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Are you currently doing some research to determine what educational options Nebraska has to offer? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and now you are anxious to begin working on your post secondary degree program? Doing thorough research is a great beginning place; after all, well laid plans will surely help to secure your future. According to current online research, approximately 64-71% of the available jobs will require applicants to possess some level of a college degree. While you can definitely expect an associate's level degree to qualify you for some of these available jobs, it is important to note that the amount of pay you will be able to receive is sure to be less than if you complete a four year degree program.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, individuals in Nebraska who have only completed their high school diploma requirements will find that they are only properly trained and educated for about 19-27% of the available jobs. Continue reading below to become familiar with some of the most popular collegiate choices that Nebraska has to offer. Keep in mind, if none of the colleges and universities that are discussed below suit you and your educational goals, there are definitely other options. After all, no community colleges, junior colleges, or vocational institutes are introduced below.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is well known for making their educational curriculum accessible for non traditional and commuting students. Although this university offers a quite limited curriculum to interested students, they currently report about 15,000 enrolled students. This university is recognized for its strong programs in the areas of business and technology, most especially with regards to how they correlate with agriculture. Founded in 1908, The University of Nebraska at Omaha maintains a ranking among the top ten Entrepreneurial Colleges within the limited curriculum category (according to Entrepreneur Magazine). The University of Nebraska at Kearney is another great option for interested individuals. If you are interested in pursuing a career as an educator, then you will certainly want to check out this facility and what it has to offer you.

While this university was initially founded strictly as a teacher's college, there are now many other major courses of study for prospective students to consider. However, this university's College of Education is still recognized throughout the state as being a top choice for prospective teachers and administrators. Located in the metropolitan area of Omaha, Bellevue University is operated as a private post secondary institution. Recent online figures show that approximately 5,500 undergraduate students are enrolled at Bellevue University. These students will have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated, three year bachelor's degree program or the traditional four year bachelor's degree program. While practically any interested student could apply to this university, Bellevue is known for specifically addressing the needs of non traditional students. This educational facility is well recognized for its degree programs in the area of business.

The University of Nebraska Lincoln is located just minutes from the state capital. Since its creation in 1869, this university has consistently been recognized as the ideal of higher education in this state. This post secondary school offers its students nearly 150 different major areas of study, in addition to numerous graduate level degree programs to consider. In fact, the University of Nebraska Lincoln was recognized by The Carnegie Foundation as a premier institution with a Doctoral/Research Extensive university. Recent online statistics show that over 17,000 students are enrolled in the degree programs offered at this educational facility. In addition, the U.S. News and World Report currently ranked this university as #91 of great collegiate options in our country. Creighton University is the final popular option that will be discussed in this article.

This privately operated Jesuit Catholic University was founded in 1908. Currently, this university is home to approximately 7,000 undergraduate level students. Located just outside of Omaha, this fairly small university is on a large scale when it comes to recognition. For example, the School of Dentistry at this university is nationally recognized as one of the best clinical instruction facilities of any dental college. In addition, PC Magazine deems this university as the fifth most wired campus in the United States. Remember, if none of these educational options appeal to you and the goals you have set, then further research will certainly benefit you. There are definitely many other viable options within the state of Nebraska.


Trade Schools in Nebraska

The state employs now close to a million workers. Many work in the agricultural industry which is a massive generator of revenue for the state. Large beef manufacturing and processing plants in the state make this their #1 export. Large data centers are also moving into the state to take advantage of not only a very educated population but the fair tax breaks the state gives companies. Nebraska has over 49,000 farms and operates 25 ethanol plants producing over 2 billion gallons of ethanol each year. Twenty five percent of all the jobs in the state are agriculture related. Because of this high school seniors find themselves either attending a traditional college and focusing on ag related degrees or going right into the workforce and getting a skilled trades job. Some of the top vocational or trade related careers include:


- Automotive (including diesel mechanics)
- Cosmetologist
- HVAC Technician
- Electrician


Top Schools in the State

The state is home to some large public universities including The University of Nebraska Lincoln which enrolls over 25,000 and has a 69% acceptance rate. According to their site the university started in 1869 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is constantly listed as one of the Top 50 public schools in the country including one of the best valued schools. The University of Nebraska Omaha enrolls around 15,000 and is located in the state’s major technology hum in Omaha, NE. Other schools in the state include Creighton University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Bellevue University, Chadron State College and Doane College.


Great School Systems

Nebraska has a very educated population when you look at other state in the nation. Over 45% of their population has earned an Associate’s degree and that isn’t counting those who attended a trade or vocational school. Nebraska counties such as Wayne, Buffalo, Dawes, Lancaster and Douglas all have the highest education per capita of any other counties in the state. Big cities such as Lincoln, Omaha and Lexington employ the most people