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Are you currently a resident of Delaware who has completed their high school graduation requirements and are anxiously waiting to begin furthering your education? Maybe you have completed an undergraduate degree program already and you are now ready to pursue your graduate level degree program. Or perhaps you have your sights set on a particular college or university in Delaware even though you don't currently reside there. No matter which of these categories you fall into, you will surely find some information below that will be relevant to your situation. In addition, it should also help you narrow down some of your choices with regards to the most appropriate collegiate choice. A few details regarding Delaware's employment projections are also included in this article.

Over the next several years you can expect the number of jobs that are available for individuals with a post secondary degree to increase by about 26,000. On the contrary, the number of jobs that will be appropriate for individuals who only have a minimum of a high school diploma are projected to decrease by approximately 14,000. These statistics alone should verify which educational path will be more beneficial to you and your future goals. One of the top five schools in the state of Delaware is Wilmington University, which was previously known as Wilmington College.

The reason this learning institution changed its name is due to the fact that prior to 2007 this college did not have its university status or the larger number of degree programs that it currently offers. While any type of student is open to apply to and to attend this university, Wilmington does primarily serve commuter students who are located in the Wilmington Metropolitan Area. A current online statistic shows that Wilmington is home to approximately 4,800 students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree program. However, the majority of the students who attend this university are nontraditional students who complete classes on the main campus as well as the nearby community campuses.

Wesley College is another great collegiate choice for interested individuals. Located in the residential community of Dover, Wesley College is known to be Delaware's oldest private university. While you may expect a college that is located in the state's capital to be on a large scale, Wesley College is actually quite small. In fact, current online research shows that their undergraduate enrollment is only about 2,100. It is important to note that while this learning institution maintains a covenant relationship with the United Methodist Church, you can expect this campus to have a multi-cultural, multi-denominational setting. With a seventeen to one student to faculty ratio that Wesley College is very proud of, prospective students can expect an intimate learning environment that is sure to help them thrive. Also located in Dover is a third choice Delaware State University.

Keep in mind, because of proximity Dover is a great location for students who want to come from cities such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, or even Washington, D.C. Although this university has always been known as a primarily black learning institution, in recent years it has become much more diverse in its student body. Current statistics show that Delaware State University has approximately 3,300 undergraduate students. While there are many different degree programs that students can choose from, this university is well known for its degree programs in education, technology, and mathematics. In addition, if you are interested in pursuing a degree program in an area such as biotechnology or applied optics, Delaware State University is continuously increasing the number of research based grants that they have in place.

Widener University is yet another great collegiate option in the state of Delaware. This learning institution actually has four campuses for students to choose between; however, the main campus is located in Chester, Pennsylvania. No matter which location you choose to attend, you can expect to have undergraduate degree programs, graduate level degree programs, as well as professional type programs to choose between. As an interesting tidbit, Widener University was originally founded as a boy's preparatory school and was later converted to a university. The final collegiate choice that will be discussed is the University of Delaware, which is located in Newark. This university is recognized as being the largest university in the state of Delaware. In fact, a current online statistic shows that this university is home to almost 17,000 undergraduate students. According to the Princeton Review, this university's engineering program was ranked tenth in the nation. In addition, this university is one of four schools that offer a major in art conservation.

Delaware has some great trade schools that you can attend. The advantage of attending a trade school over a more traditional college is you have the option to study a specific topic or trade without being forced to take additional courses that would make up a degree. Most trade schools don’t have any admissions requirements which are popular for many and they also offer payment plans to help pay for the education while you attend.

Top Trade School Programs

You’ll find a lot of schools in the Wilmington, Dover and Newark areas however many of the trade schools you’ll research offer online training in the following areas:


- Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage
- Cosmetology
- Medical Assistant
- Dental Assisting
- Photography
- Project Management
- HVACR Technician
- Diesel Mechanics
- Veterinary Assistant
- Medical Transcription
- Truck Driving CDL License


Education Levels in Delaware

The state has over 450,000 individuals that are of working age and 39% of those possess an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. This number has increased 3% over the last 10 years. The median income for workers in the state is $50,300. The healthcare industry which employ over 75,000 have an average wage of $82,020. Management positions are on the rise in the state with a high median salary of $136,180.


Schools in Delaware

The state has lot of colleges you can choose from including: University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware State University in Dover, Wilmington University in New Castle, Wesley College in Dover, Widener University in Harrisburg and 75 others.


Industries in Delaware

Aerospace and Aviation Industry
Manufacturing is big business and Delware is trying hard to keep up with the rest of the nation in terms of its domestic product impact in the aviation business. Recent advancement have led companies to invest millions in Delaware to build facilities. This could employ 1000’s of new jobs. Chemical manufacturing is also a top export as DuPont drives the state in terms of exports for chemicals.

Healthcare Industry
In most other areas jobs are tight except in healthcare. Nursing for example has a shortage of workers in the state. They are currently 1300 open positions for nurses and the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


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