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Wyoming Technical Institute
If there is an institute with a history worth telling it is Wyoming Technical Institute or WyoTech as it is mostly known. It is considered to be one of the longest serving institutes that not only offer technical training but a great place offering training to the next generation technicians.

As a student, you will have the noted advantage of doing learning basic skills and doing what you love with your hands. The courses take shorter period, are quite intensive and largely recognized in every sector of economy not only in the USA but all around the world.

A visit to the webpage will give you a wider view why the institute is in great demand in the 21st century. It is worth noting that there has been a massive increase in the amount of automobiles and finding the right mechanics and technicians in an overflowing market can sometimes be a little mind boggling.

Before we delve further into what WyoTech is all about, it is important to know that as the market gets global, it is also important to open doors for the worldwide market to understand in great detail what the institute is all about.

WyoTech – Blairsville
500 Innovation Drive
Blairsville PA, 15717


WyoTech – Daytona
70 Destination Daytona Lane
Ormond Beach FL, 32174


WyoTech – Laramie
4373 North 3rd Street
Laramie WY, 82072


As time change and technology increases students and prospective students or visitors to the page can further go to the following sites to learn more why WyoTech has thus made it this far in a very competitive field.

Why you need to study at WyoTech
If for one reason or another you have wanted an affordable college with a history to die for. This is the place to be. WyoTech will give you the chance to enjoy your career in an institution with an environment for all its students. As a student here you will be able to enjoy choosing your preference from the six core courses and the large number of courses on offer.

Automotive Technology Training Program

 Light duty diesel
 High performance power train
 Applied service management amongst others
The above course is for those who love spending time learning about engines and how they run. It will also enable you to maintain and rebuild an engine from scratch. You will also be able to allow you to do what you have about automotives.


Collision Refinishing Training


 Street-rod and custom fabrication
 Trim and upholstery
 Motorsports chassis fabrication
 Applied service management
The course includes a lot of metal work and spraying. It will also enable you to reconstruct or fully realign a vehicle after an accident or collision as mostly happen. There is so much that takes place for a vehicle to be fully finished and restoration of a vehicle to its original condition.


Diesel Technology Training


 Light duty & advanced diesel
 High performance power train
 Applied service management
 Street-rod and custom fabrication
A great employment opportunity for students in the industry, as a student you will have the opportunity to be employed or if possible simply maintain your rig if funds allow. You can choose to be employed or self employ yourself.


Marine Technology Program


 Vessel Power Transmission
 Inboard Engine Propulsion Systems
 Diesel Engines, Power Generation and Marine Electronics
 Outboard Engine Propulsion Systems
Better training opportunity for those who love and enjoy working on marine engines. As a student you will undergo several opportunities in the industry that will propel you to higher career goals.


Motorcycle Technology Training


 Suspension Systems
 Brake Systems
 Four Stroke Engines
 Two Stroke Engines
 Fundamentals of Electricity
 Electrical Systems
 Fuel Systems
 Service


There has been an increase in the use of motorcycles over the last few years either for business, sport or as a collection. Such needs maintenance overtime and different mechanical problems. The course allows one to choose their preference amongst the following listed models namely Ducat, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Custom Motorcycles thereby making it easier for concentration purposes.

Each course has its own specialty course as listed above and requires different number of hours. Students have the option of starting at a diploma or certificate level whatever will be applicable.

How do you WyoTech?
First of all, you will need to log onto the web page and decide on the best course forward. Once you have made your choice, you will also have the option of choosing the best appropriate campus. You will realise that the team works with some of the best grant and aid providers to ensure that technical students are able to get a starting point in their up-coming career.

WyoTech works with some of the best teachers and lecturers in the technical field. This can be ascertained by the high large number of graduates that leave the institution each single year. Such are found in many sectors of the economy and unless you have been keen, such have never disappointed.

To be able to join WyoTech, it is important to have attained a high school. In case for one reason or another that is not so, you will still have a chance to attend the institution, simply send your particulars and our online chat will answer all your questions and give you the best method to follow before being admitted. The courses vary considerably and depend on two things number of hours in class and the agreed number of hours in a theory class. Before attaining your graduation, you must have been able to fully complete you credit yours as per requirement.

Another great benefit you will enjoy as a graduate is being able to work with you once you complete to help you put your career in place. The courses take shorter time, quite intensive and are very promising. It is the only opportunity to use your hands to do the things that you love most in the technical industry.

The job industry is quite wide and giving students a softer landing is necessary and imperative. That is why WyoTech has partnered with other companies to ensure that graduates do not get frustrated the minute they walk out of our institution.

Our admission representatives work round the clock to make this possible. You can take a virtual tour before speaking to our admission representative who will be more than glad to be of service to you. WyoTech prepares its graduates for the job market and if you need to confirm so simply look at the available reviews.

WyoTech has a stable team of satisfied students who all along have had good news to speak about the techniques they learned here. It is also a better platform for an oncoming career in higher institutions of better learning.

A WyoTech certification is recognized all over the US and into many institutions of higher learning. We have made others start their careers here and you too can choose to start with us today. Simply contact us and we will gladly get back to you. Choose today to advance your career with an incredible team that has created some of the best the world over.