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Electrician Schools in Louisiana

If you would like to become a certified electrician in Louisiana, it is important that you get to know some basic information about the whole topic first. In this post, are certain steps that should be taken to become an allocation in Louisiana will be discussed.

Hopefully, you will be able to understand and eventually apply some of the steps mentioned here to further your career and eventually. Before we continue, we ought to talk about what it would take to become an electrician as a whole. Below are some of the requirements to have in order for you to become a successful electrician anywhere in the United States.


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The Basics
To become a good electrician, you have to acquire some of the basic skills that you would need to handle machinery. This way, you will not end up sustaining any injuries while working on different types of appliances whether it has to do with HVAC repairs for established companies or simple lighting fixtures around the house.

The Electrician: Job Description
To get things started, you must understand what an electrical job would actually entail for someone who has commercial or residential electrical experience. An electrician is someone with the necessary skills to maintain, repair, and install electrical wiring in any commercial or residential establishment in the community. These skills are actually acquired through years of training. Therefore, if you’re worried that you won’t be able to get an electrical repair job that easily especially in Louisiana, you are definitely wrong because there are many training schools available that can help you are the necessary skills that would help you get lucrative employment within the state. Here are some of the state requirements to get licenses for electricians as soon as possible.

Licensing Requirements in Louisiana

For Louisiana, there is no statewide requirement for licensing when it comes to official electrician jobs. However, if you want to handle jobs with an income of over $50,000, you will need to acquire a proper working license from the board. Once you are able to get the license, you will have the opportunity to get higher paying jobs as the following:

• Journey Man
• Master Electrician

To get more information about how to acquire a proper electrician license in your area, do not hesitate to contact your local municipality or county in Louisiana.

Electrical Training
As mentioned earlier, if you want to become a good electrician you have to have the basic skills to succeed. You will only obtain those if you undergo the proper training.
There are many electrician training schools in Louisiana that can help you get the knowledge that you need. If you would want to work as an independent contractor or a commercial one, the schools will definitely help you get knowledge and physical training as well as experience in the field.

You will also be able to work with various instructors that are experts in the field of commercial and industrial technologies. Here are some additional topics that you will learn more about with this particular course under your belt.

• Craft Safety
• Fundamentals
• Wiring Applications and Techniques
• Principals and Applications of Electromagnetic
• Motor Control

These are just some of the topics that will be discussed within the course itself. As a student, you can be assured that you will be able to get hands-on experience way of machinery as well. You will also be taught about the safety precautions that you should take in order to successfully get the job done.

In this regard, you will be able to experience how it is to gain proper knowledge on the subject of electrical engineering and technology. Upon finishing the courses related to becoming an electrician, you will be able to earn the following degrees.


Certificate of Technical Studies
This certification is given to students and trainees aims to gain immediate employment after graduation. The recognition would be perfect for anyone who wants to become a licensed electrician in the near future.

Career Counseling Services
As mentioned earlier, because of the degrees that you will earn from this institution, you will be able to get gainful employment within the state of Louisiana sooner rather than later. Here is some examples of possible career opportunities were you using these various degrees.

If you visit the website, you will be able to find online job boards that can help you search for the right career path that you should be taking with your electrician degrees. You can also contact school personnel to help you find the right fit when it comes to career direction through counseling.

Electricain Career Opportunities in Louisiana

Being an electrician in Louisiana, you will be able to get jobs in both commercial and industrial districts in the state. It will be a great way for you to enhance Louisiana’s workforce down the line. You will be able to go and read their machinery as well as installing heating and lighting fixtures for companies or residential areas without difficulty.

Being an electrician can also provide you with the necessary skills to build your own business in the long run. It will be a great way for you to serve the community and the people who have help you along the way for sure. Aside from this, you will be able to give your customers in the more personalized brand of service that will set you apart from any other electrical service company in the state of Louisiana.

With your background as an electrician, you can also apply for a job as a residential or commercial contractor. By doing this, you will open yourself up to more lucrative opportunities with larger firms around the country. Just search for commercial contractor application requirements to learn more about the task. It will expand your career even more so in the end for sure.

LA License Examinations
Prior to getting job opportunities, you have to undergo licensure examinations first. You will only get the details for these exams once you have properly applied for a residential or commercial contractor position.

Specific Locations
Details about the exam will be mailed to you and you will be able to have the exam in a variety of test centers within the state of Louisiana. Here is a list of the specific locations for the test centers.
• New Orleans
• Baton Rouge
• Alexandria
• Lake Charles
• Bossier City

With all these opportunities available to you, you will certainly be able to get more out of your electrical skills and knowledge down the line. Whether or not you use it to help others or just to build your own home in the future, becoming a licensed electrician in Louisiana can definitely be one of the best moves that you can do in life.

How to Find a Top Electrician School in Louisiana

We realize that researching electrician schools can be a daunting task and even when you find a school you’ll have tons of questions to ask before you enroll. Below are some of the top questions we get asked when it comes to finding a good training program.

Tuition Pricing: One of the biggest factors and probably the first question you’ll want to ask the school is how much is their tuition but in fact this isn’t as important as other questions. Sure, you need to know the price but the first question should always be “how successful are your graduates.

Completion/Placement: Unlike other programs you really only have one “track” after graduating from your electrical program. You need to get the necessary training hours and get employed. You need to first find out if the electrical school you want to attend will show you their most recent graduation rates for the program as well as placement rates. This will tell you if they are good at not only teaching you about how to become an electrician but also if their graduates are being employed as electricians after they graduate.

Instructors: This one can be difficult to research but typically when you go into the school you’ll meet with a career advisor who will go over tuition, financial aid options and give you a tour. You want to meet with your electrical instructors. Get their name and background. You want to make sure the people training you were electricians and get their qualifications. Some of the schools we researched had electricians that had 20+ years of experience so it pays to ask.


Electrician Salaries in Louisiana

Salaries for electricians are in-line with other southern states and the median salary is $42,000 per year. We did however see postings as high as $80,000 for a Journeyman Electrician. You will need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience, a good driver and a positive attitude. The company gives monthly celebrations and cook-outs, 401K, paid vacations and rapid advancement. The key when you just earn your certificate/diploma from a trade school is to get any job you can find so you can get 4-5 years of experience under your wings. More specialized electricians like those who work on automotive, airplanes and even trains also tend to make more money. In these careers you’ll typically work for a large company and not have to drive around working with clients.


Top Areas in Louisiana for Employment

Lucky for you with a simple search we found lots of areas in Louisiana where companies were hiring both entry level electricians as well as seasoned professionals. Some of the job titles and locations included:

- Electrical Mechanical Technician – Plaquemine, LA
- Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Technician – Lafayette, LA
- Journeyman Commercial Electricians Needed – New Orleans, LA
- Electrician Diesel Engines – Maringouin, LA
- Instrument and Electrical Apprentice – Hahnville, LA
- Electricians (all levels) – New Orleans and surrounding area
- Electrician Service Technicians – Baton Rouge, LA


Electrician Schools in Louisiana

Delgado Community College
At Delgato they offer a certificate of technical studies I residential, commercial and small industrial electrician. You’ll receive NCCER Electrical Levels 1-4 certifications upon completion of the program. The curriculum is 84 credit hours (8 semesters). Address: 615 City Park Avenue New Orleans, LA 70119.

Fletcher Technical Community College
The college is an NCCER accredited training and education facility. The program will prepare students to become a: residential electrician, commercial, marine electrician, industrial electrician and apprentice electrician. You’ll receive a technical diploma and certificate in electrician upon completion. 1407 Highway 311 Schriever, LA 70395.

ITI Technical College
ITI offers both an electrical technology certificate and electronic systems technology certificate. Their campus is located at 13944 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70817.