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Are you a current resident of North Dakota? Do you enjoy all that this great state has to offer and now you are ready to further your level of education at one of their colleges or universities? Once you have completed the requirements and you have a high school diploma in your hand, the next step is to narrow down your choices of possible career paths. Have you completed that part? Next, you will want to make a list of potential schools that you think may help you to achieve your educational goals. Below, you will find some basic information regarding the employment projections for the state of North Dakota, along with a brief introduction to some of the most popular collegiate choices in this state.

It is important to note that this is not a complete list of colleges and universities; there are many other options for individuals to peruse if none of these appeal to you, your lifestyle, or your career goals. According to recent online employment projections, North Dakota is one of the top five states in our country with regards to jobs that require applicants to hold a college degree. In fact, over 71% of the available jobs will require that interested individuals possess a post secondary degree. While even a two year associate's degree would likely qualify you for these available positions, it is important to note that the rate of pay you will be able to receive is sure to be less than if you have completed a bachelor's degree program.

One of the top five most popular collegiate choices for residents of North Dakota is North Dakota State University. Although this university began as an agricultural college, it has grown and now operates as a public educational institution that includes nine different colleges. Recent online statistics show that North Dakota State University has nearly 11,000 undergraduate students enrolled in their degree programs. However, should you decide to pursue a graduate level degree at this facility that is a possibility too! The nine colleges at this university are: Humanities and Social Sciences, Human Development and Education, Nursing and Allied Sciences, University Studies, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Arts, Business, Science and Mathematics. In addition, this university also has the Graduate School. The University of Mary is a second great choice for prospective students to consider.

This privately operated educational facility is located in Bismark. In comparison to the previously mentioned university, The University of Mary has seven colleges to offer interested students, but a much smaller overall enrollment. In fact, recent figures show that this university is home to just fewer than 3,000 students. Affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, the University of Mary has many athletic programs to offer students while they complete their educational requirements. The seven colleges that interested students will have to choose from are: Nursing, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education, Business, Philosophy and Theology, and Human Performance Sciences.

For a publicly operated university with a small overall enrollment, you will certainly want to check out Minot State University. Despite the fact that its current enrollment is less than 4,000 students, Minot State University is considered to be the third largest university in the state. This university was founded in 1913; therefore, interested students can expect an academic environment with a solid foundation at this facility. In addition, the student body at this university is quite diverse. In fact, the population has been created with individuals from twenty different countries. Should you decide to attend this university, you will have the opportunity to attend one of four different colleges: Arts and Sciences, Education and Health Sciences, Business, or the Graduate School. Dickinson State University is yet another great collegiate option in this state. Although this university began with a quite limited number of degree options, students now have the chance to choose from 25 different courses of study in one of eleven different academic departments.

Dickinson State University offers degree programs in these academic departments: Fine Arts, Agriculture and Technical Studies, Business and Economics, Nursing, Social Sciences, Education, Health and Physical Education, Music, Language and Literature, Mathematics with Computer Science, and Natural Sciences. Finally, the University of North Dakota is this state's flagship university of the public university system. Located in Grand Forks, this university is recognized as the oldest and largest university in North Dakota. Individuals who are interested in attending this university will have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or a graduate level degree program. Currently, approximately 10,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at this facility, which offers ten different colleges to choose from.