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William Howard Taft University


William Howard Taft University


The William Howard Taft University was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing high quality distance education. Since its founding, the school has developed into one of the most well known and respected sources for distance based continuing education programs.


Campu Location:
William Howard Taft University
600 South Cherry Street, Suite 525
Denver, CO 80246


Distance based education simply means that the coursework is not completed on campus. This provides students and professionals the opportunity to pursue further education from any location they chose. For example, a current job may require that you live far from a city or other source that can offer traditional classroom based education. Whatever your reason is, Taft University can help you achieve your goals no matter where you want to achieve them from.


The main focus at Taft University is continuing education work for students who wish to obtain a Masters or Doctorate degree in fields like education and business. There are also some Undergraduate certificate programs, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Special Requirements
Because this is a distance based university, students must have reliable access to a computer and the internet. While most normal computers are more than satisfactory, potential students should take the time to review the hardware and software requirements to make sure they are able to meet them.


Academics at Taft University
Coursework at Taft University is split between two different schools, the W. Edwards Deming School of Business and the Boyer Graduate School of Education


The W. Edwards Deming School of Business

Undergraduate Certificates
Students who wish to obtain a fast and targeted education in a specific field so that they can get a fast start in their career should consider the Undergraduate Certificate Programs offered at Taft University through their school of business.

Anyone who completes a certificate program will obtain valuable skills to immediately advance their career, while also having the additional benefit of being able to transfer all of the credits from the certificate program towards a full Undergraduates degree in Business Administration.

Certificate programs available include:

- Marketing
- eBusiness
- Finance
- Accounting
- International Business
- Project Management


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

This online program is specifically designed for students who have already completed an Associate’s degree or the equivalent (60+ credits) at another institution. Graduates of the program will enter the job market with the skills necessary to obtain jobs relating to business and the knowledge they need to perform competitively in their field.


Students also have the luxury of choosing what they would like to specialize in, ensuring they develop the specific skills they need to excel at their chosen or preferred discipline. Available areas of concentration are the same as those offered as certificate programs and include:

- Marketing
- eBusiness
- Finance
- Accounting
- International Business
- Project Management


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

There are four different MBA programs available through Taft University.

The first is an MBA with no particular specialization. The coursework is designed to help students succeed in a wide range of business environments. This type of study is an excellent choice for people in management, executive, or consulting positions.


An MBA with a focus on Professional Practice Management is available for anyone interested in a legal career. The skills taught here are designed to help students become successful as individual law practitioners or as a member of a small legal practice.


Another MBA is offered with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. The coursework is designed to help students succeed at operating their own small business or as a consultant for others following that path. If your primary goal is to receive a job from a large corporation, the general MBA program would better suit your needs.


Finally, there is also an MBA program that concentrates on Health Care Administration. The coursework involved helps develop the skills students will need to work at or run health care facilities such as hospitals on the administration side of things.

Master of Science in Taxation

This program is designed for certified public accountants and anyone working in tax related fields. The coursework involved with this program will help students advance their skills and understanding so that they may also advance their career.

Graduates will find increased success in areas such as tax research and planning, and better prospects for careers such as tax consulting, corporate finance, and work with tax agencies.

Master of Science in Information Technology

This program is more than just a degree in I.T. Along with the information technology studies comes a focus on asset management. This provides students with a multilayered education that helps them perform well in a variety of fields.

The main I.T. focus will help students develop the skills they need to be leaders in the technology space. The additional study of how this translates into asset management can help graduates understand how to translate their I.T. skills into a tool that can reduce risk while increasing productivity and returns on investment.

Doctor of Business Administration

The emphasis of this program is on business leadership and management. The principles and skills graduates will leave with are of particular interest to those who have already found success in a career but would like to advance it even further.

Both theoretical and practical aspects of business operation are covered. The knowledge gained from this coursework will position graduates for successes those without it cannot achieve. Anyone wanting to reach the top of their fields or business should consider this program

The Boyer Graduate School of Education

Master of Education

This program is designed to help those with teaching experience advance their careers. The coursework and principles taught will focus on the aspects of being an educator that help you make even more of an impact, through leadership and management.


Students coming with public or private teaching experience will benefit from this program. Likewise, the principles taught will help students become more effective at their jobs whether they focus on elementary education, postsecondary education, or something in between.

Doctor of Education

This program is designed for those working in the education field who would like to advance their careers into the administration side of things. Even those who already find themselves as administrators can benefit from the instruction involved with earning this degree, helping to further their career and increase job prospects.

Graduates will have the skills required to excel and become leaders in their field and community.


Another Doctor of Education program is offered that has a special focus on technology. This program is designed for educators who would like to be experts in how the powers of technology can be harvested to increase the effectiveness of educators and education in general.