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Electrician Schools in Texas

We are happy to that you are considering getting your Texas electrician license. On this page you’ll find a lot of information regarding not only what it takes to get your license but also exam information, salary info in Texas as well as how to find a good school to receive your training. As you probably already realize you do need to have a license in the state of Texas to conduct electrical work.

Electrician Schools

If you read anything else online we are the first to tell you that you can’t become licensed in a few months or by taking an online class. A real electrician program will take approx. 9-12 months to complete but some are up to 2 years. Texas is real serious about how they license their electricians. Electricians are one of those careers that industries like housing depend on it and it is something that typically most people just can’t do, nor want to do.

Levels of Electricians in Texas

Master Electrician – This is the top level of licensing you can receive in Texas. You need 12,000 total working hours of on-site training under the direct supervision of a master electrician. This usually take a great deal of time to clock that many hours and most do 2000 hours per year.

Journeyman – For a Journeyman license you are required to have 8000 hours. Most electricians are journeyman and they never receive their Master Electricians license. For this license you are basically training under a licensed electrician and learning all that you can. This level usually takes up to 4 years (2000 hours per year).

If you want to open up and own your own business by earning your electrical contractor license you must meet certain financial responsibilities including workers comp and insurance coverages. Insurance must be able to cover $300,000 in property and bodily injury.


Texas Electrician License Exam

You need a passing rate of 75% to pass the state exam. This percentage is similar to other states who also have a 70-75% pass rate.

The exam is 100 questions and you have up to 4 hours to complete it. The test is all multiple choice and open book.

The current Earn fee is $78.


Electrical Training Schools in Texas

We can’t stress enough that if you are serious about receiving your electrical license in Texas you have to pick a good school. Although some vocational schools claim to have programs under $1000 you’ll only receive a very small percentage of what you actually need in order to pass the Texas licensing exam. Most schools will range from $7000 to $18,000.

Be sure the school is accredited and that they tell you you’ll be able to sit for the state exam and that you aren’t just taking an entry level program.

During our training you’ll learn about electrical codes, safety, compliance as well as have hands-on labs actually working with wiring.


Texas Electrician Facts

Texas has reciprocity from Louisiana if you are a master electrician but for a journeyman they have reciprocity with: Arkansas, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. If you are coming in from another state you’ll need to have 12K hours to receive your master’s electrician’s license.

You need a total of 4 CEU credits each year to keep your license. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will notify you when your CE’s are due.

Were you in the military or even currently serving on active duty or a military veteran? If so then you can use some of your training hours that will count toward your total hours needed. One year of military experience will equal 2000 hours which is great as being in the military for 4 years which is the typical time or duty length will get you 8000 hours. Also be sure to find out if any of your military education benefits can be used as many of the schools can be military friendly and allow you to use your educational benefits.


Why is Becoming an Electrician a Great Career

When looking into a rewarding career many choose to become an electrician for many reasons. Below are just a few of the top reason why this is such a great career.

Independent: If you ever have dreamed of becoming your own boss then this could be the career for you. Electricians work by themselves most of the time. You are typically given a city or region in Texas that you’ll be responsible for. You also will be responsible for growing that region and gaining clients. You’ll get support from the company you work with but overall the responsibility and the success is all yours.

Inexpensive Training: One of the great things about finding an electrical trade school in Texas is the number of schools that offered the training. Most of the schools offered programs that were under a year in length (unless you are taking a degree granting program). You can typically get all the training you need in 12 month and many offer full-time training programs that can be completed in 9 months.

Nationwide: Even though when you get done with your training you’ll want to be working in Texas your training does transfer to any other state. Once you have the proper number of hours you simply can apply to get a license in another state (assuming they don’t have additional hours you need to take).


Texas Electrician Schools

Find a good trade school or college in Texas to get your electrical training. Be sure to ask the school what type of financial aid options they offer before enrolling.

Houston Community College
HCC offers an Electrician I, II and III course. You’ll learn about circuit sizes and electrical codes. The program is also offered as bilingual courses. The school is located at 3100 Main St. Houston, TX 77002. HCC supports our veterans so check to see what additional funding and support you quality for.

Lamson Institute
After you get done with your training at Lamson Institute you’ll be able to enter the field as an electrician and do either residential or industrial maintenance. The school is accredited by ACCSC and offers real world experience for electricians including externships in your local community. Lamson Institute is located at 5819 NW Loop 410 #160 San Antonio, TX 78238.

Salaries and Job Outlook for Electricians in Texas

The salary that one can expect when you first start out should range from $35,000 to $40,000 depending on the area in Texas you live in. The median salary for a Journeyman Electrician is $45,000. A Journeyman that concentrates on low voltage makes $49,000 and commercial electrician in Texas makes $54,000. Some of the higher salaries were found in Arlington, Austin and Elk Paso however those in Dallas due to competition were 2-3% less. Some of the jobs titles most common include maintenance technician, substation electrical high voltage electrician and electrician apprentice. Overall the job outlook for electricians in Texas is expected to grow 14% over the next 8 years. Texas has over 54,000 electricians and the population is outpacing the number of technicians. This is great news for anyone just graduating high school or those looking for quick training to enter the field.


What Most Electricians in Programs in Texas Cover

Probably the biggest difference you’ll first notice when you start to research electrician certificate programs is the different type of curriculum that you’ll cover. Each school has their own way of teaching you how to become an electrician but the end goal of every program is to fully get you trained so you can ready to pass any of your exams for licensing. Some of the programs you’ll take include: residential wiring, national electrical code, motor controls and customer relationship management


Inside Information from a Trained Electrician

We recently interviewed Larry Lodgman from Odessa, Texas about his 20+ year career as an electrician. The goal of the interview was to be able to provide valuable career advice for those considering a career as an electrician.

Question: Can you tell us about yourself and why you like being an electrician
Answer: Growing up my father was an electrician so it actually was a pretty easy decision for me early on as since the age of 12 I helped my father with his business. My father never had a formal training program and really learned on the job in the Dallas area. Once I graduated high school I enrolled in a local trade school where I was only 1 of 3 students enrolled. It wasn’t a very popular program but I received great hands-on training. I think what really drew me to becoming an electrician is we lived about 15 miles from the next town and job opportunities were limited. My father made a good living and I really like the fact he was his own boss and was able to raise a family and have a successful career at the same time.

Question: Any advice to new apprentice electricians?
Answer: Don’t like anyone tell you that you can’t do it. In fact I wouldn’t listed to anyone at all. I just put my mind to it and knew that if I followed the path the school had I’d get my training done fast and get a job quicker than I would if I attended a 4 year college. I think these days that is really important as I see too many kids graduating with $60,000 in debt and they don’t even know what they want to become in life. At least for me I found a $10,000 program and was able to pay off my student debt within a year after graduating while working my first job as an electrician in Houston. I then got a job at a private company handling all of their commercial AC needs in Plano and Wichita Falls, TX. That is one of the greatest thing I can tell new electricians is to follow the opportunities given to you. If one area doesn’t work out you can always move to another as your licensed in Texas to be an electrician.


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