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  • Agriculture, Food and Natual Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, Audiovisual Technology and Communications
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Education and Training
  • Finance
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Western Technical College



Located in El Paso Texas, Western technical College allows students to gain accreditation in a variety of different career tracks. For students looking to develop a career, Western technical College provides a hands-on learning experience that draws from real-world situations and training in each specific career niche. Founded in 1970, Western technical college’s mission is to assist students in pursuing their passion through a variety of degrees, certification programs, internships and counseling programs.


Faculty and staff at Western Tech assist students in each part of the journey towards a more desirable career from studying and accreditation to future employment opportunities. Western tack is committed to providing exceptional curriculum administered in a comprehensive and enjoyable format. Western tack is committed to helping students prepare for the real world ahead with access to the best job opportunities and possibilities.


Programs Available

Specific areas of study offered through Western technical College include:
- Advanced Welding Technology
- Automotive Technology
- Automotive Technology with a Subspecialty in Light Duty Diesel
- Automotive Technology with a Subspecialty in Performance Tuning
- Business Administration and Management
- Diesel Mechanics
- Electronic Engineering Technology
- Information Systems and Security
- Massage Therapy
- Medical Billing and Coding
- Medical Clinical Assistant and X-Ray Technology
- Physical Therapist Assistant
- Refrigeration & HVAC Technology



Western Technical College allow students to work flexibly and hands-on through training programs that offer real-world context for the industry skills they are learning. The unique approach used by Western technical University provides a new and innovative outlet for career development in a specific industry.


Over 15,000 Western Tech graduates have been able to learn the fundamentals necessary to begin a successful and rewarding career in medical billing and coding, refrigeration and HVAC, physical therapy, medical/clinical assistance jobs, automotive technology and fundamentals, diesel, electronic engineering, information systems and security and welding.


To truly prepare for a career field, Western Tech believes the best learning environment is one in which principles are not simply taught but also applied. The real-world implementation of curriculum in a competitive high-tech workforce allows students to upgrade their skills and enhance their applied understanding of knowledge in a specific career field. Through upgrading existing skills and developing new skills through leadership-oriented curriculum, students can improve their managerial skills as well as their employment opportunities.


Through the programs offered at Western Technical College, students will gain insight on how to properly assess and solve real-world problems through strategic and critical thinking as they develop technical skills. Curriculum interprets and translates tips and processes offered by the pros in each field so that students may better dissect common workplace problems and challenges. Only the best and most experienced instructors form Western Tech’s faculty and professor base. Through consistent training and applied principles, students will gain unique insight into the industry of their choosing.



For prospective students looking to take the first step towards a rewarding career path, potential applicants are urged to visit Western technical colleges official


From there, individuals must check to see if they qualify for admission. Western technical College's office of admissions will be able to assist prospective students to each step as they gain resources and choose the best industry-specific program to provide career training and certification. Western technical colleges trained admissions faculty will help guide students through application procedures and policies, financial aid resources and deadlines.


To get started at Western Technical College, students must meet the eligibility criteria. To qualify for any technical training program offered through Western Tech, general requirements include:

-a high school diploma or equivalent GED
- to be 17 years or older


Some Western technical College programs require additional or prior certification to gain acceptance. Such programs include:


-Medical Clinical Assistant with X-Ray Technology Program: Entrance into this technical program requires a clean bill of health on standard VDRL and TB screenings. Also required is basic proficiency in typing (basic proficiency standards are 25 words per minute with 98% accuracy).

-Medical billing and coding: to meet basic typing proficiency standards of at least 25 words per minute with 98% accuracy.

-Physical therapy assistant: through a secondary application process, students must obtain accreditation and licensing.

-For enrollment in courses and training programs for diesel, automotive, performance tuner, HVAC and refrigeration, students are required to provide valid drivers license prior to beginning training programs due to the prerequisites for employment opportunities.


Career Services

Western Technical College’s staff is in frequent contact with potential employers. For this reason, students are ideally situated to facilitate interviews and job prospects after graduation from Western Tech’s training programs. The innovative and unique approach to class scheduling and training allows graduates to maintain a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce and apply for jobs in contrast with graduates from other technical schools. Western Tech applies principles regarding accurate timing of necessity for certain industry professionals to broaden their search for qualified employees. With students graduating in June and December, two very desirable hiring months, Western text seeks to situate graduates ideally to find work immediately.


Western tech is committed to truly assisting graduates in the pursuit of career paths through graduate placement summaries and hands-on work in counseling with you change career service representatives. Western tech offers many services in graduate placement in the most prestigious organizations within the El Paso Texas area. The career services department allows students to excel and gain recognition and confidence as they pursue the career they are passionate about.


Student Financial Aid

Western technical colleges student financial services department is committed to truly addressing the needs of students during a very overwhelming and stressful financial application process. Faculty works to make paying for college as stress-free as possible through providing assistance at each step. Prospective students are encouraged to meet individually with financial aid staff who will go over available programs, application processes and deadlines and a free filing of federal student aid through official online portals. Western Tech provides information on how to apply for federal aid through their website as well as through in-person meetings.