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Wichita Technical Institute


Wichita Technical Institute

Established in 1954, the Wichita Technical Institute (WTI) has been serving the educational system for more than 65 years. The institute has all the vital facilities and the right networks to give students the convenience and flexibility they need to pursue a healthy, lucrative career.

It is because of this aim of building a brighter future for students the institute has achieved great triumph. The institute is mainly popular for providing hands-on training and has some of the best instructors that bring about a unique twist in every subject and course, hence enabling students to be more confident and professional. Subsequently, if you need to make a career change or upgrade your skills, enrolling in a course at the WTI might be a good option.


Campus Locations:
- Wichita Main: 2051 S. Meridian Ave, Wichita, KS 67213
- Joplin Campus: 1715 N. Range Line Rd, Joplin, MO 64801
- Tulsa Campus: 8421 E. 61st St. Suite U, Tulsa, OK 74133
- Topeka Campus: 3712 SW Burlingame Rd, Topeka, KS 66609


Why study at WTI
Everybody deserves quality education. People have different abilities and careers when it comes to education. Technical training over the years has been known to provide a more focused training. WTI provides unparalleled learning environment where students of all kinds finds an incredible learning experience. WTI has opened doors to students willing to focus their attention on technical courses by providing specialised courses that easily connects them with the world and the working industry after graduation.

The website offers great opportunities for students wishing to join our graduating team. You will be able to learn from some of the best students while at the same time be able to receive financial aid. Every year we have an incredible large number of students in our campuses. So as not to avoid missing out on an opportunity, simple make your booking early using the availed form. We will get back you to in due time and give you an appointment.

WTI has made it this far in the job market because of their incredible goal which is to “educate, encourage and empower students in pursuit of their career aspirations not only now but into the future. This is done in several ways namely
• Refined soft skills instructions and long standing relations
• Providing competitive market ground for students as they transition into the employment field.

Assistant Specialist Program

Want to help and support nurses, doctors, and hospital settings? Enroll in WTI’s Medical Assistant Specialist Program.

The institute works hard to provide the adequate facilities for the training of students in a professional atmosphere. Once the degree has been obtained and the program completed, students will have the liberty to join any of these career opportunities: Sterilization Technician, Medical Lab Assistant, Clinical Care Specialist, Patient Care Technician, and Medical Assistant.

Complete Your Medical Assistant Specialist Program with specialization in:
- Sterilization Training
- Patient Care Training
- Clinical Care Training
- Career Prep/Externship
- Medical Office Basics
- Clinical Medical Procedures
- Interactive Patient Care
- Administrative Care
- Health Information Technology

Pharmacy Technician Degree

Do you want to join the pharmaceutical industry to provide patients with appropriate medication? If so, WTI’s Pharmacy Technician Program is for you.

The main mission of WTI’s Pharmacy Technician Degree is to enable students to meet the rising demand for health services. According to recent research, the number of elderly people in the US is increasing significantly. Certified Pharmacy Technicians will definitely be in demand. And, this program enables students to become a part of this healthcare goal. After completing the program, students will be prepared for a career, either as a Pharmacy Technician or Compounding Specialist.

Complete Your Pharmacy Technician Program with Specialization in:
- Maintaining Inventory
- Handling Insurance Claims
- Receiving and Writing Prescriptions
- Maintaining Patient Profiles
- Mixing and Measuring Medications
- Customer Service
- Medical Facility Basics
- Assisting Filling Prescriptions for Patients

Electronic Systems Technology Program

Want to gain information and establish a lucrative career through solving computer-controlled mechanical problems and upgrading, repairing and troubleshooting various electrical systems? Enroll in WTI’s Electronic Systems Technology Program.

The main aim of the Electronic Systems Technology Program is to help graduates start preparing for their career in a variety of entry-level electronic technician positions, such as Electronics Technician, Bench Technician, PLC/Controls Technician, Field Service Technician, and Instrumentation Technician. Students will be taught by specialized and certified professionals and will learn through real-life testing, experimentation, and demonstration, which will be applied to practical applications and theoretical papers.

Complete Your Electronic Systems Technology Program with Specialization in:
- Automatic Control Systems
- Basic Pneumatics and Hydraulics
- Industrial Electronics Technology
- Industrial Application Controls
- Communications Integration Tech
- Advanced Digital and Analog Circuitry
- Fundamentals of Electronics
- Computer Technology

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician Program

Want to work for businesses that deal with residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems? If so, let WTI train you through its HVAC/R Program.

The main purpose of WTI’s HVAC/R program is to give students the training they need to begin successful careers related to the HVAC/R field. Students are generally taught and trained to be employable in entry-level positions as a HVAC/R technician and will gain knowledge and experience with regards to solving basic electrical problems. They will also get training on Refrigeration Fundamentals and Air Conditioning Fundamentals, hence once the program is completed students can apply as a: maintenance technician, refrigeration technician, Appliance Repair Technician, or HVAC installer.

Complete Your Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Program with Specialization in:
- Safe Work Habits
- Customer Service Skills
- Attention to Detail
- Troubleshooting Skills
- Enhancing HVAC Efficiency
- Replacing or Repairing Defective Parts
- Installing Electrical Wiring and Controls
- Inspecting and Maintaining Electrical Systems
- Connecting Systems to Water and Fuel Supply Lines

Medical Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist

Enroll in WTI’s Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist Program and work for various healthcare organizations to complete and assist with insurance and coding-related tasks.

After completing your Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist program from WTI, you’ll be prepared for a career as Medical Billing Specialist, Professional Coder, Charge Specialist, Patient Service Representative, and Claims Analyst.

Earn Your Medical Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist Degree with Specialization in:
- Preparing Insurance Claims: Manually and Electronically
- Advocating between insurance companies and patients
- Organizing Information for Medical Statements
- Health Information Technology
- Analyzing Information for Errors
- Providing Up-to-Date Reports
- Basic Coding Definitions
- Medical Office Basics
- Coding Diagnostics
- Coding Procedures
- Coding Externship
- Medical Billing


Benefits of studying at WTI
As a training institution, it is their duty to ensure that students are well trained and find a soft landing into the competitive market by offering them before hand some training and experiences in the following categories. Even though it is sometimes difficult to place all our students into the job market our job placement strategies are thorough and include some of the following:

• Professional Resume Writing
A resume is the first document an employer gets to see. WTI has engaged a team of professional Certified Resume writers. They work with every single student to ensure that their resumes make it to the top in every organization they visit upon graduation.
• Mock interviews
Mock interviews allow students to learn better skills. You will be able to know what your real strengths and weaknesses are before attending the real interview. The WTI team will work with you all the way to help you perfect your interview skills. You will be taken through the whole process of a real interview from dressing, to question session.
• Job Market Research
At WTI we ensure that students are well versed with available jobs. We help them know how to approach the job market and only apply to places where their training is appropriate. Searching aimlessly can sometimes be so discouraging to a new graduate.
• Career Fair Organization
• Soft Skill Training
• Market Centered Programs just to name a few


Wichita Technical Institute, WTI Topeka, WTI Joplin, & WTI Tulsa are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Also, the State Boards of Regents approve W.T.I. courses. W.T.I. is licensed by the States of Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and approved for veteran training.