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Do you currently live in Connecticut and are ready to begin working to obtain your college degree? Or perhaps you plan to move to Connecticut to attend school, but you still aren't quite sure what your options are. No matter which of these situations fit you and your lifestyle, this article can help to familiarize you with some of your more popular options. Below, you will find a brief overview of some pertinent information regarding this great state and its projected employment, along with information regarding several schools that you may want to consider.

As one of the most densely populated states in our country, Connecticut is home to many Ivy League colleges and well recognized universities. Throughout this great state, there are numerous learning institutions that offer top ranked undergraduate and graduate level programs in areas such as biomedical engineering, law, and business. It is vital to note that in the state of Connecticut 64-71 % of projected employment opportunities will only be attainable by individuals who have completed a post secondary education program. Similarly, less than 7 % of projected jobs in this state will be appropriate for individuals who have not finished the requirements for their high school diploma. Connecticut is a state that offers great opportunities to students directly after graduation; the close proximity to New York City also doesn't hurt.

One of the most popular collegiate choices in Connecticut is the University of Hartford. This private university is located in West Hartford on a sprawling 320 acre campus. A huge benefit that is offered by this institution is that it holds the highest level of accreditation that is offered within the United States educational system. Currently, this university offers undergraduate level students over eighty major degree programs and ten associate degree programs. In addition, graduate level students who are attending this university will have nearly thirty different options to choose from as they plot out their future.

Although the enrollment at this university is not astounding, the academic opportunities that are present for students to obtain are phenomenal. A second popular option for prospective students is Connecticut College. This liberal arts college has been ranked among the top fifty best liberal arts colleges in the United States. Students at this educational facility can choose from majors in these areas: biological sciences, economics, government, anthropology, history, and psychology. Furthermore, this college boasts over 1,000 courses in nearly thirty different fields of interdisciplinary study.

The state of Connecticut is home to one of the well recognized Ivy League institutions, Yale University. According to the U.S. News and World Report, it is ranked as the third best college in the country. Ironically, it is also the third oldest university in the United States. Although there are many strong degree programs within this establishment, Yale University is well known for its degree programs in management, nursing, law, art, and medicine. A third notable learning institution for you to think about is University of Connecticut. This school is ranked as 69th of the best colleges to attend, based on an article from U.S. News and World Report. One unique factor to consider about this university is that it is the only public university in New England that offers students its own schools of social work, medicine, dentistry, and law.

Currently, University of Connecticut is home to approximately 16,000 undergraduate and graduate level students. No matter what type of educational program you plan to pursue, University of Connecticut is sure to offer it. After all, this university has over one hundred majors for students to choose from. This includes eight undergraduate degree programs, sixteen graduate level degree programs, and five professional degree programs.

The final option that will be discussed in this article is The Central Connecticut State University. Please note that these options were not listed in a first to last type order, but instead in a more random manner. This notable learning institution has been recognized as one of the sixteen Leadership Institutions according to The Association of American Colleges and Universities. Should you decide to apply to this university you can expect to become part of a very politically and socially active student body. There is little doubt that this factor played a large part in the Leadership Institution ranking. In addition to a great extracurricular atmosphere at this educational facility, students can expect to have over one hundred majors to select from in almost one hundred different fields of study.

Higher Education in Connecticut

According to the US Census Bureau Connecticut has one of the highest, most educated population in the US. Over 47% of the population has at least a 2 year college degree. Several factors keep this number high and the first is they only have less than 5% of their population that went from 9th-12th grade without receiving their high school diploma. Over 22% of their population have earned a Bachelor’s degree and a massive 17% have earned a master’s degree or higher.

Top Occupations in Connecticut

The state employs over 1.6 million workers in a lot of different fields. Healthcare makes up 10% of their workforce where education and food related positions make up close to 30%. The median wage in CT is $56,280 which is above the national average. Teacher’s assistants make up 22,000 workers in the state. The state added 22,600 jobs last year and it looks like the trend isn’t going to stop. Companies are moving into the state at a faster than expected rate and putting a strain on the existing job pool. If you are just entering the workforce or getting ready to go to school this is a good thing.

Connecticut Schools

Connecticut has some of the most prestigious schools in the county including Yale, Wesleyan University, Trinity College and Connecticut College. Most of the tuition costs as these schools can run in excess of $45,000 per year. Due to the high admissions requirements to get into these schools and the cost of tuition many graduating seniors look for online schools out of the state where tuition is lower but also research trade schools in the area.

Job Sectors and the Economy

Connecticut is a great state that has a strong society. Job seekers choose the state due to the low unemployment rate and number of jobs available. The top sectors in the state include:

The state is home to a big agricultural industry not only in crops but animals such as cattle and produce. The state has over 5500 farms that produces over a half a billion dollars in revenue for the state each year.

The state has some of the top manufacturing companies in the US that call CT home. The 24 billion in revenue produced from this sector makes up over 12 percent of the total gross state product and employs over 165,000 employees. The average manufacturing job is in metal fabrication and equipment with an average wage of $87,000.

Financial Services
Connecticut is a great place for those wishing to work in the financial services sector yet don’t want to live in New York or New Jersey. Both the Royal Bank and UBS have their home offices in CT. Over 120,000 individuals work in the financial sector in Connecticut ranging from insurance companies to stock trading. For those currently entering into College and wanting a career in financial services should look into a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting.


College Alternatives

For many in the state they turn to vocational schools so they can receive specific training in a craft or trade. Below are just some of the areas to consider based on the needs of employers.

Get started with a career training program today at a vocational school. Schools offer quick training programs such as dental assisting, medical assisting, medical billing and coding, practical nursing, and health information technology. There are currently over 1000 active new registered nursing positions in the state that have an average salary of $75,000. With over 25 colleges that offer the nursing program you can find a school close to your hometown. Dental assistants are a very popular career choice and in Connecticut the state employs around 2000 DA’s.

The IT industry supports not only the financial service industry but all the medium to small businesses in the state. Computer programmers seem to always been in need, especially in the Fairfield County area. The state has done a ton over the last 5 years to keep companies in their state and to continue to educate graduating seniors.

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