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Are you a resident of the slimly populated state of Idaho? Do you have your high school diploma in your hands and now you are ready to begin working on the next phase of your educational future? Although the state of Idaho is one of the least populated states in our country, the collegiate choices that are offered here are excellent. Recent online statistics show that in order to be qualified for 59-63 % of the available jobs in the state of Idaho an individual would be required to hold some level of a post secondary degree. Conversely, if you have only completed the requirements associated with your high school diploma you will only be appropriately educated for about 28-31 % of the jobs in this state. These staggering statistics should definitely be enough to encourage you in the most appropriate educational direction! Continue reading below to familiarize yourself with some basic information about five of the most popular educational choices so that you can make the most informed decision possible!

Boise State University, which is located in Boise, was originally founded as Boise Junior College. In fact, this learning institution was initially operated by the Episcopalian Church. For individuals who are looking for an athletically involved campus, in addition to a great academic program to pursue, Boise State University may be the ideal choice. With a wide range of undergraduate and graduate level degree programs for students to choose from, this university leaves nothing lacking! In fact, once you have completed your undergraduate degree program you will be able to select a graduate level degree program to pursue from these areas: public affairs, arts and sciences, education, engineering, social science, business and economics, and health science. A second great collegiate option for interested individuals is Lewis Clark State College.

With an active existence since 1893, students will have the opportunity to complete a certificate based program, a two year associate's degree program, or a four year bachelor's level program. This higher learning institution offers students educational programs in these areas: welding, nursing, paralegal training, bookkeeping, automated manufacturing, collision repair, industrial electronics, heating air conditioning, and hotel and restaurant management. As an added perk this college is well known for its baseball team, which has won many National Championships.

The University of Idaho is well known within this state's educational system because it was the state's first university. Founded in 1889, this school offers campus based degree programs and online based degree programs that can be completed at the undergraduate and graduate level. Prospective students can expect to have the chance to experience an active athletic program in areas such as tennis, track, basketball, swimming, soccer, golf, football, and volleyball.

While the liberal arts degree programs are extremely strong and recognized, there are endless other academic possibilities for individuals to pursue. Within the liberal arts college students can expect to have the chance to pursue areas such as environmental science, counseling and human services, conservation, accounting, law, agribusiness, zoology, and chemical engineering. A fourth option that prospective students may want to check out is the Brigham Young University, Rexburg. Originally founded in 1888 by the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as the Bannock State Academy, this learning institution offers associate level degree programs and bachelor's level degree programs. You will have the chance to select an appropriate course of study from areas like: nursing, nutrition, psychology, geological sciences, communication, engineering, dance, and business. Due to the fact that this university has a well - recognized, successful online education program you may decide to complete some of your course requirements via the internet. Keep in mind, this learning format is not ideal for all students and will likely require an extra level of discipline in order to successfully complete.

The final most popular option within the state of Idaho is Idaho State University, Pocatello. This learning institution was founded in 1901 and currently offers students undergraduate and graduate level degree programs. In fact, this university boasts a wide range of educational programs for potential students to choose from. For instance, there are exemplary degree programs in the areas of technology, education, health professions, pharmacology, engineering, arts and sciences, and business. In addition to these programs, Idaho State University also offers continuing education courses for adult learners that can be completed through a distance learning approach. Along with a great academic program students will also have the chance to enjoy a well - rounded athletic environment.


Top Schools in Idaho

The state has over 25 colleges and schools. The most schools are located in Boise, Idaho Falls, Nampa, Caldwell and Twin Falls. The largest school is Boise State University followed by the University of Idaho. Other schools are Brigham Young University in Rexburg, College of Southern Idaho, Alemeda University, Northwest Nazerene University and New Said Andrews College.


Idaho Economy

Most think agriculture is the top industry in Idaho but it is actually manufacturing and health care. The healthcare industry added 46% to their payroll over the past 10 years which places Idaho #2 in the nation and the industry is slated to grow by 30-35%. The healthcare industry allows workers to stay employed even during the last recession which saw many other sectors decrease their workforce. With close to 9% of the state’s economy, manufacturing continues to rise in the valley and employs over 23,500 jobs.

One of the biggest issues facing Idaho has been the lack of excitement for kids to attend college. Out of 10 individuals that enter high school only 8 will graduate, 4 will attend college and only 1 will actually graduate. The rural landscape of Idaho is part of the issue as they really don’t have a lot of colleges to choose from. Many feel it would be a waste of time since they don’t expect to make more than minimum wage even when they graduate. Another issue is that parents aren’t taking education serious enough as many of them grew up with a limited amount of education. Kids that are graduating can get stuck wanting to live in the area they grew up but attend school and get a job. The issue is once they graduate they can’t find work in their line of work in the area they wish to live. Boise is trying to change all of that by growing their technology sector but things are slow going. Companies would love to come and have a company in Idaho but they feel they won’t be able to hire enough talented college graduates to fill the spot. As we will go over below some of the best areas might be in the trades where you can get trained for a specific career in a short period of time and not carry a big student loan when you graduate. Most trade schools have good placement numbers and can get graduates employed shortly after the graduate.


Best Careers in Idaho

When looking into what the best careers are you can rank them by the total number of employees in a particular section, rank them by median salary or look into areas that have had the most growth over the past 10 years. In Idaho with a total workforce of over 600,000 they have seen the most rise in the number of medical as well as technical jobs needed. The below areas have seen the most growth:

Pharmacy Technician – As a pharmacy assistant you will help out behind the counter and help fill prescriptions, work with clients and assist with insurance companies. The average salary is $30,600 however the top 10% of all jobs can reach $47,500 plus bonuses. The Boise economy has continued to grow and new development and companies coming into the state has increased the need for help in the medical fields including pharmacy assistants.

Paralegal and Criminal Justice
– According to the Idaho Paralegal Association the state has 700 that are working in a paralegal role with the average media salary of $40,870. It is recommended that if you are considered this career to not only earn a degree but take it form an ABA approved school in the state.

Dental Assistant – One of the areas we hear great things about is in the dental field. As a dental assistant they not only have a good hourly wage of $17.75 but can earn up to $50,000 with several years of experience under their belts. The highest salaries are seen in Meridian, Boise, Coeur D Alene and Caldwell.

Business Management – Earning your degree in business is a great way to get employers to notice you. Accounting, business management and marketing are the top 3 degrees in business that employers are looking for. You’ll have the ability to use your talents when working with small or median sized businesses which dominate the state.

Electricians – An electrician journeyman in Idaho makes $28,000 on average to start. You can receive your electrical training from any of the trade schools in the state and the tuition should run between $12,000-18,000. The hands-on training you’ll receive will get you properly prepared to start your apprenticeship.

Nursing – Idaho is experiencing a need for qualified nurses and it is becoming much harder to find nurses to fill intensive care and emergency care positions. Some of the local hospitals including the VA medical center says it takes sometimes up to 3 months to fill a position. Part of the issue is the surrounding states are paying more for nurses and many are graduating in the state and moving for a higher salary. As a nursing student this is great for you as you can take advantage of the cheaper tuition rates from Idaho’s nursing school and then decide if you wish to work outside of the state or not.


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