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Are you currently a resident of Tennessee? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and you are now anxious to get started on furthering your education? In the state of Tennessee 49-58% of the available jobs will require applicants to hold a post secondary degree. While a two year associate's level degree will certainly qualify you for these positions, you are likely to bring home less money than if you have completed a four year bachelor's degree program. If you only have a high school diploma under your belt then you may want to consider the fact that in the state of Tennessee 32-41% of the available jobs will be appropriate for you.

In many instances, you may be able to attain a particular job and continue working to further your education while maintaining your employment. Now that you are familiar with the statistics regarding potential employment in this state, the next step is to determine a viable career path and educational plan. Below, you will find a brief introduction to some of the most popular collegiate choices in the state of Tennessee. It is important to note that this list is not conclusive; in fact, no technical or vocational institutes or community colleges have been mentioned. Take your time, do your research, and choose the learning facility that will most appropriately allow you to pursue your educational goals.

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is the flagship campus of Tennessee's state university system. This public research based university reports a current enrollment of nearly 30,000 students. While about three fourths of these enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program, the remaining enrolled students are working to obtain their graduate level degree. This university is recognized for its strong degree programs in the areas of liberal arts, sciences, and business. In addition to strong academic programs, the University of Tennessee has great athletic programs and is a member of the Southeastern Conference. Vanderbilt University is another great choice for prospective students in this state.

Located in Nashville, this privately operated research university currently has about 13,000 students enrolled. At this time, approximately half of the enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. It is important to note that this university is the most selective and most prestigious university in the state of Tennessee. Among the high ranking degree programs at this facility are business, education, medicine, and law. Vanderbilt University is also well recognized for having strong degree programs in research, science, and the liberal arts. Should you choose to attend this university you can expect the chance to learn in a fairly intimate educational environment; Vanderbilt boasts an eight to one student to faculty ratio. Belmont University is a smaller, private Christian university that is located in Nashville. Currently, about 5,500 students are enrolled at this learning institution; you can expect to experience a learning environment with a thirteen to one student to faculty ratio. With strong degree programs in the areas of music and music business and also recognized as a highly ranked master's level university, Belmont is surely one of the top choices you will want to consider in Tennessee.

If you are a student who is looking for a school with a good financial aid reputation, then you may want to check out Maryville College. This college currently reports an undergraduate student enrollment of about 1, 100. It is critical to note that at this learning facility only undergraduate degree programs are offered. Maryville College is a privately operated college that is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Located near Knoxville, this college has a rich, academic history that dates back to 1819. In correlation with the small total enrollment at this educational facility, prospective students can expect to learn in an environment with a twelve to one student to faculty ratio and an average class size of seventeen.

Another wonderful collegiate option for interested students to consider is Tennessee Tech. This university is located in Cookeville and reports a current enrollment of about 11,000 students. Of this number, the vast majority are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. However, if a graduate degree program is what you are interested in, it is also possible to complete that at this facility. This public university has a strong technological focus, particularly in the areas of engineering, nursing, and business. As an additional benefit, students can expect a good academic value at this institution and a good chance at receiving financial aid to help with the cost of tuition.

Skilled Trade Careers to Consider in Tennessee

The state has invested a lot over the years is technology programs and currently has over 30 in the state the focus on hands-on training program designed to get individuals jobs in the quickest amount of time. Trade schools serve a vital purpose in Tennessee for those working adults changing jobs or graduating high school seniors not wishing to attend a traditional college. One of the advantages the population of Tennessee has is the schools offer a wide variety of programs to choose from.

Over the next 10 years it is estimated that 1 in every 10 jobs will be health care related resulting in over 3 million new jobs. Nashville, TN alone employs over 105,000 in the healthcare industry with is up 12% since 2008. The average salary in Tennessee for the healthcare field is $66,950.


Medical Assistant Diploma – It is recommended that you get nationally certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants as a CMA. This certification is what many of the hospitals and doctor’s office will look for. Medical assistants play a crucial role assisting doctors with their patients as well as general office tasks.

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate – Learning how to properly bill patients and insurance companies is the role of medical billers. Career training programs are available in cities such as Nashville, TN, Dyersburg, TN, Chattanooga, TN and Madison, TN. Average salary is $32,460. According to the BLS the industry is expected to grow 21% over the next decade.


Dental Assistant – Tennessee has over 5,670 dental assistants with an average salary of $34,650. Over 35% of all dental assistants live in the Nashville area however Memphis, TN employs 20%. Other popular of the state include: Clarksville, TN, Johnson City, TN and Knoxville, TN.


Respiratory Therapists Degree – Some of the higher salaries come from the respiratory therapy field where therapists earn on average $64,000. The state has only 3300+ that are licensed. All have earned a minimum of an Associate’s degree and over 60% have their Bachelor’s.


Pharmacy Technician Diploma – You can get trained by many in of the trade schools in the state and then earn your Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). Although Tennessee doesn’t require any type of formal certification many of the employers will want to see this type of certification as well as any additional national memberships you can possess.


Electrical Technician – Many schools in TN offer OSHA and Journeyman training programs. Many of the training programs such as those in electrician helper or maintenance apprentice range from 450-900 hours.


HVAC/R Training – Complete training programs can range from $6,000 to $17,000 and consist of 432 hours or more of coursework.


Automotive – You’ll find some great trade programs in the automotive sector such as collision repair, diesel repair and heavy equipment, small engine and alternative fuel technician. If you want to earn your CDL license in Tennessee you can get a Class A or B license in less than 2 months.


Culinary Arts – With a rich history in food tradition and tourism the state is known for having top restaurants. Known for their BBQ and world championship food events it has attracted some of the best chefs in the nation. The top 10% of trained chefs earn on average $57,520 per hours. The state of TN currently employs over 291,400 workers in the food and beverage industry.


Cosmetology – Home to over 1600 licensed cosmetologists; Tennessee has licensing requirements that can be met by receiving 1500 hours of theory and hands-on practice from an accredited cosmetology school.


Graphic Design – The design industry covers a lot of different areas including media arts, visual effects and even fashion design and digital filmmaking.


Tennessee Pushes for Higher Technical College Enrollment

As part of a new 10 year push the state is sing new bills by the state as well as the administration to increase access to college for thousands of kids. This increased enrollments by 20% at the technical colleges. What the program is intended to do is to not only boost enrollments at the trade school level but also get more kids into Community Colleges which in term means more 4 year college enrollments over-time.


Over 59,000 Tennessee seniors have qualified for the new program and the state hopes the numbers continue. Not every child wants to attend a 4 year college after graduation and by helping every graduate get into some sort of career strengthens the Tennessee economy and keeps graduates living in the state.