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Are you a resident of Hawaii who is looking to find that perfect college or university to attend? Do you have a plan with regards to your course of study, but you have yet to firmly decide on the most appropriate venue with which to complete the requirements? According to recent online research, a huge 64-71 % of available career positions within the beautiful state of Hawaii will require applicants to hold a post secondary degree. While this statistic does not specifically state what type of degree one must possess, those individuals with higher post secondary degrees will of course be able to earn a higher rate of pay.

For example, an individual who has completed a bachelor's level degree program can expect to earn a higher salary than someone who has only completed a two year associate's level degree. On the contrary, individuals who have only completed the requirements necessary to obtain a high school diploma will have approximately 28-31 % of jobs that they are qualified for. Below, you will find a brief discussion about some of the most popular collegiate options within the great state of Hawaii. Keep in mind, this list is not conclusive. Therefore, if you still do not find the perfect choice for your educational endeavors you may need to further your research.

One of the top five choices within the state of Hawaii is the Brigham Young University of Hawaii. Located approximately 35 miles from Honolulu on the island of O'ahu, this campus is situated on a beautiful 195 acres. Current statistics show that this university has about 2,500 undergraduate students enrolled in their educational programs. Brigham Young University of Hawaii is known to be ranked as a Tier Two National Liberal Arts College in a current edition of Best Colleges. Prospective students can expect to find exemplary degree programs to be offered in the areas of accounting, commerce, and business.

Another viable choice for interested students is the University of Hawaii at Hilo. With a large campus of well over one hundred acres, this is located approximately 200 miles from Honolulu; this university offers degree programs at both an undergraduate degree level and a graduate level degree. Currently, there are about 3,200 undergraduate students who are enrolled and working on furthering their education. This higher learning institution is also ranked as a Tier Two National Liberal Arts College according to a recent publication of Best Colleges. Some of the most notable degree programs offered at this university are in regards to astronomy, marine biology, and volcanology. However, these are just a few of the great degree programs that interested students can choose from as they plot their future educational path.

A larger university that interested individuals may want to consider is the University of Hawaii at Manoa. According to a recent publication of Best Colleges and National Universities, this learning institution ranks as 159. This vast campus, which is operated as a public learning institution, is located approximately three miles inland from Honolulu. Current statistics show that there are about 14,000 students enrolled at this university. It is important to note that while this learning facility is recognized for its degree programs in areas of human resources and agriculture, there are many other lucrative options for individuals to consider. In addition, should you decide to attend this university you can expect to complete your studies according to a semester based academic calendar.

One of the great state operated learning facilities is the University of Hawaii at West O'ahu. Currently, this facility is the only four year educational option that is located in the leeward O'ahu vicinity. Although the recent undergraduate enrollment is not astounding, this university is ranked as a Tier Two National Liberal Arts College according to the Best Colleges publication. Some of the more notable options of degree programs for individuals to consider are the professional studies in areas such as Public Administration and Business Administration. The liberal arts degree programs are also extremely strong at this educational facility.

The final university that will be mentioned is the Hawaii Pacific University, which is located in Honolulu. This privately operated school is known as the largest university in the Central Pacific. Current online research shows that this university's undergraduate enrollment is approximately 7,000. Interested students can expect phenomenal degree programs in the liberal arts areas, in business administration, and in nursing. Currently, Hawaii Pacific University is ranked as 68th of Best Colleges and Regional Universities.

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Hawaii has over 750,000 working class individuals and 44% have earned a degree sometime in their lifetime. This percentage is above the national average. One of the things that stand out regarding the education of its people in Hawaii is that most of the races have equal education levels. The state is home to the University of Hawaii with 3 locations and 7 community colleges. Other post-secondary schools include Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Flight Academy, Hawaii Computer Training Solutions, Hawaii Institute of Hair Design, and New Hope Christian College.

Top Industries in the State

Without saying the tourism industry leads the way in terms of total jobs as well as revenue brought in. Over 10 million people each year visit the state and over 250,000 workers manage and take care of all of the guests. Defense is the second largest industry with a military population of over 50,000 that is on active duty. Agriculture is 3rd in terms of revenue earned and their top export is sugar cane.

Trade Schools

The state has over 50 vocational schools to choose from. Many are located in Honolulu and several in Kahului and Lihue. One of the top areas of training is in massage therapy however other training programs including computer training, cosmetology, medical assisting, medical coding, travel and culinary.