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Do you live in the state of Kansas and you are ready to further your level of education beyond your high school diploma? Considering the fact that in the state of Kansas a mere 19-27% of available jobs will be appropriate for individuals who only have a high school diploma, continuing your education to the post secondary level is sure to benefit you in a positive manner. On the contrary, once you have completed your college degree you will find yourself adequately qualified for 64-71% of the available jobs in this state. Once you have made the decision to attend a post secondary school, the next step in your decision process is to narrow down the choices of appropriate learning institutions.

Of course, you will want to keep in mind that the higher level of post secondary degree that you complete, the higher rate of salary that you can likely expect. For instance, individuals who complete a two year associate's level degree program will likely not bring home as large a salary as an individual who has completed a four year bachelor's level degree. Continue reading below to learn some basic information about some of the popular choices in the great state of Kansas.

It is important to note that while none of the collegiate choices in Kansas have an especially selective admissions process, there are some great schools for prospective students to consider. The first popular option is Kansas State University. This university's main campus is located in Manhattan, with a second technology and aviation specialty school in Salina. This publicly operated university reports a current enrollment of about 24,000 students. While the majority of these enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program, it is possible for interested students to also complete a graduate level degree program at this facility. In fact, this university offers prospective undergraduate students over 250 different courses of study to consider.

With an extremely active student body, there are nearly 500 different student organizations that will keep you involved as you work on your academic requirements. In addition, you can expect to experience a diverse student body since there is individuals at this university from all fifty states and over ninety different countries. Another large public university is the University of Kansas. Located in Lawrence, this university currently has approximately 29,000 students enrolled. Of this number, about 20,000 students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. Although this university has many notable degree programs for students to choose from (over 200, in fact), they are particularly recognized for strong programs in the areas of science, liberal arts, and research. While you are working on your academic requirements, you can expect to have the opportunity to experience a diverse student body with individuals from all 50 states and 109 different countries. As an added perk, this learning institution boasts a strong and beneficial study abroad program.

On a much smaller collegiate scale is Baker University. This private university is located in Baldwin City and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. With a currently reported enrollment of about 3,700 students who are completing both undergraduate and graduate level degree programs, this learning institution boasts a fourteen to one student to faculty ratio. As an added benefit, this university offers a wide range of evening and online classes in over forty different areas of study. On an even smaller scale is Bethel College, which is located in North Newton. With fewer than 500 students currently enrolled at this institution, only undergraduate degree programs are offered to prospective students. Affiliated with the Mennonite Church, this private liberal arts college provides students the opportunity to learn through a hands - on method in regards to internships and research.

Interested individuals can also expect to thrive in a small class environment of about twenty students. Although there are many additional collegiate choices within this state, the last one that will be discussed here is Benedictine College. Operated as a private Catholic liberal arts college, Benedictine College currently offers prospective students over sixty academic majors and minors to select from. Although students will have the option to complete a graduate level degree, the majority of enrolled students are working to complete an undergraduate degree program. It is important to note that while the business program at this learning institution is extremely well recognized, there are many other viable options for students to peruse.




Major Universities in Kansas

Kansas has two major colleges which is the University of Kansas in Lawrence and Kansas State University in Manhattan. Other universities include Wichita State University, Fort Hays State University and Pittsburg State University. Kansas has a labor force of 1.5 million. They are a little higher than the national average in terms of the percentage of workers that have graduated with some sort of degree. Of the workforce 11.06% have a professional degree (typically an MBA or PHD). The areas with the highest percentage of the population with a degree are all of the Eastern side of Kansas. Counties such as Douglas, Pottawatomie, Republic, Mitchell, Johnson and Riley all have the highest education levels. The Western side of the state is where the majority of jobs are more traditional and trade related. Farming of course is a way of life for many who live in Western Kansas. With an unemployment rate for the state at 4% a big percentage of the workers hold lower paying jobs at minimum wage.


Why a Trade School is a Great Choice

The state has some of the more affordable colleges in the county. You compound that with a low cost of living and seasonal weather and you’ll soon realize why the state attracts many high school graduating seniors from other states. A big percentage of the graduates of the state actually stay in the state and find employment. Large cities such as Kansas City, Wichita, Lawrence, Salina and even Dodge City are attractive cities to find employment. Being in the Midwest it should be no surprise that many decide to go to work right after high school. Many of the smaller rural towns have positions open that don’t require any degree but just experience. Kansas is home to some great technical colleges and schools including:

- American Institute of Baking
- Wichita Area Technical College
- Manhattan Area Technical College
- Pinnacle Career Institute
- Vatterott College
- National American University

Trade programs are attractive as they can train you in a particular trade in a short period of time. Many of the vocational programs that we list on our site range from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on how long of a program. Nursing is probably the most expensive of all of the programs we list.


Top Industries in the State

Aviation – The largest manufacturer in the state is Sprint AeroSystem that employs over 10,000 people in the state and Cessna Aircraft employs over 6000. These don’t include the large aviation and manufacturing companies that employ another 20,000 combined.

Telecommunication – Sprint Communication employs 7500 employees
Education – Although the state is going through some tough times in regards to their budget and education system it is still a driving force that employs over 108,00 including those in health services.

Agriculture – Of course the agricultural business is massive and ranks 7th in the nation in livestock. Kansas is ranked #1 in the county for wheat production generating 18% of the nation’s total wheat crop.


Best Careers in Kansas

Some of the top careers focus within 4 major cities in Kansas including: Kansas City (Overland Park area), Wichita, Hutchinson and Salina. Wichita and Kansas City are mainly medical and technology focused where Hutchinson, Hays and Salina are more trade industry focused.

Medical Training – Towns all across Kansas have the need for trained medical personnel that possess specific training that can easily learned by attending any of the schools we have listed. Some will require up to 2 years of training where you can earn your Associate’s degree where other schools offer vocational training if you are interested in becoming a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, medical administrative assistant or dental assistant. Nursing is always a great way into the medical industry and your training will allow you to work in almost any major city as the demand for nurses nationwide is still large.

Trade Industry – If you want to learn a hands on career and even run your own business one day then you can look into training programs such as HVAC technician and becoming an electrician. Journeyman in the Kansas City area can earn up to $55,000 per year where electricians $40,000. This is assuming you work for a company where as if you own your own company and have employees your salary can be considerably more.