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  • Associate Degree in Specialized Business
  • Associate Degree in Speclialized Technology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Health Information Technology
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Motorsports Technology
  • Pastry Arts
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Veterinary Technician

YTI Career Institute


YTI Career Institute


YTI Career Institute is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). In order to obtain this standing, YTI has undergone a rigorous process that evaluates the quality of the school’s practices and overall education.


The YTI Career Institute is a reputable institution that provides students the opportunity to excel in their chosen careers paths, keeping in mind their specific goals and objectives. The institute offers an array of programs designed to prepare students who want to head start their careers in business, criminal justice, computers or healthcare. With its industry-modeled curricula, advanced facilities and qualified instructors, students are likely to excel in their chosen career path.

Financial Aid
The Educational Funding Department at YTI is dedicated to making education more affordable for those without the financial means to attend. Financial assistance includes scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study employment. YTI accepts the following grants: Federal Pell Grants, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency grants, and The Pennsylvania Targeted Industry Program. YTI participates in several loan programs:

- Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
- Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans
- Federal Parent PLUS Loan


Campus Locations:
2900 Fairway Drive,
Altoona, PA 16602


3050 Hempland Road,
Lancaster, PA 17601


1405 Williams Road,
York, PA 17402


YTI Motorsports Technology Program
52-6 Grumbacher Road,
York, PA 17406


In today’s economy, the need for people with a specific skill set is continually growing. At YTI Career Institute you will gain the knowledge, skillfulness, and experience you need to start a job in your field immediately after graduation.


Enrollment Process
Candidates interested in enrolling themselves in any of the institution’s programs must fill out a contact form on their website. An admission representative from YTI Career Institute will then get in touch with you. Candidates may then thoroughly discuss regarding career services, programs financial aid and student’s life followed by a campus tour. Prospective students will be given the opportunity to visit the classrooms and labs where they will be receiving training.
Programs offers by the Altoona Campus include:

• Business Administration
• Computer Systems Technician
• Criminal Justice & First Response
• Dental Assistant
• Medical Assistant
• Medical Billing & Coding
• Respiratory Therapy

Associate in Specialized Business


The Business Administration Program at YTI provides students with industry-standard training and experience as they learn from professionals in their particular field. Training areas include computers, economics, communication, and management.


Business Administration: Business Operations Management

Students will learn the foundations and the intricacies of managing, or even starting, a business. Important skills from customer service to marketing research are mastered by students in the Business Administration: Business Operations Management Program.


Computer Aided Drafting and Design

As a student in YTI’s Computer Aided Drafting and Design program you will learn skills that will set you up for a multitude of jobs in today’s workforce. Experienced professionals will teach you to work with industry-standard 3D modeling software to create drafts and models used to create actual structures and products. Because of its wide-ranging application and functions, this skill set opens up employment opportunities in fields such as civil engineering, product manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and landscaping.


Computer Systems Specialist

From small businesses to large corporations, nearly all kinds of companies require a skilled Computer Systems Specialist. Students can learn this coveted skill through hands-on experience in YTI’s Systems Specialist Program, which provides industry-standard technical facilities, computer equipment, and tools.


Computer Systems Technician

Computer Systems Technicians are individuals who utilize their skills to complete tasks such as computer setup, troubleshooting and maintenance. The YTI’s Computer Systems Technician offers advanced technical facilities, tools and equipment to benefit students and help them have an edge over other candidates when it is time for recruitment. Upon graduation, students may find themselves working at telecommunication companies or computer firms. Computer Systems Technicians are also needed in organizations with multiple workstations, government agencies and health facilities etc.


Criminal Justice and First Response

In this program, students are trained in analysis and collection of evidence at crime scenes, electronic surveillance, correctional facility security and much more. YTI’s provides its students hand-on training in basic life support treatment to aid patients outside hospital environments. YTI is the perfect place for you to pursue your career path in criminal justice & first response with its highly skilled and quality instructors and hand-on training facilities. By opting for a career in this field, you will be provided the opportunity to make a beneficial difference in the lives of people around you. Upon graduation, students may apply for entry-level positions in a variety of career fields.


Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management

Well-equipped teaching kitchens serve as a classroom in YTI’s Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management Program. These facilities allow students to acquire hands-on experience while learning from dedicated instructors. Students also gain knowledge in professional development and restaurant management. Professional chefs and restaurant managers are ready to start their careers after a three-month externship.


Dental Assisting Diploma Program

With people increasingly becoming concerned regarding their dental hygiene, dental assistant careers throughout the county continues to grow. By enrolling themselves in a 9-month training program, students can embark on an exciting career path with a variety of job opportunities in dental laboratories, dental clinics, and educational services or may be employed by specialty practices such as pediatric surgeons and oral surgeons etc. Apart from conducting dental examinations, Dental Assistant’s greet patients, complete dental records and billings, schedule appointments, prepare dental materials, set up instruments and complete other tasks to aide dentists.


Electrical Technology

In YTI’s electrical lab facilities students learn everything they need to know to become an efficient Electrical Technician, and apply what they’ve learned in a hands-on environment that replicates a real-life setting. Graduates are set up for success in work environments such as manufacturing companies, communications and technology companies. They also find jobs in security, home-improvement, and residential and commercial contracting.


Electronics Engineering Technology

YTI’s Electronics Engineering Technology students learn a variety of settings: the classroom, the lab, and a three-month externship. Graduates obtain jobs with cable, Internet, and cellular providers; military defense contractors; and in a multitude of other related fields.


Expanded Function Dental Assisting

In this program students practice dental methods in labs made to simulate the real-life experience of being on the job. In addition to being guided by skilled instructors, students receive training in an externship, preparing them for success in the dental field.


Health Information Technology Training

Students acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in an administrative setting within the field of healthcare.


Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

YTI’s industry-standard facilities and equipment allow students to gain hands-on training for jobs in commercial and residential settings.


Medical Assistant Program

YTI’s comprehensive Medical Assistant Training program is designed for students who are passionate about health care and wish to play an active role handling both clinical and administrative duties. A medical assistant, some of your tasks would include completing medical records, greeting patients, recording vital signs, preparing patients for tests and basic lab procedures, scheduling appointments and much more. . Employment in medical industry is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations in the medical industry throughout the years due to the expanding technological advances in medicine.

YTI offers its students qualified instructors, advanced medical equipment, instruments and equipment that helps them gain an edge over other candidates when it is time for employment. Apart from offering its students a 12-week externship, YTI will also provide you with the on-the-job skills needed to impress your employers. Upon graduation, medical assistants can find themselves working at healthcare facilities, clinics, physician’s office, medical laboratories and educational services.


Medical Billing and Coding Training

The Medical Billing & Coding program at YTI Career Institute is designed for students who want to focus on the business administrative side of the healthcare profession. With the help of qualified instructors and advanced medical training facilities, students receive the requisite knowledge and skills needed for them to become skilled Medical Billers and/or coders. Upon graduation, Medical Billers and/or coders may either work in the business side of healthcare or opt for the IT side that requires the use of totally automated systems. Most billers and coders can be found working in managed healthcare companies, hospitals, third party billing companies etc. Job opportunities can also be found in state and local government agencies.


Motorsports Technology

Hands-on training allows students to practice their skills on real Harley-Davidsons, Yamahas, Suzukis, Ducatis, and many more fun and exciting vehicles, motorcycles, and watercrafts. YTI’s Motorsports Technology facilities are highly impressive, including 3 labs with workbenches and tools, diagnostic equipment, and motorcycle lifts; a department dedicated to stocked parts; and a separate room for the DynoJet dynamometer for advanced diagnostic and performance evaluation. Courses cover everything from career development and communication, to the most intricate details of motorsport vehicle maintenance.


Pastry Arts

The Pastry Arts Program at The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts (a division of YTI Career Institute-Lancaster) prepares students for employment in a variety of culinary settings. Students gain experience in YTI’s industry modeled kitchens as well as in a real, fully functioning restaurant. This program is perfect for those who have or want to develop artistic skill, business savvy, and a passion for pastries.


Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician takes on many different tasks, all of which can be learned in YTI’s Pharmacy Technician Program. Students are trained by professional staff in a setting that features equipment and instruments used on the job. An externship allows students to learn and work in an actual healthcare setting.


Respiratory Therapy

If you are interested in working in one of the most dynamic and technological filed in healthcare then perhaps you should consider enrolling yourself in the Respiratory Therapy program. As a respiratory therapist, your duties would include analyzing the patient’s lung functions, performing chest physical exams, determining oxygen levels, performing arterial blood gas analysis and much more. Rest assured, YTI Career Institute offers qualified instructors along with the most advanced medical instruments and equipment that you will find on your very first day at work. Apart from clinical rotation to clinics and hospitals, students will study under the guidance of skilled professionals that will instill working knowledge and skills needed to become part of a medical team.


Veterinary Technician

In the Veterinary Technician Program classroom and lab work are combined with hands-on training with professionals in a healthcare setting. Students gain knowledge in important subjects such as anatomy and physiology, breeding, nutrition, sanitation, behavior, and more. Off campus, students learn and practice skills with large animals such as horses and cows during trips to Leg Up and White Oak Farms. Students also participate in an externship, which prepares them with the information and skills needed as a member of a veterinary team.


Career Services
From the very beginning, students are assigned a Career Services Specialist. This person assists in setting career goals and creating a plan to reach those goals based on the student’s personal skills and ambitions.


Career Placement Assistance:
Externships – In many of the programs, students participate in an externship during their final term in order to gain practical experience.

Career Networking Events – Career Fairs are held at YTI, featuring a variety of potential employers.


Professional Development – The YTI curriculum incorporates important lessons in professional development. Students learn about current trends in the job market, presenting a professional image, job research methods, and even attend resume-writing workshops. The YTI Career Institute is the perfect institute for students who want a promising career in business, criminal justice, computers or healthcare. The programs provided by intuition are sure to help you get a head start on career path of your choice.