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Are you currently a resident of the tiny state of Rhode Island? Are you hopeful that even though in size this state is extremely small, that when it comes to what it has to offer educationally that it will deliver on a very large scale? If you have completed your high school diploma requirements and you are now ready to begin working on a post secondary degree, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading below to learn some important information regarding employment projections for the next several years for this state. Keep in mind, these projections are based on the level of education and training that an individual possesses.

In addition, you will find a few of the most popular collegiate options in the state of Rhode Island introduced and discussed. Take your time, do your research, and choose the college or university that most appropriately helps you achieve your educational goals! According to recent online research, over the next several years 49-58% of the available jobs in the state of Rhode Island will require applicants to have a post secondary degree under their belt. It is important to note that while a two year associate's degree may land you the job, a four year bachelor's degree will surely give you the potential to earn more money. Conversely, if you decide to stop your education at a high school diploma, only about 19-27% of the available jobs will be appropriate for you.

One of the most obvious choices in the state of Rhode Island is Brown University, which is located in Providence. This privately operated university reports a recent enrollment of about 8,700 students. At this time, about 75% of the total enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program in an area of their choosing. Brown University is a member of the Ivy League and is one of our country's most selective colleges to gain admittance to. With an exemplary nine to one student to faculty ratio and recognition for strong degree programs in liberal arts, research, and science, this university is one you will want to thoroughly consider! Rhode Island is also home to one of the country's top Catholic colleges, Providence College. Currently, this college reports a total enrollment of nearly 5,000 students, with the vast majority working to obtain an undergraduate degree.

This college boasts an impressive thirteen to one student to faculty ratio and a well recognized four semester course in the field of western civilization. A public university option that is reported to have a good educational value is the University of Rhode Island. Located in Kingston, this university currently has about 16,000 students enrolled. Although the large majority of these students are working on an undergraduate degree program, it is possible to pursue a graduate level degree at this facility if you are interested in such. Despite the fact that this university received recognition for its strong degree programs in the areas of science and the liberal arts, there are many other great options for interested students to consider.

If you are an individual who is highly interested in an art or design related career, then you will want to peruse the Rhode Island School of Design. This privately operated school of art and design also offers joint degree programs with Brown University. In correlation with Brown University, this institution also has an extremely selective portfolio based admissions process. Renowned as one of the country's top art schools, this university boasts a high rate of job placement following graduation. Current statistical reports show that this school has about 2,400 students enrolled; the vast majority of these students are currently working towards completing an undergraduate degree program.

Johnson & Wales University is yet another great choice in the state of Rhode Island. Located in Providence, this private university is known for having a professional focus. At this learning facility students can expect to experience a career focused, hands on approach to learning. Although this university is well known for its degree programs in the areas of hospitality, culinary arts, and business, there are many viable educational options for interested individuals to consider at this university. In addition to a great academic foundation, students will have the chance to thrive among a diverse student population. In fact, the student body at this university is comprised of individuals from all fifty states and over seventy different countries. Currently, this university has about 10,000 students enrolled in their undergraduate and graduate level programs.

Vocational Training Programs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a work force of 458,760 with a median average salary of $44,320. Over 76,230 jobs fall into the office and administrative sector and over 49,260 in food related services.

Medical Careers – Rhode Island added 10645 jobs to the healthcare industry since 2010. With over 16 major hospitals they employ a vast number of employees ranging from medical assistants to healthcare managers.

Skilled Trade – When the housing industry grows so do the jobs that are associated with it. Skilled workers such as HVAC technicians, electricians, welders, cooks and those in the hospitality industry.

Automotive – Commercial truck driving is big in Rhode Island as it services all the eastern states. Many of the schools offer a low instructor to student ratio as well as job placement in the state after graduation.

Massage Therapy – Start your career training in massage therapy from an accredited Rhode Island school. Find a school that is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). Many of the programs can be completed in less than 12 months. The state requires 500 total hours of training.


Higher Education in Rhode Island

The state is very educated with over 27% of its workforce having earned their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and 12.52% earning a graduate degree. By population 47% of whites earned a degree along with 28% of African Americans and 51% Asian. Rhode Island 15% higher than the national average in terms of college educated 18-24 year olds.


College Enrollments Number that Benefit You

With college classroom enrollments falling for the second straight year and colleges in Rhode Island needed to make some big changes in order to fill their classrooms. These changes are benefiting new incoming freshmen and working adults looking to go back to school. Schools have ended degree programs that had low placement and completion rates. Colleges also lowered tuition costs to attract those working that needed additional education to get a raise or promotion. Schools that didn’t offer online degrees or certificate programs fell behind as a big percentage of the state that would have attended college ended up enrolling in schools outside of Rhode Island. As enrollment numbers decreased it meant the incoming classes would have lower student-to-instructor ratios.


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