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Dothan is one of the most important cities to Alabama’s economy and culture. Located in the southeastern corner of the state and only a couple of miles removed from Florida, it blends the family values and rich tradition of typical southern states with the commerce and social activity of its neighboring notorious party state. The population of Dothan is in a state of perpetual growth, as is its economy. According to the 2010 census, the city has 65,496 permanent residents and attracts several hundred thousand tourists every year, which provides a sizeable and dependable boost to the city’s businesses.

Dothan boasts the lowest cost of living of any city in the United States of America, which at least partially explains why so many people have chosen to relocate themselves, their families, and their businesses to its streets. If you’re planning a move to Dothan for whatever reason and need to switch up your profession, perhaps you should consider supporting your new life in the city through a career as an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician.

HVAC Technician Associations in Dothan

Whether you have worked as an HVAC technician in the past or are simply considering it as a possible career move upon beginning your new life in Dothan, you should take some time to investigate the various associations for HVAC technicians the city has to offer. Below, you will find some of the most popular HVAC technician associations in the city of Dothan.

United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union No. 52:
The United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union No. 52 seeks to bring together tradespeople across Alabama and is a valuable resource for any aspiring HVAC technician who wants to make sure they receive the best treatment from employers upon relocating to Dothan. The association boasts more than 500 members, all of whom are dedicated to making life easier for Alabama’s tradespeople, their employers, and, of course, their customers.


Air Conditioning Contractors of America:
The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is a nationwide association dedicated to connecting the most determined and skilled American HVAC technicians with one another. The association currently boasts over 60,000 professionals and also has relationships with several thousand employers who source contractors directly through the organization. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America asks you to pay a $39 monthly membership fee to access full benefits, but that is nothing when weighed up against the employment opportunities promised by joining the group.


HVAC Salaries

Obviously, there is no set salary for an HVAC technician in the United States of America. An HVAC technician working in a perpetually busy area such as Manhattan will, of course, earn a serious amount of cash every year, while a counterpart working in a small town in Middle America will earn significantly less and may have to travel from town to town and city to city in order to stay profitable. HVAC technicians operating out of Dothan, Alabama are generally fairly comfortable financially, but your salary will ultimately depend on your position and your employer. The average hourly rate of an HVAC technician plying their trade in Dothan, Alabama is $17.26 per hour, which comes in at a total annual salary of approximately $66,650. This final figure is 9% above the national average. The most experienced and respected HVAC technicians in Dothan have reported earning a staggering $33.20 per hour, which gives all novice HVAC technicians in the city something to work towards and the guarantee of a higher salary when jobs are completed successfully.


HVAC Careers in Dothan, AL
Because Dothan, Alabama is constantly growing, there are a multitude of jobs available for HVAC technicians. Among some of the most in-demand roles in the city right now are:


HVAC Mechanic I:
A novice HVAC mechanic will typically work under a more experienced professional, which is crucial when it comes to learning the trade and proving one’s worth. If you find yourself working as an HVAC mechanic I, you should pay careful attention to everything you are taught so you can begin the climb up the ladder and push towards six figures a year. The typical median salary for an HVAC mechanic I in Dothan is $38,231 before bonuses and benefits are factored in.


HVAC Maintenance Technician:
As the job titled would success, the primary role of a maintenance technician is to frequently survey buildings, examining ventilation and refrigeration systems to ensure everything is running smoothly. A maintenance technician is expected to carry out repairs when necessary and may be enlisted to install new systems. The average salary of a maintenance technician operating out of Dothan is $31,950 per year, which comes in at 22% below the national average.


HVAC Field Service Technician:
A field service technician is primarily concerned with the development and installation of heating and ventilation systems, so you should be prepared to spend a lot of time on worksites when applying for such a job. You will also be expected to be able to identify and rectify potential problems and design flaws. A field service technician operating out of Dothan can expect to earn an average annual salary of $58,000.


HVAC Licensing in Dothan
Alabama state law requires all aspiring HVAC technicians to obtain licensing before they can begin earning money through their trade. You can become licensed by completing 3000 hours of coursework or work experience or by graduating from an approved HVAC course.


The following colleges offer some of the most reputable HVAC courses in


Fortis College - Dothan

Program Name: Engineering Technologies and Engineering-Related Fields.
Phone number: (334) 677-2832. Address: 200 Vulcan Way, Dothan, Alabama 36303


Wallace State College - Dothan

Program Name: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering Technology. Phone Number: (334) 983-3521. Address: 1141 Wallace Dr, Dothan, Alabama 360303


Bevill State Community College

Program Name: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration . Phone Number: (205) 648 3271.
Address: 101 State St, Sumiton, Alabama 35148