these professionals is $35,956 per year. There are those who earn more and less depending upon several factors. These factors include:
- Which company the person works for
- If they are an independent HVAC technician
- The years of experience they have in the field
- The type of work they are doing whether this be for businesses or residential clients

Throughout the United States, HVAC technicians get paid anywhere from $30,17 to $72,876 per year. Thus, those who are employed in Foley, AL are not on the bottom spectrum on the pay, nor are they the highest.

Getting Hired in an HVAC Career
For those who get their diploma and are ready to land a job as an HVAC Technician, they are going to find that there are several options in the Foley, AL area. There are several requirements that may be needed, depending upon where the person becomes employed. For example:
- 3+ years of experience is required for many jobs that are looking for main HVAC Technicians for businesses
- Knowledge of general electrical practices is almost always required
- Ability to work under time constraints
- Must be physically fit to handle a job that will require walking or standing for long periods of time, climbing, stooping, kneeling, crawling and crouching in small spaces

Training required once again depends upon the job that the person is looking for. Many starting positions are going to require a High School Diploma. However, others are looking for those who have a Diploma in HVAC. Many recent graduates find it best to work under someone for at least one year with more on the job training, as this can make them look better in the eyes of employers. There are a few employers who are currently looking for an HVAC Technician in the area. And many others. These two companies have current listings on job websites looking to hire a trained and professional HVAC Technician.

HVAC Associations to Consider
For those who are in a trade career such as HVAC Technician’s, they often find that there are several associations in which they can join. Joining these types of associations can have an impact on getting a job. Many of these associations will lend help in finding a career, and they also look great on your resume. While there are no distinctive associations located in Foley, AL, there is the international organization called American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers that many professionals belong to. Other associations that a professional could consider include:
- Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)
- United Association (UA)

Licensing Requirements
In the state of Florida, licensing is going to depend upon what you are going to do in your career. For those who are HVAC technicians or mechanical positions only do not have deal with state certification. Those who specifically HVAC contractors will require a certified license from the state of Florida. In order to determine if you will need this license, you will need to go to your local courthouse. This license does require taking an exam that must be completed in person.

Local Foley Alabama News About HVAC Technicians
There are several news stories surrounding the HVAC industry in the Foley, AL area. A local business, 5 Star Air Conditioning was recognized as a Veteran Owned Business by the States of Alabama as a part of the program that is meant to recognize Veteran owned businesses in the state. Read more: