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Are you one of the many residents that enjoy all that the state of New Mexico has to offer? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and now you have your sights set on furthering your level of education? Have you spent some time narrowing down your list of possible career paths and now you are ready to decide which learning institution will be the perfect fit? If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement to each of these questions, then you will definitely want to continue reading. Not only is a little soul searching an important part of the process with regards to your future, you will also need to do some research so that you can become familiar with what's available for you in your educational pursuits. Below you will find information regarding the employment and educational projections for the next several years for the state of New Mexico, along with a brief introduction to a few of the most popular collegiate options.

If none of the colleges and universities that are discussed below appeal to you and your goals, you may have to further extend your research. In the state of New Mexico if you have only completed your high school diploma requirements you will find that only about 28-31% of the available jobs will be appropriate for you. However, if you have earned a post secondary degree then your skills set and training will adequately qualify you for 49-58% of the available positions within this state. It is important to keep in mind that while a two year associate's level degree will certainly qualify you for positions such as these, your potential rate of pay is certainly going to be less than if you have obtained your bachelor's degree.

The University of New Mexico, which is located in Albuquerque, is a great academic environment that is full of rich Pueblo architecture. Currently, this educational facility is recognized as the largest in the state with nearly 20,000 undergraduate students enrolled. Despite the fact that this university has many great degree programs as options, The Princeton Review ranks their engineering department as 14th in the country. There is no doubt that while you complete your educational requirements in the area of your choosing you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings at this campus. Another great collegiate option for prospective students is Eastern New Mexico University. This university is located along the state's eastern border with Texas, in the city of Portales.

Although this learning institution began as a normal school, it is now known as the most recently funded public institution in the state of New Mexico. Eastern New Mexico University now has four separate colleges, along with a graduate school for interested individuals to peruse. Currently, this university is home to approximately 3,300 students who are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. However, it is important to note that there are two additional branches of this university, one that is located in Ruidoso and one that is located in Roswell. Both of these separate locations offer interested students many different undergraduate degree programs that they can complete. If you have Hispanic roots, you may be especially interested to know that this academic facility is a part of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities and has also been designed federally as a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Although it began as a teacher's college in 1893, Western New Mexico University currently has a total enrollment of over 2,000 students. At this point, interested students can choose a degree program from an almost endless supply of majors; no longer is education the only degree program offered at this facility. In fact, students who choose to attend this university will have over seventy different major fields of study to choose from! Located in Silver City, this university actually offers prospective students the chance to complete an associate's level degree, a bachelor's level degree, a wealth of vocational programs, or certificate based programs.

It is important to note that this facility offers interested individuals a noncompetitive admissions policy, which almost ensures your acceptance to this university. In addition to the great academic offerings at this university, students will also have the chance to enjoy the sights and outdoor activities of the nearby Gila National Forest. As an added benefit, this learning institution offers tuition waivers to students in certain parts of Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.


Top 5 Skilled Trade School Careers

New Mexico has a very diverse work force that is comprised of working professionals as well as skilled workers. Skilled workers are the backbone of any strong economy. The state has a great college system however some don’t want to spend 2-4 years studying and would rather enter the work force quicker. The state has over 40 vocational or trade schools that most have very high acceptance rates. These schools will allow you to get trained in a particular field and become employed in a short period of time. Below are where we fell are the Top 5 careers that can be taught at a trade school.

Automotive Training
A growing trade that allows you to become certified and mobile with your career is that of an auto mechanic. Auto mechanics can earn up to $55,000+ per year once they earn their certification. Trade schools also train on auto and body repair as well as diesel. Most training takes 12-24 months and over 10 schools in the state currently have programs available.

HVAC & Electrical Technicians

The average HVAC technician in New Mexico makes $32,000 their first year with top technicians making $48,000+. One reason why we really like recommending HVAC training is that in NM alone shows over 4700 current jobs openings for HVAC technicians. Most training programs are less than a year at an average tuition cost of $15,000. Electrician Journeymen are just as desirable with an average salary in Albuquerque alone of $44,000 with some earning as high as $63,236.


Entry level cosmetologists make $24,580 on average during their first year. The state has over 2000 licensed cosmetologist and over 500 graduates each year. The industry is expected to grow by 10% over the next 7 years. As a cosmetologist you have the freedom to work your own hours and maintain your own clients. Many rent spots at salons where they are in complete control over the amount of revenue they can make each year. The average age of someone entering into the industry is 24 and the industry is made up of 85% female. Los Cruces has the second highest population for cosmetologist in the state.

Medical Assisting

Do you love helping others and working with patients? Start your career training today from any of the accredited trade schools in New Mexico. Becoming certified by the AMT or AAMA is a big help when trying to find a job. The state has over 37 hospitals to choose from not counting the 100’s of doctor’s offices.


In Albuquerque along there are almost 9000 registered nurses. The state is having a hard time filling open positions and as more and more of its population enters retirement the need to fill these spots is now. The state has been working hard with regulators and state colleges to allow schools to train more RN’s. The average RN makes $64,900 - $73,336.


New Mexico College Enrollments Fall

Overall the number of enrollments for schools in the state has dropped by 14% since 20012. One thing that hurts the school system is when unemployment rate drops too low. What that means is people may have taken a job that they don’t want thus not attending school. The state wants a low unemployment rate but not at the expense of having a highly education workforce.


Skilled Workforce in New Mexico

New Mexico has 33% of their entire workforce that have received their Associate’s degree. This percentage has increased over the years and up over 10% since 2008. The issue that faces the state is that companies that need highly trained individuals in specialty industries such as engineering, healthcare and computer technology are having a hard time finding qualified candidates. Often the working class has only earned a low level degree and simply don’t qualify. This is great news however for those just now entering college as many of these companies provide a clear path towards employment. Colleges in the state are also carrying specialized degrees that are more centered on the needs of the local companies. Over 10% of all workers have earned a graduate level degree compared to 15-20% nationwide.


Best Industries in New Mexico

Healthcare Industry
NM has a high median salary in the healthcare industry with employees making $73,000. As mentioned above the need for jobs in the medical industry has continued to climb. Some of the careers to research include: Medical Billing and Coding, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technician, Healthcare Management, Phlebotomy and of course Practical Nursing.

Oil and Gas Industry
The state is a big exporter of energy and New Mexico provides 10% of all natural gas in the US. Outside of working in the oil fields the need is in highly qualified engineers. Civil and electrical engineers are one of the top fields in this sector with salaries well over $100,000 per year. This does involve you earning an advanced degree.

Tourism Sector
With over 30 million visitors each year it has had an 8% increase in hospitality related jobs since 2010. With over 100,000 jobs it produces over $2 billion in revenue spend for the state each year. You can earn your Associate’s, Bachelor’s or even certificate in training programs such as hospitality management or hotel restaurant management.

Dairy is a big exporter for the state and accounts for 40% of the state’s agricultural products.

Renewable energy is a top priority for the state. New Mexico is ranked #2 in the US regarding solar and manufacturing for renewable energy products. The top level employees are those who hold jobs in power engineering or energy engineering making $67,873 to $79,873 per year. Installers earn between $45,000 - $58,000.


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