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If you would like to have the opportunity to learn more about the HVAC industry in Alabama, you ought to be reading this article as soon as possible. We will give you some pointers that can help you understand what HVAC technology is all about and how you can make this particular industry work for you in the future.

Birmingham Alabama HVAC Technician Training
For one to qualify as a certified HVAC technician in Birmingham Alabama. They have be approved by the Alabama State Board of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors. A heating and air conditioning system is a heating or cooling apparatus that consists of an air heating and cooling fixtures that range from pipes, blowers or plenums that may include any accessories and equipment that is installed in connection herewith specifically excluding automotive, farm implement or window units type of heating and air conditioning equipment. Refrigeration is using absorption or mechanical equipment for controlling the temperature and humidity to satisfy the intended use of specific spaces apart from ensuring human comfort. The state of Alabama has a reciprocity agreement with the states of Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. This state to state reciprocity has an agreement that once a person is certified by either of the listed states they can obtain the license to work in Birmingham with no need of going through the same testing and licensing process for a second time.

Licensure and Educational Requirements
For one to be approved to sit for a HACR exam in Birmingham Alabama, one should submit copies of their apprenticeship certificate issued by the board for the previous two years or submit a competed and signed application EA-1 through EA-4, which also need to be authenticated. However, you will only be required to provide copies of your transcripts that show completion and gradation of the program if you have successfully graduated from an approved curriculum. For those who wold love to become professional HVAC technicians in Birmingham and do not possess an apprenticeship certificate nor graduated from an approved curriculum, they are required to provide any form of proof of a work experience of at least 3000 hours that was gained under the supervision of a licenced HACR professional. You will provide a tax form W-2 and an affirmation of the employers or officer of the employing company as proof of experience that you have worked for at least 2 years within the past five years.

The acceptance of proof of experience is the decision of the board hereafter. As soon as the board makes official the HACR examination date, you are advised to do the examination on that date because if you fail or wait for over a year to take the examination then the fee for the exam that you had paid earlier on will be forfeited because it is non-refundable. The HVAC licence has testing fees that ranges between $150 to $350 and it will cost someone almost $165 to get a new license and the same amount of fees to renew the license annually. You will be needed to pay an additional $82.50 for each year if you want to keep an inactive license and the general contractor’s license has an application and license fee of $300 and an annual renewal fee of $200.

Fortis College
The heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC training program at Fortis College prepares students for entry-level employment as an HVAC technician, mechanic or installer. It is comprised of training in computerised diagnostics to give students the chance to service and repair the complex systems of the modern world for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, gas heat and heat pumps. Students that have been trained at Fortis College usually will use the skills they acquired from the instructors to manage and trouble shoot ventilation systems, which is critical in maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in any type of building ranging from commercial to industrial to residential. Though these programs students will also learn to apply theory and principles they acquired in class and lab settings to gain that ability of developing, selecting, operating and testing a wide variety of heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment. Once students complete the HVAC training program, the graduates will be ready for the entry-level employment as HVAC technicians. Its physical address is 7033 Airport Blvd, Mobile , AL and their contact number +1 252-344-1203.

Virginia College
Virginia college offers the HVAC training program for a period of as little as 48 weeks for those with and without prior training in this field, they will be given the technical training they require to pursue an entry level position that will permit them to safely install, troubleshoot and repair any HVAC/R equipment. Programs offered in HVAC consist of a combination of lectures, group discussion forums and labs where students get first hand experience in real world settings tin preparing for becoming future professionals. Among their skills that students learn in their HVAC/R classes are how to install HVAC/R systems, design, fabricate and install ductwork, how to analyse and repair HVAC/R problems and how to service and repair commercial refrigeration equipment. Upon completion of a HVAC/R in Virginia college the career development department helps students to search for a job in that field in various places like retail stores, office buildings, factories and residential buildings. Virginia college address is 488 Palisades Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35209 and the phone number is + 205-802-1200.

Salary and employer expectations

The average earning potential for a HVAC technician in Birmingham, Alabama is a median annual salary of $41,088 as of September 6th 2017 with a range of between $35,288 and $48, 256. Employers will look for the following in a HVAC/R technician first before considering any employment:

Education-employers will first expect you to show them your formal credentials in the form of a certificate, diploma or degree in HVAC. Skills in troubleshooting to determine how the customer’s problems should be solved after troubleshooting the equipment. Employers look for HVAC technicians with good indulgence, building plans, knowledge in working with pipes and wires, knowledge of power tools and have a good understanding of science and math. Time management skills- you should have the ability of effective schedule management and maintaining an organised pattern. Customer service skills- technicians mostly work directly with their clients at their homes or places of work. It important to have excellent people skills to interact with the property owners and property managers.

Mechanical skills acquired in training schools, a professional HVAC/R technician should therefore, be comfortable enough with working with mechanical systems. Physical strength to enable you to lift equipment, objects, and heavy parts at the workplace whenever necessary. Detail oriented nature for taking notes and maintain accurate records and every visit they make to customers, the tasks that were accomplished and the equipment used to perform the job.