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If you are a resident of the great state of Kentucky and you are looking for the perfect college or university to help secure your future, then you have come to the right place! Of course, no matter what state you live in, choosing to complete your post secondary degree is always a good place to start! After all, in the state of Kentucky about 49-58% of the available jobs will require individuals to hold a post secondary degree. It is important to note that while any degree will likely land you the job, the higher level of degree that you are able to complete, the higher rate of pay you can expect to earn.

Even though there is not a vast difference in statistics, only 32-41% of the jobs that are present in this state will be attainable by individuals who have only completed their high school diploma requirements. While these statistics are projected over the next several years, there is likely to be an even bigger surge in employment that will require a collegiate degree or training program. Keep in mind, the colleges that are discussed below are not the only choices within this state. Instead, they are merely the more popular choices based on relevant criteria.

Although it is reported to have a fairly small enrollment, Georgetown College is one of the most popular choices in Kentucky. This privately operated Baptist college currently has about 1,900 students enrolled; the majority of these students are working to obtain an undergraduate degree. With a rich background that dates back to the 1800s, students will have the opportunity to choose from over forty major courses of study and nearly forty minor areas of study. Students who choose this college can expect to experience an active student body and an idyllic student to faculty ratio.

The University of Kentucky is another great option for interested students. Located in Lexington, this public university is known as Kentucky's flagship campus of the public university system. Currently, this university is reported to have a total enrollment of about 27,000 students (approximately 20,000 of these are pursuing an undergraduate degree program). Although the University of Kentucky is known for its strong degree programs in areas like communication, business, and medicine, there are many other great degree choices at this learning facility.

With thirteen different schools and colleges to select from, the University of Louisville is a wonderful option for interested students. This public university currently reports about 21,000 enrolled students; approximately 15,000 of these enrolled students are working to obtain an undergraduate degree. University of Louisville has an extremely diverse student body that is made up of individuals from all fifty states and over one hundred different countries. As additional perks, this university is home to an art gallery and a planetarium. Located in Bowling Green is another great collegiate option Western Kentucky University. This university boasts strong academic programs in nursing, business, and education. However, it is important to note that these are not the only areas that prospective students should consider. In fact, there are many other great options for viable courses of study at this learning institution a range of 90 different major areas and 60 different minor areas. This post – secondary school currently reports about 20,000 students and maintains a nineteen to one student to faculty ratio.

Although the name may evoke a bit of humor, Transylvania University is one of the oldest colleges in our country. This private liberal college is currently home to approximately 1,100 students who are all pursuing an undergraduate degree program. Students who are looking for an intimate environment with which to complete their studies will surely find this university appealing. In fact, with an average class size of seventeen and a student to faculty ratio of twelve to one, learning at the collegiate level doesn't get much more intimate. In addition to a great academic foundation, this university is well known for an active student body and a successful rate of financial aid for their prospective students. Berea College is a wonderful collegiate option for individuals who have a limited amount of financial resources. This small, private liberal arts work college is located in Berea. All students who attend this learning institution will have the opportunity to complete a work program that is utilized in place of the cost of tuition. It is important to note that only undergraduate degree programs are offered to students at this institution.


Training to Consider in Kentucky

Many people have been looking into changing jobs as the economy still continues to struggle in the state. Below are several of the areas we feel are still strong and also you can find training programs in.

Medical Programs – The medical industry is still strong as the need for healthcare related jobs wasn’t hit as hard as other industries. When researching any of the schools we have partnered with be sure to look into programs to start your career training in: medical assisting, medical billing, nursing, phlebotomy, surgical technology, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, health care administration.

Other Trade – Vocational trade programs are programs that are usually less than a year long. Tuition can range from $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the school and type of training. You can earn your certificate in: Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Interior Design, HVAC, CAD Design. Be sure to check with the state of Kentucky first to see which programs require you to take a state licensing test or become certified by the state. We have heard of some online schools that don’t have campus locations in the state enrolling students only for them to find out what they took doesn’t qualify them for licensing in KY so it is always best to ask your state first before you enroll. We strongly encourage you to enroll in a campus based program as you’ll get better hands-on training.

Computer – One of the advantages of the technology industry like CIS is it allows you to train and become employed by companies all over the US, not just in Kentucky. Computer network administration, Cyber security, graphic design, web design, multimedia production and computer information systems are just some of the job titles we found when looking into available positions. It is recommended that you earn a degree in all of them except for web design or graphic design. Those 2 courses usually don’t require a degree to get a job as employers will just want to see your portfolio and the types of design work you can create Also some of the newer schools we found online will teach you specific programs in less than 3 months and get you trained for the demands of employers.


Focus on Job Related Training

Kentucky was the hardest hit when it comes to job loss during the 2008 housing crisis and they also are the slowest to recovery those lost jobs, many that left the state when corporations either collapsed or employees opted to move out of the state for other jobs. We have been telling people for years that you should be focusing on jobs that will actually get you a job and not generic degrees that most employers simply aren’t going to look at seriously. We recommend if you are going to get a degree that you should earn your Bachelor’s degree in a specific field. Anything in medical is hot, especially nursing. Health Information Management is a great career training programs that many of the top schools in the state offer.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to be burdened by high student loans then an alternative would be a trade school or vocational program that is offered by over 20 schools in the state. As we mentioned above these schools can not only get you trained fast, but train you in a specific field so you’ll be ready for a job after you graduate. Many of the schools have high placement rates which means they can get you into a job after graduate. If it alright to ask the school before you enroll what their graduation rates and student placement numbers are. Kentucky has a large tourism industry so programs in hospitality management and even culinary and cooking is great for the industry that has a high turnover rate.


College Education Rates

Kentucky has made big improvements over the last 10 years to increase the number of its population that have earned a college degree. Bac k in 2008 the state was only at 29% of its working class that have earned a degree where today the percentage is at 32%. This is still far lower than the 41% national average. Because of these low numbers the companies that employ the most people in the state really put an emphasis on those with a degree. If you can show your employer you have a degree it will set you apart during the interviewing process. Counties that have been hit the most and those with the lowest percentage of their population with a degree include the counties of: Lee, McCreary, Johnson, Hart, Clay, Jackson, Elliott and Butler. The most educated counties include Oldham, Scott, Fayette, Shelby, Kenton, Campbell, Boone and Jefferson.