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Are you currently a resident of the northwestern state of Massachusetts? Have you recently completed your high school diploma requirements and you are ready to begin working on a post secondary degree? Have you already determined your specific career path, so now you just need to decide which college or university you would like to attend? If you answered yes to each of these questions then you have certainly come to the right place! Keep reading below to become familiar with some of Massachusetts's employment projections for the next several years and to be introduced to a few of their most popular collegiate choices.

Massachusetts leads our nation with over 71% of the jobs that are available in this state requiring applicants to hold some level of post secondary degree or training. It is important to note that while a two year associate's level degree will surely qualify as a post secondary degree, your rate of pay will not be as high as that of someone who has completed a four year bachelor's level degree. On the contrary, if you have only completed the requirements to obtain your high school diploma you can only expect to be adequately qualified for about 19-27% of the employment opportunities in this state. These statistics alone should keep you reading so that you can find the perfect college that will fit your lifestyle and your career goals.

Harvard University, which is located in Cambridge, is perhaps the best known university in the United States. In fact, this university is well known for being #1 of the country's most selective colleges and is always ranked either #1 or #2 of top post secondary schools in the country. This private research university reports a current enrollment of about 27,000 students, with nearly half of these working to complete an undergraduate degree program. Although some of the top degree programs at this facility are in areas of liberal arts, research, and science, there are many other great options for interested students to consider. Students who attend Harvard University are known to receive great financial aid that will help to defray the costs of their tuition.

MIT is another well known university that is located in Massachusetts. Also located in Cambridge, this private university offers prospective students the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree programs as well as graduate level degree programs. Despite the fact that this learning institution is well recognized for its focus in science and engineering, there are also great degree programs in the areas of research, science, and the liberal arts. However, if engineering is your intended career path then MIT would certainly be your dream university! In fact, MIT is most often ranked as #1 of top engineering schools in the United States.

Although it operates on a much smaller scale when it comes to enrollment, Amherst College is considered to be one of the country's top liberal arts colleges. In correlation to this statistic, prospective students can expect a very strict and selective admissions process. Students who choose to attend Amherst should note that only undergraduate degree programs are offered; however, you will be able to enjoy an open curriculum format of learning that requires no distributions. This college proudly boasts an average student to faculty ratio of eight to one.

Williams College, which is located in Williamstown, is another great liberal arts college that you will surely want to check out. With a fairly small enrollment of about 2,000 students, you will have the opportunity to learn in an intimate classroom setting. In fact, Williams College has reported a seven to one student to faculty ratio. It is important to note that you will only be able to pursue an undergraduate degree program at this learning facility. However, Williams College allows their students the opportunity to meet with pairs of faculty members in order to present and critique their work. For the prospective female students, Wellesley College is sure to be a school you will want to consider.

This private women's liberal arts college is often ranked as #1 among top women's colleges in our country. One of the great perks to attending Wellesley College is that they operate an exchange program with MIT and Harvard University, which makes the possibilities for students who want to maximize their learning opportunities almost endless! It is important to note that this is certainly not a conclusive list of the post secondary possibilities in the state of Massachusetts. Instead, it is a brief description of some of the more popular choices.


Top Careers for Massachusetts Graduates

The state has over 120 colleges and trade schools to choose from making Massachusetts a great state to not only start your career training but also to find a job in the state. Some of the largest sectors are doing great in the state including the below which have all experienced growth over the past year.

Medical Industry – As expected Massachusetts has some of the largest hospitals and research centers in the county. Entry level positions that you’ll find usually include those outside of hospitals such as medical assistants, and front office or medical office administration. Management positions such as medical health care professional or healthcare management typically require a 4 year degree. Nurses are always in demand and are needed in abundance at many of the Boston hospitals. You can you’re your nursing license in less than 2 years then continue to receive your BS/BSN or Rn to BSN, MSN credentials. Trade programs such as Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration and Pharmacy Technician are programs that are usually 8-15 months in length and is a good entry level position for those wanting to get hired in the medical industry.

Computer/IT – The state is looking to add to its nearly 220,000 workers that are currently in technology jobs. One of the most desired degrees is that in computer information science. Over 30 schools in the state offer degree training programs. With home to MIT the most prestigious computer and math related school in the county you can see why big corporations such as Google and Microsoft and others have set up offices in the state. Many of the companies are looking for graduates with cybersecurity degrees. The technology industry is Massachusetts is so large the payroll for the sector is over $35 billion with the average salary of $135,000. Some of the top areas for computer programmers are in the Framingham, Boston, Quincy and Lowell area.

Automotive – One area that is commonly overlooked in states is the need for qualified and certified automotive repair employees. Careers in automotive design, auto mechanics and diesel mechanic all required skilled technicians. These hands-on careers often have openings as other sectors have more employees fighting for positions. CDL truck driving schools are accepting students for their Class A license and many can get you certified, licensed and on the road in 30 days.

HVAC & Electrical – If a hands-on career is in your future then we recommend that you look into becoming an HVAC Technician or even Electrical Technician. The median salary can be high at $49,000. You’ll need the proper training hours in the field and hours from an approved school.

Top Colleges in the State

Massachusetts has by far some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation. With schools like Harvard and Northeastern it attracts some of the brightest minds in the world. Tuition can come at a steep pricing with some costing over $50,000 per year just for tuition alone. So what do others do that have recently graduated and can’t afford the high cost of tuition? Many turn to some of the less expensive schools in the state that offer Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master degree programs. Others choose a completely different path and enroll in a vocational or trade school. Below are some of the 10 top colleges in the state that offer some of the best education in the county.

- Harvard in Cambridge
- University of Massachusetts in Amhert
- Boston University in Boston
- Northeastern University in Boston
- Tufts University in Medford
- University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
- Salem State University in Salem
- Babson College in Wellesley
- Berklee College of Music
- Wellesley College


Top Employers and Sectors in the State


One of the reasons why so many companies love to set up their companies in the state is that it is close to DC but also the state has one of the highest in terms of educated population. Over 50% have completed an Associate’s degree or higher and over 18% have earned a professional level degree. Counties like Hampshire, Norfolk and Middlesex all have extremely high averages compared to the rest of the US.

The state employs over 450,000 in its government which is extremely large and makes up 13% of its total employment.

Healthcare Sector – the #1 employer is Massachusetts General Hospital that employs over 14,000 employees followed by Brigham & Women’s Hospital with 10,000 employees and Boston Children’s Hospital with 8,000.

Tourism – This sector generates about $18 billion to the state’s economy each year and employs over 140,000 jobs. If this is an industry you would like to learn more about then contact any of the schools we have listed that offer either a certificate or degree in hospitality management. Other areas related to tourismis culinary arts. Many resorts and hotels in Massachusetts hire culinary arts major for positions in the kitchen.