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Are you a current resident of the great state of Wyoming? Do you enjoy all that this state has to offer and now you are ready to further your level of education at one of their many colleges or universities? Once you have obtained your high school diploma and you have narrowed down your choices of possible career paths, the next big decision you will need to make is where you would like to attend school. It is important to do your research regarding this important step so that you can select the most appropriate school that will be in direct correlation to your intended career path. Below, you will find some basic information regarding the employment and educational projections for the state of Wyoming along with a brief discussion of some of the most popular collegiate choices in this state.

It is important to note that this list of colleges and universities is not conclusive, there are many other options for individuals to peruse if none of these appeal to you or your career goals. According to online employment projections for the state of Wyoming, 59-63% of the available jobs will require individuals to hold a post secondary degree. While even a two year associate's degree would likely qualify you for these available positions, it is important to note that the rate of pay you will be able to receive is sure to be less than if you have completed a bachelor's degree program. However, if you have only completed your high school diploma requirements you can expect to only be adequately qualified for 28-31% of the jobs that are present in this state.

The University of Wyoming is recognized as the largest of this state's top colleges and universities. Located in Cheyenne, this university is largely to thank for the population and development this city has experienced. If you are looking for a great academic environment and a chance to experience the outdoor activities in this area, then this university sounds like the perfect fit for you. Current online statistics show that there are over 13,000 students enrolled at this facility and that the large majority of them are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. If you decide to attend this university you will have the opportunity to choose from one of many different colleges.

For instance, the University of Wyoming has a College of Education, a College of Arts and Sciences, a College of Business, and a College of Agriculture, among others. Another of Wyoming's top colleges is Sheridan College, which is located near Wyoming's northern border. This college is considered to be the main campus of the Northern Wyoming Community College District. At this institution you will have the chance to choose a degree program that will allow you to immediately enter the work force or to continue furthering your education to a four year bachelor's level degree. Currently there are less than 3,000 students who are all working to complete an undergraduate degree program in the area of their choosing. It is important to note that should you decide to further your education to a bachelor's level degree you will have to transfer to another college or university. Some of the more popular degree programs at this facility are English, Biology, Business, Agricultural Science, and Criminal Justice.

Casper College is another great two year, community type college choice for prospective students. Located in the Laramie mountain range, this college offers interested individuals the chance to choose a degree program in areas such as Health Science, Life Sciences, Language and Literature, Business, and Fine Arts, among many other choices. Yet again, it is important to note that only a two year associate's level degree will be able to be completed at this educational facility. Central Wyoming College is yet another great choice for you to consider. Located about two hours west of Casper in the city of Riverton, this two year post secondary school will allow you to pursue one of many different academic degree programs.

The total enrollment at this college is quite small. In fact, current online research shows that only about 1,700 students are enrolled. However, yet again only undergraduate level degree programs are available at this educational facility. This college does offer several different degree programs for interested students, though. For instance, you could pursue a degree in Culinary Arts, Western American Studies, Fire Science, Homeland Security, or Construction Trades, among many others.


Title IV Funding in Trouble for Wyoming Students

One thing that almost any state college and private institution can agree on is the current college patch and borrowing of funding can’t continue. Students are borrowing funds at an alarming rate to the point where some schools in Wyoming aren’t accepting federal funding. This has decreased enrollments but actually helping out students in the long run.

Online College a Great Option

Many have found that their college choices in Wyoming are few and far between. Even if the degree is available that they want they might have to drive to another city to attend college. Cheyenne, WY has the most colleges and vocational schools to choose from. Many graduating seniors are looking for nontraditional colleges to attend like CollegeAmerica. These schools offer training programs in Accounting, Business, Graphic Arts and Health Information Management at campus locations. Others have started looking at schools outside the state and taking courses online. This allows students to choose from a wide variety of schools and career training programs.


Career Training Programs to Consider

With just over a half a million living in Wyoming it has one of the fewest number of employees with a median salary of $39,910. Because of this many end up starting their own business or work for major industries that are recession proof.

Healthcare/Medical – One of the strongest industries that doesn’t have big turnover is the medical field. Practical nursing, medical administrative assistants positions are on the rise. Salaries for MA’s are in the $31,000 range however the industry is expected to grow by 30% in the next 6 years.

Skilled Trade Careers – Plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians make up the majority of the trade related careers. Salaries range from $30,000 for entry level to the top HVAC technicians making over $65,000. Most in this field once they receive their license work for themselves.


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